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Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings who was House Oversight Committee Chairman, died last Thursday (10/16), but not before he could commit one last double-cross from his hospital bed side. That was his nature. During his years in Congress, there were allegations that he abused his power to enrich his wife and her business. 
Some time ago, Cummings was reported for suspicious activities but Congress refused to act. So nefarious activity seemed to go with the territory.
He had such a permanent scowl on is face it made people wonder if he was weaned on dill pickles. Cummings was only 68 when he passed away but he looked much older. It is said that by the time one is in his or her 30’s they deserve their looks. Especially if they join the Democrat Party.
He never spoke like a gentleman but rather resembled a street ruffian as he yelled at everybody with total abandon, his face screwed up with such anger that that he resembled a typical angry chip-on-the-shoulder black man.  He no doubt assumed that by talking loudly and disrespectfully this would signal to the world that he was speaking gospel truth on all issues so do not challenge. Got that? 
His strong presence intimated any civilized person. Indeed, he is the only person I know of who could brighten any leaving it.
The day he died, the Maryland Democratic lawmaker led people to believe that he had signed a subpoena. But did he really?  According to Explainlife, the subpoena related to a temporary end to a policy change allowing some non-citizens with severe health issues to remain in the country. However, that signature was off kilter. It was not the usual signature one would see from him. Obtaining an actual signature, one can tell that the one he supposedly signed was way off.
A link at the end of this story shows photos of the signatures. One was obviously fraudulent.  A subpoena is a legal document that only the chairman of the congressional committee has authorization to sign. Forging the signatures of members of Congress could be a felony, or at worst, against congressional rules.
The day Cummings’ signature went on that document, he was dying. So someone else signatured it as though it was Cummings.  The big question is, who was that document very important to? Would another democrat receive some advantage by that bill passing?  We only know that someone was very anxious to get this bill in motion. The two very different signatures could explain it. Meanwhile, will there be an investigation? This writer doubts it.
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