As time progresses we are seeing the left, i.e. Democrats, completely devolve.  For the first time Democrats favor socialism more than capitalism.  According to a recent Gallup poll 57% of Democrats favor socialism over capitalism.  When broken down though- the older Democrats are only at 28% but the obviously uneducated and uninformed millennials, 18-29 years old are at 51%. [1]

This is why we are seeing the riots and hatred in the streets.  It can be assured that these aren’t young Republicans rioting.  They don’t have time, they have jobs.  All this is being done by the group Antifa, a Soros funded terror group.[2] They have no regard for person or property.  They are willing to do anything that stop the implementation of Trump’s agenda even though they have failed miserably in all of their attempts.  They have destroyed private and public property, destroyed some people’s way to make a living.

Let’s face it, the Antifa crowd are nothing but cowards.  They’re lazy.  They don’t contribute to society in any way.  They demand free everything.  They violently oppose ALL that disagrees with their ideology.  They claim that they oppose fascism, but all of their actions are fascist actions.  It’s exceptionally stupid to proclaim yourself literally anti-American when some of your fellow travelers on the left are working hard to portray you as defending American values from the alt-right. But then, most radicals are exceptionally stupid.

The majority of liberal defenses of Antifa thus far are of the “anti-anti” rather than “pro” variety. You don’t see much in the “Antifa is great!” vein but you do see some in the “alt-right is awful, therefore Antifa blah blah” vein. But maybe that’s changing.[3] You have to give it to those idiots at Berkeley.  In the 1960’s they demanded free speech and now they demand no conservative speech. Wow, drugs really messes your mind up.  Ant

There are rumors that there will be a major event between now and the mid-terms.  Why?  Because the hate the left has for Trump and his followers is unlimited.  The radical Left is escalating its violence across America, and the tech giants are dramatically escalating their censorship actions to silence all independent voices that might question any “official” narrative. It all points to something big about to come down— something so big that only the official narrative can be allowed to be heard or spoken.

We are living under an Orwellian totalitarian regime beyond any horrific imagination. Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants are engaged in the most criminal, malicious racketeering and tyranny imaginable. This is not sheer coincidence. They’ve all been ordered to censor the independent media in preparation for what’s coming next. [4]

If you are paying attention, you’ll notice that all of the big tech companies lean heavily towards the left.  FaceBook only shuts down conservative sites.  They’ll shut down pro-Israel sites but leave up the racist, anti-white, anti-American scum Louis Farrakhan. Twitter does the same thing.  Instgram has pulled several of my posts, ALL dealing with the truth about islam, stating that it violated company standards.  Truth be damned!  CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a defender of Antifa fantasizing that it is an anti-hate group.  How a group that spreads hate and violence can be anti-hate is beyond me, but that is his stand.  “Unless you’re justified in defending yourself and you hit someone, you’re a thug, you’re a criminal, you attack cops, you slap the media — you are in the wrong, period. But I argue to you tonight, all punches are not equal morally. In the eyes of the law, yes,” he stated.

“When someone comes to call out bigots and it gets hot, even physical, are they equally as wrong as the bigot they’re fighting? I argue no. Fighting against hate matters. Now, how you fight matters, too — there’s no question about that,” Cuomo continued, “but drawing a moral equivalency between those espousing hate and those fighting because they both resort to violence emboldens hate — legitimizes hateful belief and elevates what should be stamped out.”

While Cuomo discussed the violence that transpired over the weekend, he did not mention the number Antifa members that made threats against the president.

“The bigots are wrong to hit. Antifa, or whomever — anarchists, or malcontent, misguided — they are also wrong to hit. But fighting hate is right and in a clash between hate and those who oppose it are on the side of right,” he concluded. [5] Yeah that’s really stupid but that is the thought process of the left.

Just recently a Trump supporter was at a concert for Social Distortion and he complained to the band that they were using the concert to bash Trump and the lead singer, Mike Ness, jumped off the stage to help beat the guy up. The famous musician, Mike Ness, was reportedly bashing President Donald Trump and America when Tim Hildebrand, a Republican farmer, spoke up.

Hildebrand told CBS13 he shouted something to the effect, “I paid for your music, not your politics.”

“I stood pretty much with my silent protest with my middle finger up for the next two songs,” he said.

That’s when chaos erupted. Ness allegedly spit in the man’s face before jumping into the crowd and beating the pro-Trump fan. [6]

This is what the Democrat have devolved into, a group full of hate for anyone who does not agree with them.  Mussolini had his black shirts that would attack anyone who disagreed with his ideology.  Hitler has his browns shirts that did the same and even killed some who opposed Hitler.  Democrats have Antifa that will stop at little to shut down any opposing ideology.  This is the new America. An America where any opposing organization to the culture of America such as the Communist Party USA, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Lind Sarsour, Media Matters, traitor Keith Ellison and even Mad Maxine Waters are allowed to flourish in social media but those that support and defend the American culture are banned.

We also see the left attack the means of making a living for conservatives.  Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has had his web based funding through Patreon shut down: His critics charge, without evidence, that he hates Muslims, and now Spencer has been banned from the web-based funding site Patreon, which claims Mastercard demanded the move.

On his Jihad Watch website Wednesday, Spencer said that after being denied access to Patreon without warning, he received an email from a customer-service person who said Patreon had been “notified by Mastercard that we must remove your account from Patreon, effective immediately.”

“Mastercard has a stricter set of rules and regulations than Patreon, and they reserve the right to not offer their services to accounts of their choosing,” she said. “This is in line with their terms of service, which means it’s something we have to comply by.”

San Francisco-based Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service and build relationships with subscribers.

Patreon has insisted to Spencer that it gave him an “explanation” for canceling his account, but the messages did not explain Mastercard’s reason for the move.

Spencer believes Mastercard is targeting “accounts that have been smeared by the hard-Left propaganda hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center.” [7]

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