One of the drearier aspects of history is the certainty that any damnfool thing that’s gone around is sure to come around again.

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther confronted a Church that had strayed many miles off the way of Holy Scripture. Among its more grievous errors was the teaching that you could *buy* your way out of Purgatory by purchasing, from the Church, indulgences.

The false doctrine of salvation by works of the flesh—that is, if you’re “good enough,” and have done a certain number of good works, God has to let you into Heaven—well, that was bad enough, even in its mildest forms. Buying and selling indulgences compounded the error. Luther had his hands full, trying to stop the corruption.

We have pretty much the same thing going on today. It’s still a spiritual tort, but now it’s being perpetrated by the secularists instead of by an erring Church.

America’s true Original Sin, the teaching goes, is “racism.” And everyone who is not a “person of color” is guilty. With the Russian Collusion house of cards collapsed, “You’re all racists” is the Democrats’ Plan B. And all their mob of presidential candidates, the ones who aren’t black, are pleading guilty to it.

The idea is, Democrats win the 2020 presidential election by denouncing America as racist. In a confidential but subsequently leaked speech to New York Times employees, the executive editor admitted that the Times had put all its eggs in one basket, Russian Collusion; and now that the bottom has fallen out of that basket, it is time to shift to a new one: “America is racist”.

As the candidates strive to outdo one another in groveling confessions of past and present racism—these have come to be known as “purity tests”—the public is supposed to react with paroxysms of self-doubt and guilt. “Oh, no—I’m a racist, too! I voted for Trump! And I was even thinking of doing it again! This is terrible! I thought I was a good person, but it turns out I’m a racist. What can I do?” [Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth]

Here’s where the phony religion kicks in.

First you have to confess your sin. You’re just a no-good stinkin’ racist, white privilege and all. You were born a racist. Whatever’s bad about America, it’s all your fault.

So what do you do about it?

You buy an indulgence. The price is your vote, paid to the Democrat Party. You know you’ve got to do it because the New York Times has just spent over a year telling you so. Not only the Times, but also CNN, Hollywood, the universities, and all the rest of the whoopee crowd: not omitting Whoopee Goldberg and “The View.”

But see how easily your sin is washed away! All you have to do is vote for Democrats—and don’t worry, all the candidates are clean, they’ve all confessed—and support their policies. Open Borders! Reparations! The Fundamental Transformation of America! The whole deluxe Democrat fun-pack—just support it with your vote, and your tax dollars, and you’re in the clear.

Now you can get to sleep at night. You’ve submitted to the purity test. As long as you keep submitting to every test they dream up for you, you’re doing your part to wash away America’s evil racist heritage.

Is it truly possible for a defeated political party to rise to rulership by calling everyone a racist? Are we so timorous, so servile, so gullible, as to fall for that?

God help us if we do: we don’t have a Martin Luther.

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