Andrew C. Wallace

Communists LIE—YOU DIE

Democrats are  determined Communists dedicated to the overthrow of our Republic, and the theft of all resources, leaving us as slaves. They are already very close to stealing everything. Under Communism, regardless of promises there will be no support for Social Security, Medicare, Real Money, Police Protection, Food, Jobs, and etc. People living  under Communism have no rights and there is no private property. Under our Constitution your rights are from God and your property is secure. We must quickly kick these Deadly enemies, and all of their supporters, out of government, into jail, or, out of our country. Make no mistake, we are very close to defeat, and the loss of everything dear to us, including our lives. Communists have killed many millions of their own people to retain power. If we do nothing to stop them now, millions will die on both sides.

American Patriots are in a red hot rage over the Communist war to replace our Constitution, and rule over us as if we were Chinese slaves. Our rulers continue milking us like cows, stealing  billions and destroying people.  Obama bought a home for 12-15 million while minorities are shot down like dogs in his Communist Sanctuaries. We have no intention of allowing this Treason to continue. We have the absolute Constitutional right, ability and imperative for self defense. So sorry, you Communist SOBs, who call yourselves Democrats, you failed to get our guns, so when you start a shooting war, we will kill you with no regrets.

The Communists by acts of War, already control by force, and subversion many of our cities, counties and states, which they call Sanctuaries.  There is little  protection by U.S. law in these conquered and rundown areas. Communists have also taken over The House of Representatives  as demonstrated by the Star Chamber Impeachment. The Communists are supported by traitors in all levels of education, media, the military industrial complex, big business and finance, federal management level employees in the Administrative State, RINOs, tax free foundations, and  the Establishment Families, who control everything. These gangsters also support Communist China and other enemies of our Republic. This treason is lowering our standard of living and defense, while increasing their power and theft. Their ultimate  objective is a One World Order, with the USA as a Communist Slave  State.

President Donald J. Trump will be recognized as our most effective president for making our country the greatest on earth. His major problem in draining the swamp, is that the government is run by mostly Communists (members of the Council on Foreign Relations and neocons ), who do everything to overthrow him.  President Trump should erect a public  gallows for  traitors in the capital to contemplate. Federal employees and others, who oppose our Constitution should as a minimum, lose their jobs and citizenship. The FBI, DOJ, IRS, and State Department are so Communist, and anti Constitutional, that they must be terminated  and replaced. There must be a quick return to equal justice for all citizens, not just the rulers, or the people will revolt.

The average American, who talks truth to power, or is accused of any transgression, has a high probability of being framed, prosecuted, jailed and destroyed by criminals in the FBI and DOJ. Average Americans just can’t afford an effective legal defense against this corrupt system. This is another example of a failure to follow our Constitution, which stipulated that laws of the Republic would be enforced by the Militia of the Several States, with Officers appointed by the States. Our Founders didn’t plan for us to live in fear of a corrupt system of Judges, Prosecutors, and Police. Most media talking heads, and others, who say that only the leadership of these organizations is corrupt, are either really ignorant of the facts, or afraid of retribution from them. The Nazi, Russian, and Chinese Secret Police would treat you no worse.

Our Founding Documents are the envy of the world, but most elected officials are criminals who ignore our Constitution. Elected officials have established an unconstitutional Administrative State, where unelected employees have the total power of the three branches. This effectively denies due process to all, but the rulers. There must be zero tolerance of law breaking by government employees, with swift and harsh justice for criminals.

A large percentage of our population has been indoctrinated and lied to constantly by most educational institutions and media about the truth of Communism and Capitalism. Educational institutions at all levels must be reformed or defunded. Commercial Media must be terminated if they do not report the whole truth with proper substantiation. Schools and Media are the major tools of Communism and the greatest threat to our Republic. The only alternative to reform of these Communist tools is a full scale, and bloody Civil War, which I do not advocate. Much of higher education is a fraud designed to make academics wealthy by destroying the lives of students under a mountain of debt. There could be adequate alternatives for all degrees.

Most of our people who have been indoctrinated by schools and Media to be hardcore supporters of Communism can’t be convinced otherwise. It is impossible for us to survive as a Free Country with Communists. There is nothing in our Constitution that says we must tolerate, or support the enemies within, who are actively trying to destroy our Republic.

The Communists want our Guns so we can’t defend ourselves against a Communist Takeover. They tell us constantly that Gun Free Zones are possible, and are not Killing Fields, which is a damn lie. It is also a proven fact that the only way to reduce carnage from mass shootings is to encourage more armed citizens to carry concealed.  I don’t shop where I can’t carry.

Millions  of Patriots have died defending this great country. Over one hundred thousand have died in my lifetime fighting Communism. It is my strong belief that if the Communist traitors involved in the ongoing takeovers of our government are not severely punished, and soon, that the people will be forced to defend themselves before they lose everything. Our enemies are promoting an increase in illegals and foreign workers, causing increased crime, drug addiction, lower wages,  unemployment, and more Communist representation. If we don’t allow these crimes, the Vulture Capitalists will destroy American companies for great profits, and move the jobs to another country. Man made climate change is another scam designed to make the criminals rich. There is nothing not to hate about the Communist enemies and fellow travelers within.

I could list all the insane actions and lies of the traitors in government and their Fellow Travelers, but it would be a waste of time because you know the truth. If you don’t know the truth, I must loathe you as a Communist, or a hopeless, and ignorant tool of those who intend to be our Marxist rulers, taking the food out of your mouths.

Communists, and their Associates are at war with us, and must be called out, defeated, prosecuted, and deported.

God Bless America

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