Is there anybody out there, still, who doesn’t understand that the Democrat Party is the mob rule party?

While Brett Kavanagh was being sworn in Saturday as a Supreme Court justice, Far Left Crazy Democrat “protesters” broke through a police line and assaulted the doors of the Supreme Court’s chambers, pounding and clawing at the wood, a rather horrifying spectacle choreographed by Democrats.

This is what they mean by the “fundamental transformation of America” that they’re trying to achieve. Really, you can’t even watch a cat video on Youtube anymore without Elizabeth Warren or some other leftist suddenly breaking in with a political commercial: because to them everything, and we do mean everything, is politics. Even the freakin’ cat videos.

They want an America in which public agencies, paid for by everyone, are transformed into Democrat hit squads, immigration laws go by the boards, and a man’s politics makes him fair game for the most brutal kind of character assassination. They aren’t content with simply rejecting a nominee because they dislike his politics: nothing will suit them but his personal destruction.

This, at the end, was not a fight about Judge Kavanagh. It became a test to see whether mob rule tactics, lies, and hysteria would replace due process, orderly procedures, and the rule of law. Democrats seek to transform America into a country where public policy is dictated by whose riot can make the most noise. And it’s usually theirs, because normal people don’t like to participate in riots.

Meanwhile, out in California—where the streets are paved with something other than gold, these days—Democrat legislators and their Democrat governor enacted a blatantly unconstitutional law that would require private companies to appoint women to their boards of directors: something which most companies in America already do, but never mind. They don’t like to pass up any opportunity to impose coercion; and besides, they wanted to throw a sop to the #MeToo movement. So by the end of this year, every company doing business in California must have an least one woman on its board of directors, and by 2021, at least two if there are five directors and at least three if there are six.

Signing the law, Governor Jerry Brown admitted that it contained “potential flaws that may prove fatal to its implementation” (ya think?)—which is to say they know the “law” is garbage but they’re passing it anyway because they want to Send A Message that, hey, feminism rules!

What do they do if all five board members are men, but two or three of those men insist that they are really women? Like, it’s one way to keep your seat on the board, isn’t it? Doesn’t their bizarre ideology oblige them to behave as if those claims are true? After all, the country was expected to “believe the survivors” when they accused Judge Kavanagh of being a serial gang rapist despite a total lack of even the simplest corroboration and no evidence of any kind. They excused this disregard of due process by arguing that Senate confirmation hearings are not a criminal trial and therefor no presumption of innocence had to be in play. It was “just a job interview,” they said—and think about that, the next time you have a job interview. Any accusation, backed up with no proof whatsoever, ought to be enough to shoot you down. Welcome to a fundamentally transformed America.

This time the barbarians were turned back from the gates. And do we really want to wait for a next time? Do we really want to go through this again, and maybe even worse?

If you have to crawl through a minefield under fire to get to the polls and vote against every Democrat whose name is on the ballot… do it.

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