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Experts tell us that the major food chains in America offer 60,000 food items for Americans to feed their families. The same experts tell us that 59,000 of those packaged, processed, chemicalized, hydrolyzed, preserved and sugared-to-death foodstuffs create horrific health consequences to all of us.

Today, seven out of 10 Americans suffer 30 to 50 pounds overweight bodies, and half of those folks register grossly obese bodies.  Ten-year-old children walk about with 50-year-old pot bellies.  Childhood diabetes and high blood pressure skyrocket from poor eating habits created by their parents.

Because of such weight problems, heart disease kills millions of men and women.  Diabetes rages across the country, killing millions over the years.  Cancer rains down death like Hurricane Katrina.

While the American Medical Association, along with Big Pharmaceuticals attempt to prescribe chemical solutions, we’re all at risk every time we walk into a major food chain.

The Environmental Working Group showed that 2,000 untested chemicals inhabit conventional packaged foods.

If we buy hot dogs, we eat nitrates, which damage our bodies.  If we eat pepperoni pizza, we consume a chemical bath.  If we drink diet soda, we ingest aspartame, sucralose and other synthetic sugars that wreak havoc on our livers and entire bodies.  Red meats, raised in stock yards where beef cows, pigs and chickens, live on top of their own dung and urine. They eat GMO corn products, which prove to be totally against their normal intake of grass, and worse, the big beef industry injects or feeds 9 different chemicals into those cows—bacitracin, growth hormones, anti-biotics, etc.

In packaged foods, we consume sodium nitrates, sulfuric acid, polypropylene, bisphenol A, and dozens of other chemicals.  Then come the dyes.  Fruit Loop cereal feeds your child red, blue, green, yellow, gold, pink and chartreuse dyes that must be filtered by your child’s liver.

Cereals and sugar: Since 1945, Gerber’s Baby Foods laced your child’s vegetables with sugar to create an entire generation of sugar addicts.  I’m one of them as I fight my sugar urge 24/7.    Beyond that, Snickers candy bars, Gummy Bears and another 100 different sugary energy bars await your taste buds without mercy—at the checkout stand, or, point of purchase.

Soda Pop and sugar:  Coke, Pepsi, Monster Drinks, Mt. Dew and all the rest—deadly to your health.  You see thousands of ads showing athletes guzzling Mt. Dew, Coke and Pepsi. Red Bull and Monster drinks kill teens with overdoses of caffeine and other stimulants.  They never tell you about the dental cavities, high blood pressure from the caffeine, premature ventricle contractions caused in your heart by the caffeine, or the microscopic hemorrhages in your stomach caused by soda pop.  Studies show soda pop to be a major contributor to heart disease.

Nonetheless, those junk drinks own the sugar addicted public.

At fast food joints like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, White Knight and the rest of them: they feed you mono sodium glutamate (MSG).  It’s an ‘excito toxin’ that causes you to suffer never-ending hunger. So, after one Big Mac, you face hunger pains for another Big Mac with double the fries and another Coke. Talk about an “obesity epidemic” created by CEO’s who care only for money and nothing for your health.

Today, we find glyphosates, an insecticide sprayed on 90 percent of our crops, now imbedded in women’s breast milk, wines and just about everything in the food chain. Thank you, Monsanto-Bayer, for your deadly Roundup weed killer and “RoundUp Ready” GMO crops.  Talk about a poison bath on your foods!

How much poison in our foods?  “It really depends on what level of risk consumers are comfortable with,” says Dawn Undurraga, a nutritionist at EWG and co-author of the study. “The more we learn about what is in conventional foods, the more evidence for concern we accumulate.”

Americans should be able to trust the Food and Drug Administration to keep us safe from unscrupulous CEO’s who gun for profits over integrity.  But of course, money keeps too many people silent.

Last year, a study showed that 70 percent, yes, that’s correct, 70 percent of conventionally grown produce exposed pesticide contamination. That means you’re poisoning your kids by shopping at your local grocery store.

Last year, I bought a jar of Sunsweet Prunes, only to find them soaked in “high fructose corn syrup” which is a synthetic sugar made out of GMO corn.  It’s dangerous. It addicts you. Then, it fattens you.

I called Sunsweet and talked to a representative who said he would take it to their health officials. I even wrote a letter to follow up.  In order to write this expose’ column, I walked into my local Walmart and King Soopers to find the same jar on the shelves a year later with the same high fructose corn syrup offered in the prunes. I called them again and demanded they soak their prunes in prune juice.  What do you think I will find a year from now as to Sunsweet Prunes in a jar?  Of course, high fructose corn syrup!

What that means:  these big food giants don’t really care about your health or the health of your children.  If you look at all the packaged foods out there such as easy dinners, frozen goods, energy bars, energy drinks and anything packaged—you will see names you can’t spell, pronounce or find in a dictionary.  They feed you chemicals.

What have my wife and I done to save and preserve our health?  We eat all natural, non-GMO, certified organic fruits, vegetables and food products. We READ the contents of everything we buy. We shop at Natural Grocers. We used to shop at Whole Foods, but their new CEO Jeff Bezos thinks GMO foods fit the bill for healthy foods.  NOT!  We no longer support Whole Foods because of his lack of common sense and science.

At your own grocery, demand certified organic produce.  Demand healthy food products from responsible food manufacturers. They are out there and we all need to support them.

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