All but a remote few of Democrats in any kind of leadership have been calling for mob rule and violence. Now Hillary is declaring that civility must die.  She declares that when people running against you will take away everything you hold dear you can’t be civil at all.  As a cherry for all horrified listeners, she offered civility again after the Dems won back the House.  Hillary and Bill are going on a 13-city stadium tour, trying beyond desperation to imitate Trump.  I predict as when Hillary went on her book tour, she and Bill will have 13 people and perhaps a Chihuahua listening.

Although Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp has rebuked Hillary for her bold statements against civility, she is also fighting for re-election in her state and must separate herself from the call to violence and the acting out of her party.  Good luck with that Heidi.

So far, the Mid Term election stage thrown at the conservatives looks like a violent war zone where if the Democrats retake the House and the Senate, false accusation, lies and violence will turn into King Kong size impeachment attempts and more.

Surely, the mind of a former Attorney General whether Democrat or Republican would have a diplomatic calming effect for the Democrats and Mid Terms, but no.  Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General has called for Democrats not to talk or even debate with Republicans but to kick them.   He attacked Michelle Obama who had said, ‘When they go low, we go high’.  Instead, Holder said, “When they go low we kick them.”

The vast majority of Democratic leadership and power brokers are calling down fire from God on conservatives running, burning cars and buildings, smearing and destroying reputations and good names as they did to Judge Kavanaugh.  They proudly preach, don’t serve them in restaurants, attack them where ever you see them.  If Eric Holder is cool about calling Democrats to kick us, perhaps a punch in the face is also good or a knife to the gut for us evil conservatives.

This is evil, fascist, criminal and deadly dangerous as these very important Mid Terms run into focus.  With the Democrat plan, they will win by intimidation, violence, lies and threats if possible, appealing to stupid people who will buy their rhetoric and are seduced by mob rule and adrenaline.

I call on all Americans, liberal or conservative, Christian or non-Christian to rise up with even more passion than the out of control left, but instead of attacking cars, lying and kicking people,  vote for truth, America, continuing the healing and restoration of our economy, morals, military, jobs and country.  A vote for Trump and the GOP running is a vote for freedom, security, opportunity and all Americans.  Keep your voice America and don’t be threatened or seduced to give it away.

Vote for Democrats this time and you will get more mob rule, one-way streets, dictatorial throw back, danger from our enemies since they want to destroy ICE and open our borders and higher taxes.   Everyone must vote but think security and have eyes everywhere as you do.

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