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If you live in or around a large American city like New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Houston—you find yourself in gridlock traffic six days a week.  While you sit fuming about your situation, you’re inhaling all those CO2 fumes by millions of cars spewing their own exhaust into the air.

As for this journalist, I live 30 miles away from Denver, but I see the infamous “Brown Cloud” covering the city like a dirty blanket—every day.  Every Denverite breathes that toxic cloud of chemicals with every breath.

The New York Times reported this week that CO2 emissions from car traffic remain “stubbornly high.”

No kidding Sherlock!  The USA burns 20 million barrels of oil 24/7.  Internationally, the human race burns 99 million barrels of oil 24/7.  It’s astounding to me that we find ways to pull that much oil out of the Earth every single day of the year. Worse, oil experts predict that China, by 2030, will burn 98 million barrels of oil 24/7, by itself.  By that time, we humans expect to add 1 billion more of ourselves.  It will be astounding how we can pull 200 million barrels of oil out of the planet every day of the year.

By 2050, 440 million Americans burning oil 24/7

Whether you appreciate catastrophic climate destabilization or not,  Jeremy Beck of , said that “Transportation is the largest source of planet-warming greenhouse gases in the United States today. Explore this map from @nytclimate, which shows a year’s worth of CO2 from passenger and freight traffic on every road in the U.S.:”

If we care about traffic emissions, however, we must pay attention to our individual consumption and the number of  individual consumers. The Census Bureau and Pew Research Center project the U.S. population to pass 440 million in the 2050’s, unless Congress significantly reduces immigration.

Will the addition of 110 million more Americans make it easier or more difficult to reduce our traffic emissions?

Unsurprisingly, the report dances around the elephant in the room, but discerning readers will quickly conclude that the sheer number of Americans on the roads or relying on trucks to deliver us goods is a major factor in our total emissions.

“The New York area, home to 20 million Americans, accounted for the largest share of driving-related CO2.”

“There it is. Despite its commitment to density and public transit, the New York metro area – not Dallas – is the biggest contributor to CO2 traffic emissions because it is the most populous metro area,” said Beck. “Not surprisingly, the five most populated metro areas are also the five biggest traffic-related contributors.”

1) New York (1)
2) Los Angeles (2)
3) Dallas-Fort Worth (4)
4) Houston (5)
5) Chicago (3)

The harsh reality remains: by 2050, the top 35 cities in the USA will double their populations at current immigration rates. Thus, the gridlock and exhaust cannot help but rise dramatically.

The numbers matter. The United States has the 3rd highest per capita emissions and the 3rd highest population in the world.

China and India, by contrast, rank 12th and 20th in per capita emissions, respectively. But they rank number 1 and number 2 in population and, as a result, fill out the top three carbon emitting countries along with the United States:

1) China
2) United States
3) India

Beck said, “With our “stubbornly high” emission rates, population growth in the United States has a greater impact than population growth in other nations. The last thing the world needs is 440 million Americans. If our politicians are serious about reducing our emissions, they must reduce immigration.”

This summer, I rode my motorcycle through 40 states and all four corners of the USA.  I can share with you by first-hand experience that the top 20 cities I visited continue growing, and their traffic gridlock stunned me beyond imagination.  My own city of Denver expects to grow by 2.5 million more people.  That means the “Brown Cloud” will double in thickness and toxicity.  That goes for those other top 35 cities.

All of this explodes because Congress pumps over 1.7 million legal and illegal immigrants into our country annually.  That’s over 130,000  immigrants every 30 days.  We’re on course to grow from 330 million to 440 million within 30 years.

The pressing question:  do you want your children to face such an ominous future?  Do you want them breathing such toxic air?  Do you think our country can sustain another 110 million people?  Will we survive as to quality of life and standard of living?  Will our environment allow us a quality life?

We desperately need a national conversation on what kind of a civilization we expect to bequeath to our children.  If we keep on this path, it will be an unbreathable nightmare of too many cars, smokestacks and carbon exhaust for anyone to breathe.

Solutions you might give to your two U.S. senators and House member:  Call your senators and House rep:  1 202 224 3121 or 1 888 995 2086.

  1. Rescind 1965 Immigration Reform Act. We don’t need any more immigrants.
  2. Enact a law to stop the 300,000 anchor baby births by illegal alien mothers who violated our borders.
  3. Rescind the “Diversity Visa” immigration bill.  We don’t need another 50,000 diversity visas immigrants added to the 1.2 million already allowed into the country annually.
  4. Create Visa biometrics to stop the 40 percent of illegals who overstay their visas into the USA. Arrest them and deport them.
  5. If the total stoppage of immigration seems to harsh to you; we must press for an “Egress vs Ingress” bill.  If 50,000 people leave the country, we allow 50,000 merit-based immigrants to come into our country. Result: net gain of zero. A stable population equates to a sustainable future for Americans and all living creatures.

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