by Lex Greene

Since the stolen elections on November 3, 2020, people have floated dozens of theories on what to do about it and how to do it. All sorts of half-baked — hair-brain ideas have been circulating social media ever since.

But the real answer is quite simple…when you know something is wrong, just reverse it to make it right, using the exact same constitutional processes.

In the case of the stolen 2020 elections, the solution is actually quite simple, legal, and totally logical. In fact, it has been done many times in our history, just not on the level and scale in which the 2020 fraud took place and the massive effect is having on our country.


This is happening via forensic audits of the elections in numerous states right now. All fake, undocumented, missing, and fraudulent ballots must be correctly identified and removed from the ballot counts, no matter who the ballot was cast for… and all “flipped” votes by electronic intrusions must be “flipped” back to their rightful candidates, based upon actual lawful ballots.

Once this has been done, a new ballot count of legitimate ballots must be done. If that ballot count results in a different outcome than the originally certified count, then the original count must be decertified and the new legitimate count must be certified by each state. This process will result in identifying the “duly elected” winners of the elections, up and down the ballot.

Anyone who opposes this process opposes the truth and a constitutional election process. They support criminality and treason, so long as they think it supports their personal political agenda.


In every state where the outcome of the elections changed as a result of decertification and recertification of the legitimate ballot counts, the Electoral College must now decertify the fraudulent original awarding of Electoral College votes…and certify the new counts for each state.

When this process is completed for all states that have certified new results based upon their forensic audits, the Electoral College must simply correct the vote counts for the Presidential race and name the legitimate duly elected President and Vice President.


Many have suggested the following as the proper means for accomplishing this part of the transition, and I disagree with all of them.

  • Impeach Biden and Harris – Impeachment in the Constitution only applies to a “duly elected” occupant of the Oval Office. Once it is proven that Biden and Harris were never “duly elected,” they are occupying the office “unlawfully.” Impeachment is not necessary and it’s inappropriate in this case. They must be arrested, removed, and charged with their massive fraud against all Americans. This is what we do when people commit treason against the people.
  • The Constitutional Line of Succession – This applies to “duly elected” occupants who are no longer able to serve out their term for a myriad of possible reasons. Again, as Biden and Harris were never “duly elected,” this process does not apply in this case.
  • Amendment 12 or 20 Removal Process – Like the two other methods mentioned above, these alternative measures also only apply to “duly elected” occupants of the Oval Office. In this case, it shall be proven that Biden and Harris were never “duly elected” and therefore, must vacate the offices they currently occupy unlawfully.

In short, the same process used to seat anyone in the Oval Office, can and must be used to seat the proper “duly elected” in that office. It all comes down to a recount of votes, void of any illegal ballots or ballot counts, a decertification of the fraudulent outcome and a new certification of the lawful outcome of the duly elected President and Vice President — once the new state certified information is made available to the Electoral College.

At this moment, the Electoral College must simply vote again to right the wrong, clearing out all fake results from the counting of fake and fraudulent ballots and electronically manipulated vote counts, and the reversal of the fraud is officially complete.

All that is left to do at that point is to remove the fraudulent occupants from office and place the duly elected winners into office, up and down the ballot.

This all can and should be done by simple Constitutional methods which are both lawful and peaceful.

If the forensic audits prove that the originally certified results of the elections were wrong, the new counts (void of any fake or fraudulent ballots and ballot counting), they can and must overturn the original election outcome.

If it doesn’t, then the USA no longer has any legitimate election process, and all political matters must now be solved by other means. Anyone attempting to block this constitutional process from taking place is attempting to hide the evidence of the stolen elections and they too, are guilty of treason and sedition.

In order to secure elections for the future, we have no choice but to correct the fraud of the past and then, hold everyone involved in that fraud criminally accountable for their treasonous actions. The 2020 elections were nothing but an overt velvet coup d’état of the U.S. Federal Government.

We have no choice but to reverse it and make it right. The future of our Constitutional Republic hinges on just this one thing today!

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