By The Curmudgeon (Joe Kress)

During 1967 -1968, I was stationed at Bien Hoa Air Force Base, Vietnam.  There we GIs were able to view year old movies on one of Hoa’s tarmacked aprons. This particular movie was fictionally created in 1966.  The story line traced a human wart’s life named “Alfie,” characterized by actor Michael Caine.  The theme song “What’s It All about Alfie?” introduced the opening scene; the beautiful, haunting melody sold more than several million recordings stateside and in Europe.  Alfie got a girl pregnant and she had a coat hanger abortion and died because Alfie paid an unqualified butcher to do the job.  At the time, his conscience was immune of remorse, but because of an immoral life, he experienced venereal diseases of various sorts and contracted consumption of the lungs and bled every time he spit; only then did he question what’s his life is all about?

Alfie actually was latent as a character depicted in the midst of the Johnson Administration when asking that simple question. The movie should have been distributed when the flower children congregated at the beginning of the 60s to celebrate freedom from conventional ways. The crowds composed of immature misfits that were historically filmed as they danced in the rain smoking pot, many were naked; had sex in the mud; sang along with Jimmie Hendrix and his classic rock lyrics and acid fueled blues,  and virtually hypnotizing the glassy-eyed, doped-up audience on his guitar.

There are a species of people that have the genes of Adam and Eve’s son Cain, an impedimental blight on humans throughout the ages.  They come in different forms, but reflect Lucifer’s reptilian reputation that made Eve taste the fruit of knowledge.  Today we see them as ragtag, bearded tattooed creeps, rings in their noses and ears, who rant against goodness and at the time, war in Vietnam, while thousands of GI’s stomped through rain forests, many of which died as patriots,  mostly ignorant and oblivious to  the flawed, unqualified leadership of their  flawed president, one who shared the traits of Cain’s genes.  That flaw also includes those inexperienced, gutless civilian planners, such as Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (1961-1968), a former Ford Motor Company corporate guru and number-cruncher that used ghoulish stats interpreting enemy numbers killed versus deaths of our military. These figures were garnered from battle-field reports that used the left and right sliced off ears of each Vietcong.  The news releases assured the public that the Administration was winning the war based on matching those left and right ears. Johnson was ebullient from the support of groveling sycophants, those generals and their spokespersons, all of whom were totally ignorant of the art of war. Johnson, a schizoid know-it-all Commander in Chief who parenthetically used an Ouija board to map targets of where to bomb and what not to bomb, especially not to bomb the North Vietnam capitol Hanoi.

Landing in Frisco, I disembarked from the cargo-plane among other vets. We were labeled killers by the same creepy, pusillanimous bastards who, like the millions throughout the ages carried their sorry creed. These generational misfits avoided the draft in the Korean non-war war, as did the gutless draft dodgers who fled to Canada only to re-emerge at the next opportunity to bleat their taunts at our military, in this instance ten years later, when the Vietnam War was raging.

Finally depressed, President Johnson gave up his mismanagement by admitting incompetence and in 1969 retired, but his legacy was a massive socialist agenda that gave away the farm which means our Department of the Treasury to anybody with hands extended. He never authorized or signed one bill to pay the cost of his socialism and the war effort.

Johnson and his wife, Ladybird, became millionaires by investing in Brown and Root Company’s monopoly on all construction projects throughout the ‘Nam war-years and accumulated a huge monopoly of ownership of media radio political propaganda outlets throughout all of Texas.  If justice were to be served, he would be wearing an orange suit, but died too early for that to happen.

As sorry a leader as Lyndon, he was not alone and it didn’t end when Nixon continued the Vietnam fiasco for another three years. Nixon ignominiously rushed to capitulate to the enemy as a means to end the war.  His flawed plan of retreat resulted in a massive evacuation of our remaining soldiers. That ignominious act was the final disgrace to our country as thousands of loyal Vietnamese were left to the mercies of their enemy.  These loyal supporters against our enemy North Vietnam were barred from entering the escape route in an area fronting South Vietnam’s capital in Seoul. They were barricaded behind the capitol’s iron gates while our choppers hastily lifted up the few remaining military and departed.

Nixon opened the door for China’s expansion and America’s worst threat. He took away gold backing in order to save  dollar which was collapsing, but it eventually resulted in printing notes representing nothing more than the promise of their worth  “the faith and credit of the U.S. Treasury.”  The FEDERAL RESERVE with the US Congress and the Department of the Treasury has provided us with a new valueless unbacked currency.


We, plebeians, are led astray by scheming charlatans beginning with Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminism as integral within the French Revolution; coincidently, at the time, ink had barely dried on our own Constitution.

The current modern era of chicanery began when Teddy Roosevelt, as vice president, replaced the assassinated William McKinley in 1901.  Teddy broke the mold that the U.S was never to be involved in Europe’s cauldron of national intrigues and constant wars. Because of his six years as president to end America’s isolationist policies based on 19th century convictions, Teddy, finally left after six years in office. Currently out of office and believing the Republican Howard Taft, who was expected to be reelected in 1913 would win easily and doubtless would support Teddy’s internationalist position. Teddy soon discovered that Taft supported the opposite position. Consequently, in a rage, he created the “Bull Moose Party” which split the Republican Party and allowed the Democrat candidate, Woodrow Wilson to be elected the next President.

If ever there was a sorry SOB tool that supported the Rothschild banking moguls, Wilson was it. He set the standard of aligning his administration with help by Col. Edward M. House, his closest adviser and a Rothschild major agent for the international bankers to gain complete control of our nation’s financial future. These traitors promoted international global government and a new world order of unelected judges leaving the international bankers in control the world’s money system.

In the part two of this series among the many charlatans listed, one is at the top of the list as the present global warning scammer Albert Gore.

Part two coming next week.

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