By Lex Greene

April 28, 2022

The American people have been lied to their entire lives for generations. Over the past century or so, lies have been stacked upon lies in every facet of life, none more so than in the ongoing political destruction of our Constitutional Republic, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The lies have become ever more blatant, yet the average American struggles to discern truth from lie.

The fact is our country has been under assault for many years. Foreign powers have sought the downfall of the USA since before the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independence. The plot to “fundamentally transform America” was put in high gear by Barack Hussein Obama circa 2009, but it started in the early 1900s under Woodrow Wilson. By the 1950s, the Federal Government was already in control of nearly every facet of American life, most importantly, academia, education, and the news service.

Even under increasing brazen tyranny at the hands of our federal government, most still choose to believe they are a free people. Even as Americans are told in no uncertain terms, that they will soon own nothing, and be happy,” most Americans remain in the dark, unable to see things that are right in their faces.

Not so long ago, Americans were wisely born with a healthy distrust of politicians and lawyers, especially those who are both. Yet today, most depend upon politicians and lawyers to protect them from a certain socio-economic collapse of their once great nation. When it comes to undermining and destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights, three groups are most responsible, politicians, law professionals and the news media. These three design, launch and perpetrate a constant diet of outright lies, all for the purpose of misleading and controlling the people.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if “you will own nothing,” a global ruling class elite will own everything. They will decide what you need, when you need it, if you deserve it, based upon your behavior patterns and political views, and distribute “happiness” on their terms, not yours. This not a guess on my part, it’s exactly what those global leaders are openly telling us.

It all started and is made possible by a steady proliferation of outright lies!

The DEMOCRACY Lie–The USA was never designed or intended to be a “democracy.” Instead, the USA was founded as a “Constitutional Representative Republic” and the U.S. Constitution guarantees every State and every Citizen a “Republican form of Government.” Every democracy in human history collapsed from internal corruption and waste, the essential design of the democrats Cloward-Piven Strategy.

The FREE STUFF Lie – Democratic socialists purchase voters with promises of ever increasing gifts from the taxpayer-funded treasury.Nothing on earth costs more than free-stuff. It will cost you everything in the end. Once purchased with gifts from the public trough, they own you.

The CLIMATE CHANGE Lie – Americans would never agree to kill innocent Americans and give up all of their freedom and liberty unless they feared for their very lives. So, evil perpetrators created the grand lie that “human beings are killing mother earth.” Therefore, in order to save mother earth, we must kill human beings. The mere notion that humans that occupy less than 1% of earth’s surface could have the power to alter earth’s atmosphere is insane on its face. But still, most modern Americans have fallen for this grand lie. Earth’s climate has always been in a state of change and always will be. Humans amount to a grain of sand on a vast beach, with no power whatsoever over earth’s climate. But under the climate change lie, it’s human beings that are “unsustainable.”

The ABORTION Lie – The taking of an innocent life, not in self-defense, is the definition of “murder.” It isn’t the mother’s body and life being extinguished via abortion. It’s the body and life of the most defenseless human beings on earth, that is being terminated. It’s murder by definition. But a majority of modern American women have bought into the lie that killing their own offspring is a “constitutionally protect right,” and females now represent 52% of the voting public. It’s a most deadly lie… and in the end, it has led the USA to a complete disregard for human life at any age. No wonder children kill each other or themselves in the streets, schools, and malls today. Human life has been entirely devalued for decades.

The 2020 ELECTION Lie – Joe Biden was NOT elected in 2020 and most Americans know it. Though he had many haters, President Trump was statistically the most popular U.S. President in modern history, garnering a record increase in voter support in his bid for a second term. It’s mathematically impossible for Joe Biden or anyone else to have defeated Trump in 2020. But most Americans still believe that’s what happened and those who didn’t buy the lie, are afraid to do anything about it.

The BIDEN ADMINISTRATION Lie – Clearly, the man who often has no clue where he is or why he’s there, isn’t in charge of running anything. VP Harris is a totally drugged up cackling hyena with absolutely no clue how to do that job. Both are mere “useful idiots” happy to hold the titles (and benefits) while someone else actually runs the show. That someone in the White House is Susan Rice and she takes her marching orders from Barack Hussein Obama and his Iranian terrorist comrade Valerie Jarrett. In fact, almost the entire Biden Administration is made up of former Obama administration officials. The USA is under a 3rd Obama Administration today.

The MULTI-GENDER Lie–Unusual birth defects aside, human beings are born one of only two genders, Male or Female. You can identify as a male or female, or dog or cat for that matter, but how you identify on any given day doesn’t change reality. No matter how one chooses to mutilate their own body via modern science, they will remain either male or female after the surgery, just as they were born. There is nothing “natural” about it. But there’s never any good excuse for being abusive to any other human being just because we disagree with their views and personal choices. But it’s an outright lie to teach our future generations anything but the truth on the matter.

Are you still “following the science” from those who have been lying to you for over two years now?

  • They told you COVID19 was a natural virus from bats. Was that true?
  • They told you a total two week lockdown would “flatten the curve” on COVID in March 2020. Was that true?
  • They told you that masks (not designed for this purpose) would prevent infection and spread of COVID19. Was that true?
  • They told you that brief social distancing and self-isolation would end their plandemic. Was that true?
  • They told you a miracle vaccine (created before COVID itself) would stop infection, illness, and death from COVID. Was that true?
  • When all of their previous statements proved false, and they added an ongoing steady diet of vaccinations and boosters, because those would stop infection, transmission, illness, and death, was that true?
  • They told you their “vaccines” were safe. Was that true?
  • And they told you that if you would just do what Simon says, life would return to normal, and you could live free again. Was that true?

Nothing they told you over the past few years has turned out to be true. If you don’t know it at this late date…it’s because you simply don’t want to know it.

Many have tried to WAKE YOU UP for decades, myself included. Yet, even at this late date, under unprecedented open assaults on every freedom and liberty you have ever known, most remain asleep at the wheel of our country, waiting to see what the tyrants have planned for us next, or who might ever do something about it.

Freedom and Liberty must sit atop the list of priorities for every red-blooded American, or no one on earth will know freedom and liberty.

If freedom and liberty for all isn’t Priority #1 in your life, it will soon be extinguished. You will have allowed that to happen, not just to yourself and your loved ones, but to all of us.

STEP ONE to restoring sanity, freedom and liberty in the USA is…. STOP BUYING THE BLATANT LIES!

For only TRUTH can set us FREE!

© 2022 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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