I  took an oath to the Republic specified in our great Constitution of the United States of America. But, I refuse to support any part of the Faux Government/Swamp, not authorized by our Constitution. I acknowledge the real dangers that all patriots face, caused by our words of loyalty to the Constitution, and our opposition to the ongoing Marxist Revolution by Pagans, AKA Communists, Democrats and many Republicans. Pagan is the word used for thousands of years to describe those who hate the major established religions because they might restrict evil anti social behavior by Pagans. But, our Founders knew that those without principles, religious or otherwise, would have a negative effect on society and the Republic.

Our Communist controlled government has allowed thousands of innocent citizens to be killed, raped, robbed, molested and tortured by illegal Barbarians brought into our country for cheap labor and votes.. Many more Americans have been gunned down, framed and jailed by Pagan Traitors in the FBI, DOJ, IRS, Courts, et al. I am concerned for my life and freedom, as are all patriots, in the absence of the Rule of Law and a Constitutional government. It is clear to Patriots that our Constitution and God Given Rights have been subverted by the Treason of Communism (modern word for Paganism), love of Money and Power. These corrupt bastards should cease their destruction of the Rule of Law, if for no other reason than to save their own miserable lives from the guaranteed retribution of “We The People”.

Anyone reading our Constitution, can understand the unconstitutional and criminal actions of our Pagan officials and judges. Our Constitution encourages and justifies retribution.

People in the Western States, like the Bundy Family, et al. ,have called out the government bureaucrats for the unconstitutional use of government power, and have been put down with every possible corrupt tool of power, including death. I commend these patriots for not firing “The Second Shot Heard Around the World”.  President Trump must stop this by terminating the DOJ. the FBI and firing all employees. Judges at all levels who refuse to obey constitution should also be fired.

Also, we must not forget the danger and evil of  Islam. Sidney Secular wrote on April 12, 2018 in NWV. That: “Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system of self-contained society. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components.” Like Communism/Paganism in our cities, Islam cannot peacefully co-exist with our Constitution, and has made war on Americans since our founding.

It was Barbarians, felicitated by Pagans, who destroyed Rome, and are now trying to destroy America. Barbarians who unlawfully enter our country are stealing our heritage and killing our people. We also have native born Pagans, who denigrate church going people because of their family life styles and mutual benefits. Pagans promote one night stands, orgies, prostitution, deviant life styles, drugs, and STDs, resulting in a shorter life. Men have a God given attraction to women for mutual benefit.  Pagan whores in Hollywood and Media offer sex to weak men for advantage over decent women. The whores will then come back in 10 to 20 years  for additional compensation when the bloom is off their rose.. The result is that many men now accept the fact that they can’t tell the difference between decent women and whores resulting in less legitimate  interaction.

Our major problem really starts with cowardly teachers who refuse to defend themselves and actively promote Communism/Paganism, Islam and deviant life styles to their students. After students are taught the lies of Communism in schools, at all levels, the Fake News Media reinforces it every day. Teachers and members of the fake Media who promote Communism every day are native born Pagans, and do more harm than those who kill us..

Teachers who refuse to protect themselves with firearms are cowardly and ignorant communists and should  be fired.  Only a moron believes that  gun free zones can exist without becoming killing fields.

When I served my country, I took an oath “To Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all Enemies, both foreign and domestic”. The only reason that the left leaning politicians, faux elites, and Communists/Pagans want to take away our God given Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is because they are afraid we will shoot them in self defense.

Everyone in the three branches of federal government, except for President Trump and his staff, most of the Military, First responders and a few others are criminal elites and outright traitors to our Constitution. These Traitors function as a faux government and are responsible for the deaths and impoverishment of millions of citizens. Criminal elites are mostly Communists/Pagans immune from prosecution and protected by the DOJ, FBI, IRS, Courts and others.  The faux government does not honor the  Rule of Law or Constitutional authority. The faux Government operates for the exclusive benefit of Super Rich Families, the Democrat/Republican Establishment, Business Round Table, K-Street Lobbyists, Chamber of Commerce, and Multi National Corporations et al. Faux government employees and leaders are bribed and protected from prosecution.

