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Does the ruling class of the Western countries, including ours, despise the people that it rules?

Oh, that’s a tough one, all kinds of tricky nuances—but in a word: yes.

In Britain local police have launched an “anti-hate” campaign that depicts white people as “haters” and declares, as it were, open season on them. Victims of hate [barf bag, please] are exhorted to report any and all “hateful behavior” to police—“even if it isn’t a crime”, and don’t worry about proving your complaint because “you don’t even need evidence.”

Wow. Suddenly every white person in Britain is Brett Kavanaugh. We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence! The accusation *is* the evidence.

Note that this campaign is totally a one-way street. In the teach-‘em cartoons bandied about by the police, the “hater” is always white and the “victim” always either a Muslim or a sexual deviant. As propaganda goes, it’s quite ham-fisted. But how subtle do you have to be when you know you’re in the driver’s seat and no one can push you out of it?

And it looks like the British cops are full-throttle gung-ho on this: nowhere is heard a discouraging word. “Oh, boy! We can forget about collecting evidence! All we need is a phone call—I mean, the target of the complaint doesn’t even have to commit a crime, we can just break down his door and toss him in the can! How cool is that? Suddenly this job’s a lot more fun! Why, if this really catches on, we won’t have to bother anymore with real criminals at all!”

What happens if you’re a white person and some member of a privileged minority group decides to “hate” you by harming you or your property, and you call the police to report the hate? Best guess: after they pick themselves up from rolling on the floor laughing, they’ll bust *you* for wasting police time (a chargeable offense in Merrie England) and “harassing” a poor downtrodden victim who was only exercising his natural right to walk up and punch you in the nose. It’s all your fault: your face got in the way of his fist.

And soon we’ll be seeing BBC-TV dramas about police anti-hate squads, commanded by dynamic women because British men aren’t up to it anymore, scooting all around the shire rousting white people and letting them know there’s a new ruling class, imported from abroad, to whom everyone must answer. Almost as if Britain were being turned into… well, a colony.

Can liberals do that here? We know they’d love to do it, but can they?

We bought ourselves some protection by electing Donald Trump, who not only sticks up for the American people, but has provided us with more protection by appointing as many conservative federal judges as he can. If only for this, he has richly earned his re-election.

But we will never be safe for as long as the Democrat Party remains a viable force in politics, capable of endless mischief and backed up by the Constitution-shredders in the nooze media, Hollywood, the colleges and looniversities, and far-left teachers’ unions who have the whole next generation held captive in their indoctrination mills.

There are two things we really have to do, in self-defense: vote Democrats out of office everywhere, and pull our children out of public schools.

Break the Party, break the unions—before they break us.

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