By Lee Duigon

April 7, 2022

Has “consent of the governed” become a mere luxury, no longer required to keep a regime in power?

Has public support for party, policy, and candidates become completely unnecessary? How about public approval? Is that now irrelevant, too?

Democrats are acting like the answer to those questions is Yes.

Here’s a scenario that’s being increasingly bandied about.

SloJo Biden has become radioactive. He’s polling around 38-40% approval, and I suspect it’s worse than that. Democrats have every right to expect to be slaughtered in this year’s midterm elections, and it’s widely perceived to be his fault. Well, they have to blame it on somebody, don’t they?

So Joe must go—and that means President Kamala Whatsername, whose polls are even worse than his. Democrats don’t seem to care about that. Who needs public approval anymore? Maybe they can coax Joe into retirement with a boxcar-load of money and blanket pardons for his whole family. Failing that, maybe he can expire peacefully in his sleep, having accidentally smothered himself under a pillow.

President Kamala then appoints two-time loser Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt woman in the world, vice president. The next step is to persuade Kamala to resign—maybe appoint her to the Supreme Court, where she can mindlessly cackle for the rest of her life. However they manage it, Kamala’s gone. And Hillary becomes our president, side-stepping election altogether. After the voting public has already rejected her twice.

As long ago as 2017, Rob “Meat-head” Reiner and some other Hollywood jidrools were yammering about the need to “invalidate” the election of Donald Trump and “install Hillary” so she can “take over.” They seemed to think they were living in Bolivia or some other Third World shambles.

They did it, though—got rid of Trump. And that was their green light to cut the Keystone Pipeline and destroy our country’s energy independence, rupture our southern border, appoint men who say they’re women to high public office, and spend the country into an inflationary spiral that just might finish off our economy once and for all. Can this much damage by caused by mere incompetence, or is it purposeful? Oh! And don’t forget that fiasco in Afghanistan. If any of this fallen world’s bad actors are still afraid of us after that, they need assertiveness training. Vladimir Putin picked up on it right away.

In all of this, the Democrat Party behaves as if public support for its policies has become utterly irrelevant. It’s as if they think they just don’t need it anymore. Is this just hubris, or have they got some cunning plan that we’ll only know about after it’s too late?

Meanwhile, they’ve criminalized the FBI, put babbling morons in charge of our military, further corrupted an already depraved nooze media (I really didn’t think that was possible, but I was wrong—it was), and obliged corrupt school boards by spying on and branding as “domestic terrorists” any parent who speaks out against what the teachers’ unions are doing to our children. Is there any villainy they haven’t yet stooped to?

But you can do all these things and more, once you’re convinced you no longer need the consent of the governed. “Peasants you are, and peasants you shall be—shut up and pay your taxes! And you’d better be nice, or we’ll lay another lockdown on you.”

This is very weird politics, unprecedented in American history.

Well, we’ll know the game is on as soon as our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. suddenly begin to discover hidden depths of wisdom in Kamala. When that happens, we’ll know we’re in the crosshairs.

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