By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, on Tuesday said she is nixing a full House vote to authorize a formal impeachment inquiry, a term she mistakenly used without understanding what the term meant last week, according to Jeffrey Spiegel, an official from a police union that endorsed and supports President Donald Trump.

She claims she is not abandoning the goal of removing Trump for office and but she won’t move on it right now. According to Spiegel, “The problem facing the Democrats is that for all of their vitriol and impeachment rhetoric, the Democrats have no case. I liken it to a street cop arresting a subject, processing him or her and then looking in his copy of Criminal Procedure Law to find a crime [with which] to charge his newly detained subject. That clown would’t last 10 minutes of the force.”

She delivered this message to her caucus in a closed door meeting Tuesday evening.

Multiple news sources told reporters from various news outlets that Pelosi’s team of Democrats, during the secret meeting, argued over whether or not to hold an impeachment vote. One reason given is that a number of Democrat members of congress hold seats in districts that voted heavily for Trump. These “Red State” moderate Democrats must face their voters who, according to local polls, are Trump-GOP strongholds

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, another left-wing Californian, said he and the Democrats on the committee have agreed to continue their investigation and there would be open sessions which include input from the Republican members. He also said he would have some of the witnesses return to testify in public. However, a growing number of law enforcement, military and intelligence professionals are wondering why Schiff is so obsessed with hurting the Commander in Chief.

“Schiff has gone way beyond what Sen. Patrick Leahy did while heading the Senate Intelligence Committee during the Reagan administration. Leahy was removed for leaking information to his media friends. Schiff is a known leaker as well as a known liar. We need our intel agencies ‘cleaned and sanitized’ and not used for partisan politics or spying on American citizens without probable cause or reasonable suspicion,” said Charles Deter, a former intelligence officer for a investigative task force.

The Conservative Base has been reporting — and continues to report — about Shifty Schiff, his goon squad and deep state actors plot to oust the duly elected President Trump. With the threat of the damaging report coming from the U.S. Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz involving FISA abuse and possible criminal charges, the radical-left lawmakers are “playing for keeps” and are holding secret proceedings in the House in order to avoid attention to their actions that border on sedition.and will selectively leak garbage to the media that fits their impeachment narrative. And the media will promulgate their leaked information throughout the country regardless if that information is true or another fabrication from the pens of Schiff, Rep. Jerrold Adler (D-NY). Rep. Al Green (D-TX), and other party hacks.

However, thankfully, there are still honest men and women who are aware of what’s happening in the almost three-years since Trump was elected POTUS. One such official is former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz, who now heads the Center for Security Policy.

In an interview with Daily Ledger Host, Emmy-Award winner Graham Ledger, on One America News, Fleitz said that the “Garbage Party is conducting its ‘impeachment’ depositions and hearings in secret without allowing Republicans the opportunity to publicly cross-examine them.”

House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz, (R-FL).said, “The American people should be asking, why does Nancy Pelosi enact a system that provides less due process for President Trump than Republicans provided for President Clinton? What is it about this impeachment of President Trump that is so different, that would have Nancy Pelosi go to such extreme measures to keep the evidence secret?”

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