If the United States athletes have wondered why there was a noticeable decrease in Americans taking the time to watch their athletic pursuits, they need only to look in the mirror for the answer.  Hateful open border advocates like alpine skier Lindsey Vonn have spewed hatred toward president Trump for daring to act on his campaign promise to work toward securing our southern border.

Of course, there is plenty of blame to go around.  Including the Olympic Committee that made sure that awards are no longer just based upon merit.  It is now more important that Olympic teams are diverse in sexual choices, religions and skin color.  I what could rightfully be dubbed as affirmative action on steroids, has literally begun the process of eliminating the reason for the Olympics.

The Obama era of divisiveness occurred while there was great pretending to unify.  But unfortunately, it set the miserable tone of racism, entitlement and divisiveness among the American Olympians before they arrived in South Korea, to compete.  Matters only deteriorated even further once they made it to South Korea to display their athletic prowess on the world stage.  You know the situation had gone to nutsville, when there was a coin toss to determine who will carry the American flag in the Olympic parade of nations and the person who loses the toss accuses the coin of being racist.   United States speed skater Shani Davis is one of literally millions of Americans who was mentally victimized by his former government school educators.  They literally brainwashed and indoctrinated him to the point the he is literally void of critical thinking and common sense.

That can also accurately be assumed about most of the current crop of American Olympic athletes/activists.  Ms Lindsey (I’m all that) Vonn’s hatred of president Trump borders on insanity.  She even went on to declare herself “Captain America” not Trump.  I must say that those Olympic athletes prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is not a dimes worth of common sense among their sorry ranks.  The entire world has witnessed the sizeable decline of the National Football League because football players who are too mentally challenged to understand that it is not racist to throw criminals in jail, to build a border wall, or stop illegal border crossers from storming into our nation and wreaking havoc.

American athletes seem to have spent more time coming up with disgusting ways to bash the Trump administration and Vice President Pence than preparing to compete in the actual Olympics.  It used to be that Olympic athletes at the very least, publicly carried an image of being a positive role model for young impressionable American children.  For some that is no longer a major concern.  For example, Bronze medalist Adam Rippon recently used his status as a role model for young children to encourage illegal activity, according to Freedom Daily News.  Rippon also publicly complained about the condoms being distributed at the games in PeyononChang, South Korea, were bland.

The bottom line is that the attitudes displayed by the American athletes even before the games began were a perfect reflection of the deeply negative leftist philosophy the so permeates the minds of almost half of all indoctrinated Americans today.  Such a mentality only serves the purpose of those in influential positions who are on a mission to fundamentally transform America into a burdensome over baring of the government, by the government and for the government dictatorship.  History has not been kind to the population of nations and people groups that foolishly romanticize about those who hate them and wish for their destruction.  Leftist leaning black Americans foolishly romanticize and revere renowned racists/communists like the dearly departed Cesar Chavez who described blacks people as unable and lazy.

Many White American students and athletes, particularly of college age adore the dead Chinese dictator Mao, American leftist icon Mrs. Clinton and the list goes on and on.  Of course, in their own underdeveloped minds, the adoration of such individuals and the societies from which they come is representative of today’s dumb diversity.  The diversity movement not only entails uplifting societies where women are oppressed legally, (Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia) people are enslaved, (Sudan, North Korea) and where citizens in general are starved, (North Korea) but also placing those brutal dictatorships in higher regard than the United States of America, which is and has been a blessing to the world in so many ways.  Diversity also calls for no wall of protection for our southern border and sacrificing our national sovereignty for all illegal border crossers and terrorists in their midst.

This attitude is now reflected by athletes like Lindsey Vonn and little Adam Rippon who are now better at preaching open border diversity and hating president Trump than winning the gold.  We now have a president who desires to live up to the Constitutional statute calling for protecting us from enemies both foreign and domestic. While at the same time there are many Americans who prefer our republic to be destroyed by enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Is that crazy or what?  The good news is, despite all of the madness of the unrelenting left, our nation will soon be truly great, despite the leftists mission to make it a hell hole overrun by illegal border crossers.  Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.  Don’t miss The Ron Edwards Experience Friday at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PST on KCKQ AM 1180, www.shrmedia.com and www.americamatters.us also catch The Edwards Notebook commentary daily on www.talkamericaradio.us

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