By Jim Kouri – Senior Political News Writer

On Wednesday, one of the nation’s leading private intelligence firm CEOs send out a report to a number of police, military and law enforcement officials.

According to Lyle Rapacki, Ph.D., “Politics has been a vicious contest for many years now, even decades.  But the past three years has seen the socialist Democrat Party weaponize fear like never before.”

Rapacki, who owns and operates Sentinel Intelligence Agency which is located in Skull Valley, Arizona, wrote in his emailed report: “These very angry socialist Democrats will do all they can to bring torment, psychological and emotional pressure to American voters until the citizens across the country beg for mercy and reprieve.  The reprieve will only come, voters are warned and chastised, when the citizens correct the wrongs of the last election, remove Trump from office, bring about a Democrat majority everywhere, and elect a Democrat into the White House.”

Dr. Rapacki reminded his readers, including officials from the 13,000-member National Association of Chiefs of Police such as Conservative Base editor Jim Kouri, that:

“The elections of 2016 were beyond stunning for the Marxists and socialists who began celebrating Hillary Clinton’s election a full ten days prior to voting day.  There was no doubt.  There was no question.  There was certainty that all the holes were plugged, all the extra ballots had been stuffed and ready, and all forms of communication platforms were working non-stop to begin the celebratory broadcasts proclaiming the first woman President of the United States was in her pants suit ready to claim total victory!  Didn’t happen!”

According to the intelligence and counterintelligence expert, the shock was so deep and far-reaching that within minutes of Trump taking the Oath of Office on Inauguration Day, socialist- Democrats and their news media lapdogs and useful idiots began revealing the coming plans to Impeach of the newly elected President Trump.

Since the start, the Democratic Party’s Global Marxist Elite have released wave after wave of assaults of all kinds upon America.  Their bold and disrespectful statements continue to reveal more and more that they do not accept the choice of the people on November 8, 2016, nor accept Trump as President of the United States of America.

“No longer is free speech or any views other than theirs tolerated.  No longer is the Constitution a foundational principle but a mere set of outdated suggestions needing to be discarded.  The principles and beliefs of our Founding Fathers are beyond antiquated, and must go so we can be an enlightened society; which, by the way, embraces Marxism.  None of this has slowed, but what has sped-up is the weaponizing of fear.  Fear, fear and more fear is one of the constant mantras of the socialist Democrats and their street thugs.  Any person seeking office who could confront this mantra must go!  Any person seeking office who believes in and publicly states support for the Bill of Rights, our Constitution, the belief we are a Republic not a Democracy…well, that candidate must be defeated at all costs!” Dr. Rapacki wrote in his emailed report.

“For the first-time in many decades, ‘We the People’  have awoken.  Not as much as I pray we will [awaken] by November, but clearly a stirring and awakening is happening.  Many of our fellow citizens have rubbed the sleepiness from their eyes and have begun to focus on what is coming, what has been taking place right in front of us, and what the Marxists intend to do and are capable of inflicting upon America.  Take a look at the site mentioned below.  Sent by the Trump for President 2020 Team, the message below is worth your few minutes to watch.  Then if you agree, please distribute.  We are at War for the survival of our exceptional Nation, and that statement is not theatrical,” said Dr. Lyle Rapacki.

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