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I am sure that all of you have had your fill of the newscasts, articles, pundit’s comments, and all the other turmoil concerning the 2020 Presidential Election.  I am too, but this is not a subject that we can just sweep under the rug and ignore.  The winner in this will either perpetuate the great American Experiment or it will put us onto a path that will subjugate all Americans to the whims of the global elite with no real way to turn back.

Liberals do not have a strong base.  A lot of people that start out in the Democrat Party eventually see that the Party is out for the party, not the people, no matter what the leaders say.  You will know them by their fruit works with heathens too and exposes their lies and corruption.  I’m not saying that all Republicans are saints.  They are not even close. Romney, Collins, McCain, and many others are as two-faced as the Democrats.  Some caucus with the Democrats more than the Republicans.  But I’ve been following the politics of America for the last twenty years I have seen that the majority of the corruption and anti-American attitudes and policies are centered in the Democrat Party.  Notice that the Democrats pander to the illegal immigrants.  They get free healthcare; you have to pay for yours AND theirs.  Education is another area where the Democrats slap the American people in the face.  They get free tuition but you have to pay for yours AND theirs. Democrats want to open up the border which will overload or welfare system, education system, healthcare system and will be the very seeds of destruction of America.

The only way they can do this is to put themselves in a position where they control it all.  This pandemic has exposed the Democrat governors and mayors that are willing to suspend your constitutional rights so they can expand their socialist agenda.  They can’t win that big at the ballot box with legitimate votes so they have to stuff the ballot box.  A total of 353 counties in 29 U.S. states have 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens, according to an analysis by Judicial Watch.

In addition, eight states, including Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont, were found to have statewide registered voter totals that exceeded 100 percent of eligible voters, according to the nonprofit government watchdog.

Judicial Watch compared the registration data available for 37 states with the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recently available American Community Survey (ACS) numbers for the period 2014–2018 on a county-by-county basis.[1]

These extra ‘voters’ are found in the cemetery quite often.  About 9,500 voters whose names and dates of birth (DOB) match death records in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) are marked in the Michigan mail voting database as having returned ballots, according to an analysis of the state’s election data conducted by a data researcher.

The SSDI match is not a definitive proof that the voter is dead. It’s “quite common” for two people to share the same name and DOB, according to Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a right-leaning election watchdog not associated with the analysis.

“Those matching datasets are only starting points for further research. You must validate identity by looking at Social Security and credit bureau data to determine that’s the same person,” Churchwell told The Epoch Times via email. “We find generally that regardless of sample size, roughly 10 percent of name and DOB matches will pass all validation tests thereafter.”

Another nearly 2,000 names in the analysis are voters 100 years old or more and aren’t listed as known living centenarians.[2]

Another thing they do to steal elections is to destroy evidence that they did anything wrong.  I am told that ballots are supposed to be saved for a period of months after the election has been certified and that includes the envelope.  Pennsylvania didn’t follow that rule.  Keep in mind the AG for Pennsylvania is an anti-Trumper: Reports Claim Pennsylvania Officials Ordered the Destruction of Mail-In Ballot Envelopes

This act may violate state laws and may also incur other Federal charges. Software updates done right before election date raise serious questions about the tally process. If a breach and a backdoor are incorporated in the system a Canadian company that runs the software and its managers may circumvent or delay U.S. investigations like Christopher Steele and his company or subcontractors.

They had to wait until voting was closed to bring in all the fraudulent ballots, was to check the voter rolls to see who didn’t vote, and then use those names to pull from.[3] Also, the Secretary of State for Pennsylvania allowed votes to be counted that came in two days after the election even though the State law did not allow that.  She also allowed for voters to change their ballot if something was wrong with it to the point where it wouldn’t be counted, but they only did it for the Democrats.  They cite the email sent to county election directors which states “County boards of elections should provide information to party and candidate representatives during the pre-canvass that identifies the voters whose ballots have been rejected” so they could be offered a provisional ballot.

Some county election boards then provided party operatives with voters’ names, addresses, and even email addresses, along with explanations of their ballot defects, said Thomas Breth, the lawyer who filed the suit.

Breth said that before Tuesday, some election boards themselves were alerting voters that their ballots had defects, and allowing the voters to fix them. Some election officials were even weighing ballots to determine if they contained the required secrecy envelopes inside, he said.

Reaching out to voters to cure their defective ballots is not allowed in the state’s election code, Breth said. Changing the code would require a state assembly fix.

What the Court says

In fact, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had already ruled “that is an issue for the legislature to decide, not for the courts or for the secretary of state’s department.”

Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Writing the majority opinion for Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Democrat-appointed Justice Max Baer said: 

“The extent that a voter is at risk for having his or her ballot rejected due to minor errors … we agree that the decision to provide a ‘notice and opportunity to cure’ procedure to alleviate that risk is one best suited for the legislature.”[4]

This is just a drop in the bucket of what we are beginning to see.  Hold on to your hat.

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