Forget the ‘Me too’ movement which has grabbed up thousands of ‘poor me’ ‘desperate for attention’ liberal women running to cameras across America.  As it seemed, just about everyone in America was attacked or raped by evil men. Off with them all to an island I say!

Now the Democrats during the final hours of the Mid Term saga, where they are predicting the Democrat wave of the century are boldly introducing the ‘Grab the vote’ campaign.  Sounds reasonable on the surface.  They have a right to push for votes.  However,  Grab the Vote is a bunch of women, all sizes, shapes and nationalities posing stark naked for a photo.  They are only holding a voting ballet that covers their privates.  They are thinking that this will call in the DEMS to vote.

This is certainly a change in national Democrat policy.  Now they are in to visual terrorism as the masses are forced to look at naked bodies not meant for publication.  I do wonder how blinding the liberal masses is going to help them get out to vote.  Perhaps they should keep with what they know and do so well, threaten, assault, burn cars and buildings, while kicking opponents out of restaurants and gas stations.   That is certainly fueling this blue wave of greatness and of course having nothing real to run on other than shred the moral foundation of the country, raise taxes and let all terrorists and illegals come across the border.

To stay on the winning path, the Democrats need to put their clothes back on and continue running on nothing while threatening all who are slightly different.  Their Blue wave has carved a nude path all the way to the bottom of the ocean.  They will be an enormous success, that is success of more failure than ever this Mid Term.

Please do go vote but perhaps cover your eyes.

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