Andrew C. Wallace

When anyone is  faced with the harsh realities of brutal incarceration by Jack Booted Thugs of the FBI, a corrupt trial, poor medical care, bankrupting legal costs, and a miserable death in captivity. Then death, is indeed, a viable option when there is no hope of justice from a corrupt system. This is certainly a valid generalization for two large population groups. Elderly people with  few remaining years are more willing  to gambol them for freedom. Secondly, are younger people who have nothing to lose, and have lost hope for the American Dream. Continuation of essential earned benefits is one of the few factors  supporting the existing system.

The problem is, we are being mostly ruled by a corrupt Unconstitutional “Administrative State” that is not our legal government. In this unlawful system the bureaucrats combine and exercise all  the separate powers of the executive, legislative and judicial branches contrary to the Constitution.  Simply put, unelected bureaucrats write rules  (legislate), enforce them (executive), and exact punishments (judicial), which is unconstitutional. They also create unconstitutional departments such as Education and Energy that are clearly usurping  Constitutional rights of the states. These actions, and others,  allow the criminal bureaucrats and their associates to deny Americans all of their Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. Our Ruling Class has little authority from our Constitution, because by their use of new definitions and presidencies they are mostly functioning under a false illusion. The treason of Sanctuaries at the state and local level is another illusion of power.The Ruling Class believes they are superior to us common people, they justify their control by citing the faux “Prerogative of Kings’ as their authority. Their only objective is power and money, our Constitution and the people be damned. Minion judges at all levels ignore the Constitution. These criminals, along with the FBI, DOJ, courts, et al, are responsible for the suffering, and loss of thousands of jobs and lives . One can only grieve when you see veterans who can never recover from injuries sustained in wars for profit benefiting only the Ruling Class.

Greed, and the Incompetencies of the Ruling Class have no limitations as exhibited by their response to the Chinese Covid-19 Virus. Their clear objective is to impoverish our people, destroy our economy, and force us into anarchy  with cities in ruin, and blood in the streets, ready for a Communist takeover and inclusion in a “One World Order”. But, that takeover will not be easy, or bloodless. In spite of every effort to take our guns and freedoms, we hate communism, and will fight the Ruling Class Communists and their Fellow Travelers to a pyrrhic victory, if required.

To win, you must know your enemy. The Ruling Class, Deep State, Swamp, Elites, Establishment, or whatever you call them, are controlled by the super wealthy families and their tax free foundations. Their minions include most large corporations, banks, colleges, universities, government employees, media, et al. Not all government employees are active lawbreakers, but their failure to do anything to stop the criminal activity makes them cowardly anti-American Quisling Criminals just the same. As is well demonstrated, both political parties are minions of the Ruling Class and will protect each other from prosecution. The lack of swift justice for political criminals proves this, and has the most negative effect on public support.

“Chicoms Lie, You Die” is very well demonstrated when the intelligence agencies failed to discover the Chinese virus last year and timely report it to President Trump. These agencies, staffed with never Trumper minions are responsible for untold loss of life, and destruction of the greatest economy in the world.  This disaster was compounded by the early failure of the CDC, and the desire of medical bureaucrats in partnership with others to profit greatly. They proceeded to spend enormous sums for equipment, supplies, and research. To  justify this they had to disparage the decades long safety record and effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine. This proven drug is cheap and easy to make, drug stores can make it. When used early, in France and New York, 90% survived without intensive care or ventilators (factual reports on Laura Ingraham Show). It is reported that 80% of patients on ventilators die. Early indications are that California’s lower than expected number of deaths is due to Herd Immunity gained from the virus as early as last year. The models used to predict outcomes were flawed in most every way. Hospitals joined the fraud for money by reporting deaths by virus rather than deaths with the virus.

President Trump did everything he could to promote the use of Hydroxychloroquin, but his so called medical professionals and the media ridiculed him. In my opinion if this drug had been promoted for general use there would have been no need for a shutdown.

President Donald J. Trump has done more for the people than any President in my 86 years, and he is the only one who can save our country from the Ruling Class. He had to go to war with the bureaucrats he had, but it is past time to change most of these corrupt, and useless people. He should do away with the FBI, most of the DOJ, and activate the constitutionally mandated Militia of the Several States. President Trump’s only real shortcoming is his failure to promptly convict and punish the criminals. The most beneficial action President Trump could ever take would be to end all immigration for 25 years, which would reduce crime, diseases, government expenses, unemployment, and raise wages. To hell with cheap labor and new communist voters. Every illegal allowed into California increases  their allocated congressional representation, and their share of federal revenue, all at the expense of other states.

The Chinese, with support of the Ruling Class, continue to exploit Americans for money. Universities profit at  the expense of our students and taxpayers by accepting Chinese students, many of whom are reputed to be spies. Why do we subsidize the education of Chinese students when it also replaces American students? Universities want the money.

We know from the bitter Chinese experience that everything required for our health care and defense must be procured from the United States. It is now understood that greedy American Corporations, supported by corrupt politicians, were responsible for giving the Chinese our jobs and our manufacturing. When jobs were not sent overseas, the bribed legislators found another way to make Americans really hate them, by allowing corporations to import foreign workers to work here and replace Citizens.

Many people have very little knowledge of the Unconstitutional “Administrative State,” which represents almost the totality of our faux unlawful government. Its very existence is a threat to the Constitution and every American. It is based upon the arrogance of the Ruling Class who feel superior to ordinary people thereby justifying their  authority as the faux “Prerogative of kings.” Billionaire members of the Ruling Class should be prohibited from buying elections for Democrat congress people, local prosecutors, or any elected offices. You may read “Is Administrative Law Unlawful?” by Philip Hamburger for copious details and citations

This paper advocates nothing, but  strongly predicts the higher probability of certain outcomes based upon dramatic attitude changes observed over time. From experience, I can say, that after a lifetime of indoctrination, supporters of the left, mostly cannot be converted with facts. If you take exception to very much that is written here, then your apathy, lack of knowledge, and indoctrination are showing. Thank you for reading what some may call a polemic essay.

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