There are few things more vexing than hair brained hypocrites that “don’t know nothin’ and got that mixed up.”  They always tell others how they should live and what they should do, while doing the opposite themselves.  In fact, Jesus once stated, “how can one condemn another for the splinter in his eye, while having a huge beam in his own eye.”

Ever since then presidential candidate Donald Trump made his famous glide down the escalator in Trump Tower, the American leftists have been condemning and cursing him and his family.  Not because of horrible deeds.  But because they believe that Trump’s desire to see America great again is repulsive to them.  Both the political and religious left consider making America great to be a horrible deed and will crudely attack anyone who doesn’t agree with their goal of recreating a Venezuelan style communist hell hole here in the United States.  Yet as they want to force their oppressive designs upon us by telling us we should live like peasants to save the environment, they expect to live a life of luxury like Al Gore and the Obama’s do.

Leftist minions have called me bigoted for simply wanting our sovereignty and borders protected.  I can assure you that those rich hypocrites like Elizabeth Warren and George Clooney live behind protective gates or walls. But they want our butts to be in a sling and vulnerable to harmful attacks by illegal immigrants and American hating Islamic devotees who will, kill, steal from and destroy those who did think and act as they do.  I for one do not want our republic overrun by those who believe it is ok to sexually assault little children and destroy their genitalia.

It is irritating beyond belief to witness those self-absorbed leftists demand that southern border ranchers put up with whatever the illegal immigrants foist upon them.  That fact that many Americans are shot, raped or robbed because the leftists are often allowed to dictate immigration policy, while seeking their own protection behind iron fences and brick walls.  Another example of “do as I say do and not as I do.”

Many of those same wealthy progressives and their poverty minded attack dogs have sought to have communities like Birmingham, Michigan forced to accept so-called affordable or subsidized housing for people that didn’t work their way up the ladder of success to actually afford living in that city.   I for one could not look myself in the mirror if I allowed myself to be a pawn of the leftist effort to wedge lower income people into a wealthy neighborhood.  Not only is it a disservice to places like Birmingham, Michigan, but also to the people used by the leftists who are stunted in their ability to partake of the limitless possibilities and opportunities to rise far above the lowly ranks of subsidized housing dwellers.

What the hypocritical left likes to promote is artificial achievement at taxpayer expense.  Such practices do not bring about real integration.  That is because the lower income residents wedged into wealthier communities have nothing in common with those who worked their way up the American ladder of opportunity and success.

The hypocritical do as I say do, but not as I do crowd say that white Americans, especially republicans are racist. But I can tell you from personal experience and observation that it is the white leftists who, like their KKK fore fathers are the big racists.  In the very nice community where I and my family have resided for fifteen years, the neighbors who have displayed any racist tendencies are themselves the racists and pro open border bigots who also disdain those who have an America first mentality.  Yes every single one of them are democrats.   To this day the leftists neighbors who support the likes of Hillary Clinton and denounce republicans for being racists have never said a pleasant hello to me, my wife or our son.  The neighbors who befriended us (voluntarily) were all republicans of varying degrees of conservatism.  I just chalk it up as yet another fine example of the do as I say do, not as I do progressive crowd of hypocrites.

The moral of the story is to ignore the real bigots and other dividers of American society.  It is now time for like minded patriotic Americans to work together in the rebuilding of the republic.  We must see to it that the United States is renewed as the land of opportunity and in God we trust.  While the leftists want to tell us what to do, they do not want morality restored.  That is because morality and self-control obliterates the need for overbearing cradle to grave government ruling over our every detail, including medical care.  The end results of the societal do as I say do, not as I do mentality are broken nations like Venezuela, Iran and Cuba, just to name a few.  Wake up America.    Join me daily on the Ron Edwards Experience via at 6:00 PM EST.  See you on the radio.

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