Our country is suffering from the birth-pains of revisionism.  On the one side of the political spectrum the first sign of its pregnancy was announced by Karl Marx in 1844, later by Fredrik Engels.  Engels rounded out what Marx concluded that materialism is the guiding force which discards philosophy involving the metaphysical and religion is spirituality unacceptable.  They varied in only minor ways their concepts of mankind’s social behavior regarding philosophies vis-a-vis materialism. But they inevitably coalesced with anti-religious certitude in their views.  In essence they agreed that Nature is primary; others who also belong to the various schools of materialism concurred that the Marx view of freedom as a necessity must be enforced.

Lenin selected Marxism with a twist that Marx and Engels lacked as atheistic philosophers, i.e. the power to enforce diabolical, ruthlessness involving the proletariat.  Murder was never mentioned by Marx or Engels, yet initially Lenin ordered the murder of the Tsar and the entire Romanoff family never to be resurrected.  His goal centered on confiscation of private property and distribution of wealth.  He died before the real slaughter in the Ukraine, under Josef Stalin, occurred.

Linin’s Bolsheviks’ long arms reached Trotsky where he was assonated in Mexico thus, ending the opposition of Mensheviks and left the Bolshevik’s in complete control of Russia. Lenin was the one who fathered Communism. As Russia’s Godless control and this atheistically stance finally morphed into Stalinism which financially collapsed the economy and ended in Gorbachev’s friendly revisionism in dealings with President Ronald Reagan.

Now, there is this image of the present former-KGB security enforcer Vladimir Putin. His leadership presently clouds his intentions, claiming that he is a Christian. That may really be an extension of Mikael Gorbachev’s “Perestroika” having the end goal of a revitalized Soviet Democratic Republic but with an image of a more benign communism.  Russia today, has a new image, labeled socialistic and is selling this duplicitous image which is really the old Communist doctrine where Gulags and the wall no longer exist, yet every freedom is literally controlled by the government and complicated laws make it impossible to circumvent the web that enwraps the Russian public. Its communist dogma is straight out  of the Soviet Socialist Union’s duma which follows in lock-step with a joke called an election of its Foreign Secretary Vladimir Putin. He solely dictates his plans to incorporate all the lands of enemies of Russia.

President Trump is no fool, he is fully aware of the game Putin plays, but his decision to meet with Putin is that of the businessman and the art of the deal which allows Putin wiggle room favoring Trump and the economy of both the U.S. and Russia.  It appears that geopolitical tradeoffs would at least last Putin’s ambitious Soviet land annexations, even if only temporary, pending the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Philosophy of DemonkRats

The philosophy of the Democrat Party stems back to the adoption of the Klu Klux Klan during the reconstruction period where blacks, who though they were free of slavery, only landed up as indentured servants and segregated without recourse to a false freedom.  The Democrat Party has since emerged with the trappings instituted by Lenin where the benign label called socialism is not reality at its core.

It’s incredible that the United States in 2018 is saddled with true enemies composed of several hundred million dumbed-down, ignorant participants.  This phenomenon is growing unless eliminated. The inculcation of children who are being mentally abused by a school system that was invented by the father of communism, and requires in our country to be immediately terminated.  The public school system is controlled by implanted traitors at every level of through the use of  mainly socialist/communist book publishers, especially the school books used by the public schools whose liberal colleges and communized teachers  emphasize what to teach and how to teach. Neither of the approaches emphasize subjects that provide the tools to train children to reach their economic, ultimate goals higher mathematics, science, civics and history; also the U.S. Constitution.

Lenin’s atheism and Putin pragmatics still are controlling Russia. But importantly the main emphasis is on technical education and the prime goal.  Russia’s Technology is rapidly being advanced in the weapons of war and cyber technology, a real threat to our country,

In this country the left minimize pride of being Americans.  In Russia, pride at being Russian is eagerly accepted by the hoipoloi.

What is most obvious in the United States, morality is attacked at every level. But most obvious is the stream of violent films that Hollywood uses to harden the youth who become immune to violence and unrelenting visual slaughter. The murder of the unborn is accepted as simply unquestioned causalities of life and death.  Coupled with uncontrolled publications sex of every kind, including the normalization of same sex between males and females, satisfies the voyeur entertainment of teenage youth.  TV and the acceptance of the intoxicating weed converts smokers into addicts made legal in many states.  It isn’t bad enough that there are millions of alcoholic addicts to add to the overall mind-numbing practices offered by the drug industries.  The damaging element in the war to destroy  young souls is Washington establishment’s insistence regarding marriage  purpose is not to procreate, but to satisfy every contrived desire that our youth now  agree as normal and fair.  The uplifting of religious faith is not to be treasured, but rather condemned by the generation of parents who were part of  Woodstock festivities where Jimmy Hendricks entertainment launched the rebellious 60s and illusionistic drugs, sex and rebellion.

God in public education has been removed and considered as religiously utopic. Many of keys within the U.S. Congress and agencies within the “Washington swamp have poisoned minds of our youth while encouraging those IPads that can open doors during examinations by enabling cheating to arrive at correct answers. Reports have been publicized that instructors leave the room and abandon their mentorship responsibilities. The weakening of the failed “F” becomes “D” and “C +” becomes “B-.”  Grades are demeaned all along the scale; a grade of “A+” becomes a numeric 3.5+.  Cheating within the U.S. Military Academies is discovered regularly.*

The abuse of power within South Africa’s Communist Government is exemplified below.

