By Roger Anghis

I will start this off by saying that I still believe that Trump won AND will be seated despite the circus that we are seeing in D.C. at this time.  As you have probably seen the Democrats are going to attempt to shove their socialist agenda down our throats all the while demanding unity.  Notice that they are now going to try to install a fence all around the capital building to protect them from the people. Why do they need protection unless they are going to try to do something that is going to really tick us off? I’ll discuss some of those things in this series.  Keep in mind when the government is afraid of the people there is freedom but when the people are afraid of the government there is tyranny.  I’m going to go out on a limb and venture that the government is going for the tyranny thing.

Some of the proposed legislation that we see coming from the Democrats is what you usually find only in dictatorships.  Biden has issued over forty Executive Orders in the first ten days in “office” so you can kind of see which direction the Democrats want to go, totalitarian rule. Keep in mind that when it is proven that Trump actually won and he is seated all those Eos will be reversed in about an hour.

I think one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation the Democrats has brought forth is HR 1.  The biggest joke about the bill is the description of it.  To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures for the purpose of fortifying our democracy, and for other purposes.[1] This bill no more to “strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and implement other anti-corruption measures” than Biden is innocent of 48 years of corruption.  The provisions they have in the bill will allow for Democrat voter fraud to be done on a massive scale legally!

To start off, this bill is 300 pages long!  It requires that the internet be available for voter registration AND update of voter registration.  Colorado has that provision and as long as you register Democrat it works.  If you register Republican, you’ll get confirmation but when you go to the polls you won’t be listed. I know. This happened to my wife and me in 2014. We moved so we updated our info in the new county, got the confirmation, printed the confirmation out, and took it with us to the polls.  We weren’t registered and they wouldn’t accept the printed-out confirmation.  How convenient for the Democrats.

There is a section for the clarification of eligibility.  Nothing in it about being a legal citizen.  It has a provision concerning the social security number but makes it illegal to require the entire number, only the last four digits.  Kind of had to verify that with only four digits.  This is how it reads: “,and to the extent that the form requires the applicant to provide a Social Security number, the form may not require the applicant to provide more than the last 4 digits of such number;”.[2]

There is a provision for what they call “automatic registration”.  This is just a means to gather more names to commit fraud.  Here is their definition: The term “automatic registration” means a system that registers an individual to vote in elections for Federal office in a State, if eligible, by electronically transferring the information necessary for registration from government agencies to election officials of the State so that, unless the individual affirmatively declines to be registered, the individual will be registered to vote in such elections.[3] There are millions that have never registered and have never voted.  This gives them more names to add to their fraud available list.  They are going to start registering ineligible voters that are not of age, just so they can get more names to use in their “Greatest and most inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” – Joe Biden 2020.  This is how they define this: Treatment Of Individuals Under 18 Years Of Age.—A State may not refuse to treat an individual as an eligible individual for purposes of this part on the grounds that the individual is less than 18 years of age at the time a contributing agency receives information with respect to the individual, so long as the individual is at least 16 years of age at such time. Nothing in the previous sentence may be construed to require a State to permit an individual who is under 18 years of age at the time of an election for Federal office to vote in the election.[4]

There is a cute little provision in this bill for registering people when they get or renew their driver’s license.  Colorado has this provision and when I renewed my license about three years ago, I was asked if I wanted to register to vote.  So, I asked the lady if she was going to verify if I was a legal citizen, at that time you could not even get a license if you were illegal, and her answer floored me!  She said it was against the law for her to ask me that!  Imagine not being able to ask a person you were registering to vote if they were legally here.  Illegals are not allowed to vote in our elections but you can’t verify their eligibility.  Democrats have really set it up making it so easy for them to commit fraud.  Now, understand they have all the wording in there about only registering eligible voters, but if you can’t verify that what good are the words in the law?

Another aspect of this bill is it almost makes it illegal to purge voters who are no longer eligible.  Those that have died, moved to another county or state.  Democrats don’t like it when voter rolls are updated because then they don’t have names that they can use for fake voters.  Remember Eric Holder filing lawsuits with every state that attempted to update their voter rolls?  He was able to stop every state from updating its rolls.  Another thing the Democrats don’t like is voter ID.  They want to make voter ID laws illegal.  They call it discrimination. The Supreme Court’s 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision gutted decades-long Federal protections for communities of color that face historic and continuing discrimination, emboldening States and local jurisdictions to pass voter suppression laws and implement procedures, such as those requiring photo identification, limiting early voting hours, eliminating same-day registration, purging voters from the rolls, and reducing the number of polling places. Congress is committed to reversing the devastating impact of this decision.[5]

There are things that must be done to ensure that we have integrity in our elections and this bill proves that the Democrats are against ALL of the provisions that must be in place to have fair elections.  All six of the swing states changed many of their provisions for their elections, which isn’t illegal but it must be done by the State legislatures.  None of the states’ legislatures change those provisions.  They were changed by the attorney generals, Secretary of State, or the governor which means the changes were illegal.  But then Democrats don’t care about the law unless Republicans break the law. 2020  was irrefutable proof of that.

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