By Andrew C. Wallace

October 8, 2022

Florida Governor DeSantis has taken a number of actions favorable to the people, but like all the other State Governors, has failed to get the Feds out of state functions unconstitutionally usurped by the Feds. [Usurped: take illegally or by force] This failure by our Governors can only be for one or all of the following reasons:

They are minions of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), wealthy families who use their corporations to bribe and/or coerce most everyone in Government.  Or the governors and legislators are mostly ignorant, corrupt or cowardly, and they have no balls at all.

A majority of Federal Laws are unconstitutional  usurpations of state powers in direct violation of the limited “Enumerated Powers” in the Constitution. Honest and courageous governors, were they not on the take, would kick Feds out of their states.

Honest Governors would demand a termination of the income tax, with a RETURN to Tariffs . Tariff income would be divided among the states according to population. States would then fund the federal government in accordance with the Constitution. Tariffs  funded our government quite well until 1913. The income tax and privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank were started at this time so the PSRRC could rob, cheat, steal, and kill millions in wars for profit. Anyone who takes exception to these facts is just plain ignorant.

Governors should replace any sheriff who refuses to protect citizens from rogue federal agencies like the FBI. Sheriffs have Superior Constitutional power, and should have the courage and independence to arrest FBI agents or other rogue elements of the federal government acting under “Color of Law”. The media is replete with examples of these criminal acts of Treason by the FBI and FEMA and IRS and DOJ and other such agencies.

Another important question: How many good and honest citizens are in prison or have lost everything for violating an Unconstitutional Federal Law  which is no law at all? Elected officials, FBI, DOJ, Bureaucrats, Judges, Media, et al, are responsible for these unjust crimes against our citizens. But our Governors are also responsible for their failure to honor their solemn and sacred Oaths of Office to honor and comply with their State and Federal Constitutions. This Oath qualifies the affiant for his Office, and when he violates his Oath, he is automatically disqualified from that Office, and all his acts are VOID from inception. Got that?

A majority of all Federal Laws are Scams and Unconstitutional because they are not authorized by the “Enumerated Powers”, which are National Defense, Foreign Relations, Immigration, Currency, Commerce, Census, and  the Post Office. Therefore, a majority of all federal laws are Unconstitutional, which means that most federal elected officials, bureaucrats, and judges are all corrupt, cowardly, or both. Also a majority of federal employees in all the unconstitutional  agencies will not be needed. We should terminate the employment of cowardly federal government employees and prosecute the corrupt ones!

At some point very soon, people confronted with unconstitutional laws are going to tell the Feds  and rogue FBI agents acting under the “COLOR OF LAW” to stuff it.  History is replete with examples of this phenomena. Dictators escalate, and people retaliate. The result is always death and destruction, for there is no effective mechanism for an equal system of justice. The rogue representatives of an unconstitutional government have no legal authority for their treason, and the people have no easy alternatives except to resist. At this stage, it is impossible for the dictators to govern except through the barrel of a gun, which will not be viable long term in this country because the people are armed to the teeth. But dictators don’t back down, because they know that if they do they are kaput.

The preceding analysis is bad enough but it will be magnitudes worse, because our economy is being rapidly destroyed in every possible way by the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and the corporations they control that bribe and coerce their minions in government. Europeans are suffering first; they are the canaries in the coal mine.

Hyper-inflation will put everyone who depends on a government check, retirement plan, or investments on the street to starve to death. This is deliberate theft, murder and destruction by the unconstitutional “Privately- Owned” Federal Reserve Bank printing unconstitutional FIAT currency to benefit the PSRRC.

Many Americans are buying gold coins to protect their savings from inflation. But, the damned banks are holding the gold price down by selling gold short (that they don’t even own).This is another scam that needs to be corrected.

History predicts that residents of the inner city plantations who have been promised a guaranteed income by the Communist Democrats will riot, loot and burn when it stops. Communists will then put them down, after they have served their purpose, just as Hitler did in the “Night of the Long Knives”.

Let’s not forget the current “Depopulation Agenda” of MASS MURDER that  has already killed millions. It is predicted to murder and harm untold millions more, FOREVER. People are dying and suffering from side effects of the Covid and the much more deadly KILLER Faux “Vaccines”.

What can you do? Resist, buy an AR15 or 12 gauge, stock up on ammunition and food that lasts 25 years, and Pray.

Note to the corrupt FBI: I am not advocating violence or unlawful behavior; I am only stating what is  obvious reality.

God Bless Our Constitutional Republic, may it and those people with courage yet survive. The ignorant and spineless are mostly doomed.

© 2022 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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