When understanding how islam works we simply have to look at history as to how they operate in the nations they immigrate to.  The number one that must be realized, no matter what they say, is DO NOT ASSIMILATE!  Our new member of the House from Minnesota, Rep. Ilhan Omar, stated in 2012 “I will not assimilate!” They never have, they never will.  That is a critical factor in allowing them to immigrate, do we want millions of people immigrating here that refuse to adopt our culture?  According to history, we see them immigrating and gradually getting to the point where they take control.

The first thing they do is establish a mosque.  In islam the mosque is their religious place.  I call it that because a sane person cannot call their so-called religion a legitimate religion.  The mosque is also used for their court house.  We have no idea how many cases in America are tried in their shariah court instead of the courts of the land.  Some say that there are already shariah courts in America. It happened at the Republican National Convention last year, and it’s happened at just about every right-wing protest I’ve covered in the past few years: People tell me Sharia law is coming to America. Muslims secretly want to impose their will on all of us. In fact, there are already “no-go zones” in United States, and we must act now to stop them from spreading.

Where do they think this is happening? In places like Dearborn, Michigan, and Dallas, Texas. Dallas in particular has become a center of anti-Sharia protests, inflamed partly by reports from Fox News, Breitbart, and others that an Islamic court had been established there to decree medieval justice in America. The protests were loud enough that Texas passed a bill last summer to ban “foreign law” from being applied.

Could this rogue Islamic court be real? And what evidence led Texas to act? In the episode above, I travel to the real-life Islamic Tribunal in Arlington, Texas, to ask one of its founding imams what he does there. Then I meet with Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn, a Republican who represents a rural district outside Dallas and who sponsored the new legislation. He insists the bill doesn’t target Muslims, but the law’s backstory suggests otherwise.[1]

There is proof that there are American courts that have used shariah to adjudicate some cases.  In my opinion these judges should be removed form the bench and barred from ever being a judge again because they are sworn to uphold the Constitution not Islamic law.  CSP has found that at least 146 cases have been identified where the U.S. court system has allowed a Shariah court to adjudicate.

“In about 20 percent of those cases the court agreed to use Shariah instead of American laws with our constitutional gaurantees respected,” Gaffney said.

In some Muslim countries, severe punishments are common, women have very few rights, and blasphemy against Mohammed can result in a death sentence.

But Tribunal Judge Imam Moujahed Bakhach is denying that will happen in America.

“The misconception about what they see through the media is that Shariah means cut the head, chop the heads, cut the hands and we are not in that,” he said. “We are not here to invade the White House or invade Austin.”

But Robert Spencer of JihadWatch writes: “There is no school of Islamic jurisprudence among either Sunnis or Shites that does not mandate stoning for adultery, amputation of the hand for theft, and the subjugation of women.”

Imam Bakhach and three other Muslim judges are planning to bypass the traditional legal system of Texas to handle civil cases on their own.[2]  I will here and now call this imam a liar!  Remember CAIR founder, Omar Ahmad, stated “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominate.  The quran, the muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”  This proves that he is a liar.  Remember also that they are required to lie to advance islam.  The courts that were in place in Irving, Texas were shut down because it put muslims under different laws than what are allowed by our Constitution.  This radical group of Muslims is not pleased with the Mayor of Irving, Texas after she put the end to America’s first “Sharia Court.” Mayor Beth Van Duyne has accused mosque leaders of creating separate laws for Muslims, which is why the city voted to stop these supposedly “voluntary” tribunals from operating.

In a very close 5-4 vote, the city of Irving ruled to back the Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state. The bill doesn’t mention Sharia or any religion, but it’s a huge defeat for Sharia supporters, as such courts are in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

All four of the “voluntary” court’s lawyers were unlicensed in the state of Texas, a third degree felony. Mayor Beth Van Duyne received several phone calls on the matter. It seems that the Islamic Tribunal not only was unlicensed, but they failed to notify the city of their illegal court being operated in city limits. She promised to get to the bottom of it, and she did.

By their own website’s admission, if U.S. law conflicts with Sharia law, “we follow Sharia law.” It also openly admitted separate rules for men and women in their proceedings, discriminating and humiliating women which is against the U.S. Constitution. The Islamic Tribunal also openly declared that they hope [this] will “set a precedence that will be emulated and duplicated throughout the country.”[3]

It is hard to find but these muslims have called for her to be killed for doing this.  We will find that muslims do not like to have something taken away that they have gained even if it was gained illegally.  Last week I brought up the comment by the Texas director of CAIR Director, Mustafa Carroll, “If we are practicing muslims, we are above the law of the land.”  They don’t think that they have to abide by laws of the land because shariah is to dominate.

The next thing they do is establish an muslim enclave.  We see that most glaringly in Dearborn, Michigan.  The city council is dominated by muslims and there are times when there are signs in that city stating that this is a shariah zone.  You don’t walk your dog there, women don’t walk through there in tank tops and shorts or they will be raped and beaten.  They do this because they believe they have the right to do that to any non-muslim female.  A case of harassment or injury to the detriment of a girl took place on Friday afternoon on a bus of line 7644. The as-yet unknown girl of about 12 to 13 years of age got on the bus around 4:20PM at the Ledergraben stop in Reutlingen, going in the direction of St. Johann-Würtingen. At the Südbahnhof stop, she went to the front doors of the bus to get off. As she walked past, a 37-year-old Syrian sitting in front of her in the bus hit her buttocks with his hand. Crying, the girl then turned to the 37-year-old and asked him the reason for his actions; he dismissed her with the words “I am entitled to do this.” The injured party then left the bus. In the further course of events, the accused then uttered vulgar abuse and threats against other passengers who had observed the events and expressed their incomprehension.[4]

America’s eyes have been closed to this threat because of the false belief that ‘This could never happen in America!’ but it is happening.  It was exacerbated by eight years of the Obama administration’s push to get as many muslims into America as he could for, I believe, the destruction of America from the inside. We have to wake up to this truth.

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