People taking serious exception to unconstitutional actions by Communists/Pagans in government can expect to be framed, jailed, or shot dead. For details read my last two papers for Newswithviews.com

None of what traitors do would be possible without support of Fake Media and Teachers at all levels who do their best to denigrate our Constitution and promote Communism/Paganism. Members of the fake media are propagandists and a dedicated hate America group. Communism is a deadly lie promoted by teachers who are not our brightest.  In 1968, I asked my Mother why teachers were so deficient. She replied, “ you could not expect more, when she knew from observation that for 50 years only the least capable students went into education”. Many also went into teaching to dodge the draft. Based upon real experience and simple math, this means that many of our teachers have been anti-American and inadequate pansies for at least 100 years. So it should be no surprise when Florida teachers refused to be trained to use a gun to defend students and their own lives in schools, which by law are killing fields. There is little money to pay for police guards. These teachers are mostly  just stupid inadequate  cowardly communists who don’t give a damn, but are otherwise  nice people. We can do without nice teachers unless they are also  patriots willing to shoot invaders and teach the truth. Too many  graduates turn out to be wimpy anti-American Communists/Pagans just like many of their teachers.

Being long in the tooth has given me the time to learn from a modicum of education, modified by more important life experiences such as service in the military and state police, flying as a commercial pilot, College teaching of Economics/Marketing, and operating a business.  I never was a hero, or did great things, but  I did confront unjust organizational  power directly with truth in the real world,  and was smacked down hard most every time by the Pagans. I mention some life experiences so that you can see how ridiculous it is for recent high school  students to give me, or any other experienced adult. advise on most anything.  Make no mistake,  criminal traitors in the DOJ and FBI, et al, will kill or frame anyone who endangers their attempted Communist takeover of our Constitutional Republic.

Even though I have done it in the ignorance of my youth, it is still difficult for me to understand the willingness of today’s military and first responders to protect those parasitic cowards who refuse to even defend themselves, but expect others to defend them.

The odds are that many don’t know the facts of our nation’s founding, nor the difference between Capitalism and Communism. Most don’t know the absurdity of putting  people in gun free zones that are really killing fields. Most don’t know that Communism has killed millions and always fails. Many don’t know that our founders gave us guns to protect us from a rogue government like this one. Without common sense, if you attended most any high school  or college and got your news from the fake media, then you are what Lenin called a Useful Idiot and my comments apply to you. I just heard that one school put a bucket of rocks in every room so students could throw rocks at killers with guns.  The only reasonable alternative is to arm teachers and hire professional guards. But, maybe public schools should be terminated and replaced with public money for other forms of education that support our Republic..

The hard reality for those who oppose President Donald J. Trump is that  President Trump is the only one among his supporters who does not want the opposition in jail, or gone. In the very near future those who oppose President Trump’s program for “ Making America Great Again” will either change sides, leave the country, or engage in open bloody revolt against the people, and die.

Our Federal Government and Courts are over run with Communists/Pagans attempting to overthrow a duly elected President. The DOJ and FBI are so corrupt that all employees must be fired and the department terminated. The FBI attained its present status with media promotion and blackmail under Hoover. The FBI should be replaced with the Militia of the Several States as specified in the Constitution. The IRS and Private Federal Reserve Bank are also beyond redemption and should be terminated. Income tax should be replaced with Tariffs that worked so well until 1913. Replace currency with gold and silver as specified in Constitution. The use of digital money in any form should be outlawed. The federal government controls 24% of all land contrary to the Constitution. Judges who make decisions on what they want the law to be rather that what the constitution says it is, should be terminated at once.  No legal document, much less the Constitution changes over time

Those in Congress are mostly corrupt Communist/Pagans who should pass no law without attaching a statement of authorization from the Constitution.

There are 15 unconstitutional departments.  Failure to terminate the Departments of Commerce, Transportation, Interior, Education, Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Labor are acts of Treason to modify our Constitution

The Treasonous SOBs in Congress gave all departments the faux legal power of all three branches of government ( so much for separation of powers).This means that unelected Bureaucrats can (1) make a rule, (2) charge you with violating the rule,(3) find you guilty, and (4) determine your penalty. This unconstitutional procedure is called “The Administrative State”..

Except for President Trump, there is very little Constitutional Government.

There are no innocent employees of the DOJ and FBI, except for those few with the courage to loudly insist on enforcing the Rule of Law with zero tolerance. The DOJ and FBI, and all their employees must be terminated.

President Donald J. Trump is no saint, but he is a really smart warrior and the only man who can save our Constitutional Republic. “We The People” have his back against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

We The People will support President Trump’s efforts to reinstate our Constitutional Republic with Rule of Law, and remember: “We have the Guns.

© 2018 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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