by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently said VP Biden has a “strong mandate” as President-Elect.  She’s got to be in Lewis Carroll’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  In the first place, elections are almost always decided by independent voters.  And in the Nov. 3 election, a large number of those voters would say they were not so much voting for Biden, but rather against Trump.  Secondly, Pelosi’s Democrats actually lost seats in the U.S. House.  And with President Trump not on the ticket in 2 years, the Democrats could lose even more seats in 2022!  Thus, the Biden-Pelosi agenda may be short-lived, especially if the Republicans maintain control of the U.S. Senate depending upon the result of the Georgia runoff.
In North Carolina, Democrats yelling “racism” didn’t work, as the people voted for an African-American Republican as Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson, who may be elected Governor in 4 years!  The Democrats also expected to rout the Republicans in the judicial races, but Republicans won the position of Supreme Court Chief Justice and the 2 Supreme Court Associate Justice positions as well as all 5 positions on the N.C. Court of Appeals.
If after officials explain how “Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro-area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia—in these big cities in swing states run by Democrats—the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters” (Rasmussen quoted in Republican Gazette, November 15, 2020), VP Biden is finally determined to have won the November 3 election, things could get even worse for the Democrats in 2024 when the American people witness the pressure applied on President-Elect Biden by the VP-Elect Kamala Harris left wing of the Democrat Party.   After all, according to National Review (August 24, 2020), “Joe Biden used a quote from brutal Chinese dictator Mao Zedong to explain his pick of Kamala Harris as his running mate.”  It was because of the Democrat left’s pressure that Biden changed his position on tax-funding of abortions to support them, and the leftists are going to demand action.  This alone could harm Democrats because for decades polls have shown the public opposes tax-funded abortions by a 2 to 1 margin !  Had President Trump made an issue of this in the November 3 election, he might have won.
Also plaguing President-Elect Biden and the Democrats will be their blaming President Trump for not getting Covid-19 “under control.”  The Democrats may find that “controlling” Covid-19 will be harder than they realize, and then they will be blamed for not getting it “under control” a year from now when the 2022 election campaign begins.  Regarding North Carolina, Republicans in 2022 could pick up even more seats in Congress as well as the N.C. Senate and House!
In 2024, President Biden may wish he had never run for the presidency, as the Harris left wing of the Democrat Party will be exerting tremendous pressure upon him to fulfill their expectations.  Also in 2024, President Biden may announce that he will not seek re-election because of his age, and it may be the Democrat Party that’s fractured like Humpty Dumpty in another Lewis Carroll book, THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.  Already, ABC News White House reporter Mary Bruce said on “Good Morning America” (November 9): “President-Elect Biden has his own challenges just trying to unite his own Party,” even before he has become President!
Similarly, in 2024, does anyone seriously think the radical left agenda of VP Harris will be more acceptable to the American people than perhaps the presidential candidacy of former Governor and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, for example?   Not only would Haley appeal to non-radical women, but it is also difficult for either the Democrat or Republican Party to win the presidency without the South, and Haley is from South Carolina.  As USA TODAY “Opinion Voices” Editor Kelsey Bloom (from Jacksonville, NC) wrote on August 20, 2020, “The more voters see of her (Kamala Harris), the more they will sour on her, (and) she couldn’t even attract Black voters in significant numbers.”  Regarding Latino voters, in the November 3 election, there was a massive swing away from Democrats by Latinos along the southwestern border of the U.S. compared to 2016!
If President-Elect Biden and House Speaker Pelosi look “through the Looking Glass” at 2022 and 2024, they will probably see something they don’t like—a Republican resurgence, and they will have only themselves to blame!
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