By Lexington Greene

Anyone who has read the U.S. Constitution, or their own State Constitution, knows that in the USA, lawmaking is the exclusive power of the lawmaking branch of government, the State legislatures, or in D.C., Congress. Anything hoisted on the people that was not passed constitutionally by the lawmaking branch is NOT “law,” it’s an “unlawful and unconstitutional order.”

Federal lawmaking authority rests solely with the Article I lawmaking branch, Congress. Only that which passes a constitutional legislative process is “law,” or carries with it the force of law. The same is true in every State. Everything else is merely “acting under color of law.”

EXAMPLE I: Congress has never passed any law making abortion (the taking of an innocent life, not in self-defense, aka murder) legal anywhere in the USA, nor can they ever, due to a natural Right to Life guaranteed every American, born, and unborn.

Instead, a 1973 Supreme Court opinion known as Roe v. Wade, allegedly legalized abortion in the USA. Since that court order, more than 62,502,904 natural born American children have been murdered in the womb, which was once the safest place on earth for any child. We WILL be judged by how we care for the totally defenseless among us.

Contrary to public justification for these murders, abortion has nothing to do with “women’s Rights.” It’s all about stripping the child of their “inalienable natural Right to Life,” guaranteed every human being in our Declaration of Independence, as a free people.

EXAMPLE II: Congress has passed no laws depriving citizens of their constitutionally protected natural Rights regarding COVID19. Every “rule” or “order” issued regarding COVID19 restrictions has come from either a Federal or State executive branch, sometimes backed by unlawful court orders. Not one of these “orders” is a “law.”

When legal challenges of these “unlawful orders” has made it to the proper Supreme Court, the court was forced to rule on behalf of the people and their “inalienable Rights,” such as in the Michigan case wherein the State Supreme Court ruled 7-0 in October 2020 that all of Governor Whitmer’s COVID19 orders were both “unlawful and unconstitutional” after April 2020. The court also ruled 4-3 that the 1945 Law Whitmer was abusing to issue her unlawful orders, was unconstitutional as well. The court went on to rule against Whitmer again a few days later.

Unfortunately, the good people of Michigan still live under Whitmer’s boot simply because they do not know the difference between “laws” and “unlawful orders.” Fear grips the good people of our nation, simply because the people no longer know their Rights, or lack the courage to enforce them upon their elected or appointed public servants. Every State Supreme Court would be forced to rule exactly the same, which is why most States try to keep similar cases from reaching the high courts.

So, the USA is dying a death by a thousand cuts, largely due to a thousand “unlawful orders” from executive and judicial branch actors, none of whom hold any lawmaking authority whatsoever.

In just the past year, U.S. citizens have been stripped of their natural Rights under the guise of some “greater good” and all of it has been blamed on the “Wuhan Flu” (aka COVID19, SARS2). None of it has come from the lawmaking branches of government, in fact, almost all of it has been vehemently opposed by both Federal and State legislators. Still, the unlawful orders continue to drive our people and the nation towards the brink of no return, as millions of citizens become first-time government dependents and the nation is driven deeper and deeper into unrecoverable debt.

EXAMPLE III: Pseudo-President Biden promises to “ban guns” by “executive order.” Once again, not only does the executive have no such constitutional power or authority, the entire Federal government, all three branches, are strictly prohibited from doing any such thing. The 2nd Amendment couldn’t possibly be any clearer –“SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

First, neither the Executive nor Judicial branches have any lawmaking authority whatsoever. So, they can issue whatever “orders” or “opinions” they want and none of them carry the force of law. Law enforcement agencies had best learn the difference between “laws” they are sworn to uphold and enforce, and “unlawful orders” which they are sworn NOT to uphold or enforce against the American people. No decent even half-intelligent law enforcement officer anywhere in the USA would dare attempt to enforce any such “unlawful and unconstitutional” orders.

Thomas Jefferson saw the problem not long after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. “The great object of my fear is the Federal Judiciary. That body, like gravity, ever acting with noiseless foot and unalarming advance, gaining ground step by step and holding what it gains, is engulfing insidiously the special governments into the jaws of that which feeds them.” (Jefferson Letter to Judge Spencer Roane, 1821)”

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court issues totally lawless decrees based solely upon their political agendas and their most common tool for undermining the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law is their claim that “nobody in the USA has legal standing” to bring a case in their court, unless it’s a case they want.

EXAMPLE IV:The “unlawful and unconstitutional” elections of 2020, wherein executive and judicial branch officials in numerous states (swing states in particular), changed election laws during the process by “unlawful and unconstitutional” means, as was just affirmed in a recent Michigan case against Secretary of State Benson. These officials changed election laws to suit the Democrat Party effort to steal the 2020 elections. They had no legal authority to do so and under real law, the results of any unlawful election process are also unlawful.

Clearly, following the theft of the 2020 elections, socialist democrats feel completely unregulated in their pursuit of total control of the entire population, for the “greater good” of their global commune. If there’s any good news here, it’s that they feel so embolden after getting away with the greatest election theft in world history, that they are rushing ahead with reckless abandon to convert the USA into a 3rd world member of the global commune long before any 2022 elections.

That may be a good thing, because their reckless ambush against the American people may finally ignite a massive public backlash long overdue. I suspect this is why they feel the need to hide from American citizens, behind troops, fencing, and razor wire, just in case Americans eventually figure out what they are doing to destroy our country and way of life.

There has been no real threat of violence against D.C. politicians yet.But they all want defenses at the ready through the end of this year just in case they trigger a public backlash with their anti-American actions underway.

SOLUTION #1: The people, working in concert with their State legislators, must force the federal government and all Executive and Judicial branch officials back into complete Constitutional Compliance and fast! If we don’t, the nation will die of a thousand unlawful and unconstitutional cuts, all at the hands of Executive and Judicial branch tyrants, with no such authority. We must have our State governments on our side of this to succeed.

The people cannot and will not stand up for their Rights until they at least know what their Rights are! They also lack any power to address this alone, so we must work in focus groups.

© 2021 Lexington Greene – All Rights Reserved

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