  • According to the magazine RTup to 15,000 Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, are planning to move to Russia amid rising violence stemming from government plans to expropriate their land, according to the delegation.

White farmers, despite being a minority in South Africa, own 72 percent of the country’s farms. The new South African government recently announced a plan to redistribute land to the black population in the highly racist move. Critics have warned South Africa may repeat the disastrous experiment by the Zimbabwean government in 1999-2000. A report by DieselGasOil.com stated that the new South African government led by racist President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country. The government said it is planning to put an end to what it calls the “legacy of apartheid.” Most of South Africa’s farming land is still in the hands of its minority white population. Human rights groups have said the initiative incites violence. There were 74 farm murders and 638 attacks, primarily against white farmers, in 2016-17 in South Africa, according to data by minority rights group AfriForum.  South Africa will face the real threat of famine in the absence of experienced farmers – regardless of their race.

The farmers have been facing racial genocide in South Africa, and many say moving to Russia has become a “life or death” matter, Rossiya 1 TV channel reported.

It’s a matter of life and death — there are attacks on us. It’s got to the point where the politicians are stirring up a wave of violence,” (end of article)

The question that arises from the above article is why the Boers choose Russia instead of the United States?


The Democrat Party is the party of nihilism that concentrates on eliminating any vestige of President Trump.  Their entire program is one of “no” to whatever is proposed by Trump, no matter how worthy his decisions and goals and accomplishments may be.  To admit that he has had numerous world changing success, defeats not only the Demonkrats geopolitical objective to destroy the entire economy of the United States.  To admit otherwise would cancel the entire purpose of the Demonkrats.


Where do the Demonkrats obtain those funds to maintain their campaigns and their iron grip on Democrat members who vote in lock step like the typical Soviet Controlled Duma?  The answer can be found with the international bankers, the worlds’ richest who meet at Devos Switzerland to support the New World Order where they hope to control the ebb and flow of world currencies and cashless societies.

To men like George Soros, the President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Thomas J. Donahue and David Hirshmann, Senior V.P. U.S. Chamber of Commerce Policy Committee, all are linked at the multibillionaires doorstep in those yearly meetings at Devos, Switzerland.  Donahue, regularly is interviewed at the meetings on worldwide TV  to insure complacency of viewers that all is up and up regarding the hundreds of millions of dollar contributions to support not only the Democrat positions that offer no change to the objectives of the Muslim President Obama, but the objectives of the Republikrats within the splintered Republican Party. The neocon George H.W. Bush and sons Jeb Bush and the eight year term of his brother, President George W. Bush embraced the New World Order. Their father, President George Herbert Walker Bush, in his election address, was first to announce the advent of the New World Order. Their grandfather and their great grandfather, Prescott Bush (all members with the exception of Jeb Bush of Yale’s Skull and Bones Fraternity), managed the Harriman Bank in Germany during the period the U.S Ambassador Averill Harriman dealt with the Soviet Union while in the Roosevelt Administration. His headquarters as Bank President was located in Berlin before WWI until 1941.

Prescott Bush managed the Harriman major bank with Averill’s approval and support as employer.  He supported loans to both the Soviets and the Nazis until the U.S. declared war in 1941.  Averill Harriman actually caused to be built the first cement plant within the new Soviet Union of the Bolsheviks when no other source of lending was available by the western world’s lenders.  As Ambassador, Averill acted as a pseudo Ambassador for Stalin when Stalin was in a near mental breakdown when Hitler first attacked the Soviet Union.

Roosevelt’s close relation with Josef Stalin is a fact wherein an interview Roosevelt, stated: (”my friend Joe,”) while Winston Churchill sat at the same table at the Potsdam meeting. Churchill, at the meeting between the participants was used as doormat instead of an equal participant.  As a result of the meeting and the influence of Harriman on Roosevelt, millions of refugees trying to escape the clutches of the Soviet evil empire were forced as captives to be returned to the Soviets. Our military under the command of General Eisenhower forcefully returned the refugees to the Soviets and those refugees held in France, under General DE Galle were also forced to be returned.  The victims landed in Gulags as slaves as forced labor, starved and imprisoned in Siberia and finally death. The British already had restrictions established as to the number under their control so only a small number were turned over to the Soviets.

Although the Demonkrats sorry history and their effect on America; the fact is Charles Schumer, Senate Minority leader, is a major domo in favor of Communist objectives as is the Senate’s Whip, Dick Durban, who manages the Party discipline.  They are as effective as those Communists in Russia. Nancy Pelosi, House minority leader, Rep. Stene Hoyer, Assistant Democrat Leader, Rep. James Clyburn, Democrat Caucus Leader, Rep Joseph Crowley have maintained in the Party the same discipline as do the Democrats in the Senate.


More than the known enemies on the left, the Republican Party on the so-called right is rife with pusillanimous pukes who lost their spines for power and greed and have managed to exist with the help of craven leaders who follow the billionaire bankers and their devotion to the control of what they aspire: a contrived money systems as mentioned previously; in addition they prefer  borderless nations, cashless societies, rules of law through unelected, unrepresented justices located at the Hague…*(note) the money system which ensures low wages, increase taxes paid by captives within the system.

  • The Rape of Justice; Americas Tribunals; The World order; by Eustace Mullins

Amschel Bower used the emblem of a red shield on his sign in front of his business. As the Baron von Rothschild the father of the Rothschild financial empire who profited on war, he announced the main key to his success  provided this dictum: “He, who controls the king’s finances, controls the king.

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