Although we took part in the recent Day of Mourning event here locally I was unable to be part of the national event which was held under the Statehouse in Albany, New York.  The event was so wonderfully organized by Elizabeth Johnson who is known as The Activist Mommy on Facebook where here video views number in the 10’s of millions.

This wasn’t a political rally, but a call to repent and mourn over the Church’s apathy towards the pre-born and our unwillingness to actively fight for a culture of life here in America.  The solemn assembly was a response to the attempted “legalization” of infanticide in New York.

As so often happens with the Left they gain ground by constantly changing the words that they use.  Just when they get us used to “choice” they pop the clutch and head straight to infanticide.  We are so screwed up that now we are debating whether or not a woman has a “choice” to kill her baby after it is born.

I will no longer refer to baby murder as abortion. I invite you to join me in calling it what it has always been.  INFANTICIDE.  Soon, if you don’t wake up, they will be “choosing” to kill 3 year olds who wet the bed. After all, if a Mommy can kill her born baby, what is to prevent her from choosing to kill her 1st grader?  Semantics.  It is all a play on words and we have yet to figure it out.  Abortion is Murder…always has been…always will be.  Those on the Left just don’t like calling things by their proper name.

But my real rub comes from those of us in the Right who have lost our ability to make an argument.  Nearly every position that the Left takes is either built on a lie or on the defiance of Truth.  They selectively use Science when it makes their argument, but ignore it when it doesn’t.  Many of us understand the game but we are usually way to late in reacting.

The Left has used the Courts to bully us into submission.  Whenever one of their pet issues does not have popular support they simply file suit in some court where a socialist judge sits and have him/her overturn popular beliefs and standards by judicial fiat. The Left is systematically destroying everything buy using judges to override the will of the people.

We, God fearing Americans, are always slow to react.  We have yet to come to the realization that courts cannot make law and that the opinion of a court is just that…an opinion…and does not carry the weight of law.  One of the gripes of our Founders, in the Declaration of Independence, was that the King was “giving His assent to their Acts of Pretended legislation.”

That is what we are dealing with in America…Pretended Legislation…which in common-man terms means that it was “no law at all.”  Homosexual marriage, Roe V Wade, removal of prayer and religious activities in schools, and the removal of the 10 Commandments off of government buildings is “no law at all.”  Pretended legislation.  Legislation by judges.  Oligarchial.  Separation of the Church from the government is a lie.

Have you ever heard of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution?  The Left uses it all of the time when they want homos to marry…or girls to be Boy Scouts…or boys who think they are girls competing as women in women’s sporting events.  The Amendment has that catch phrase at the end of it, EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS…which makes all this foolishness possible.

But it is imperative that we read and understand the entire Amendment because it is in the very first phrase that the Left’s “right” to infanticide is completely destroyed.  Are you ready?  Just read below.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Did you catch it?  Do you need to read it again?  ALL PERSONS BORN…a BORN baby is a citizen.  All rights granted to every other citizen apply to the baby.  EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAWS….remember?

Neither the State nor the Feds can give a mother the right to kill another CITIZEN.  To refuse to offer a child who survived an abortion the equal protection that a Doctor or Hospital would provide to any other citizen is a blatant violation of the Constitutional Rights of that baby.  That right is INALIENABLE.  No vote of a group of pro-abortion legislators can take that right away.

Where in the world are the Christian attorneys?  Why haven’t they already filed a restraining order to keep infanticide from going in to effect in New York?  The Left files suit at the first sign of opposition.  The right sits around and complains about how unfair everything is.

I am not a lawyer and far be it from me to give legal advice, but how any Legislature anywhere can strip a newly born American citizen the equal protection of the law is legal fiction on steroids.

The pro-aborts for years have told us unborn babies were not people.  Now they changed their minds and said born citizens aren’t citizens either.  Why do we let them have it both ways?  A baby is a citizen at birth…isn’t that what they tell us about anchor babies?  But a baby born to a mother who doesn’t want her is not a citizen at birth?  If the birth was “accidental” the child doesn’t have equal protection of the laws?

Isn’t there some lawyer out there with enough sense to file a suit and put a stop to such foolishness?

A child becomes a citizen at birth.  All citizens have equal protection of the laws.  A mother does not have citizenship-cancellation rights for her child.  At least not yet.  Give them time.

Every legislator who will not protect the rights of an American citizen has violated the oath of office and should be removed.  Why is this so hard for the Right to understand?

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