When one views the severe lack of morality in society today, it would seem those claiming this age is about to come to a close are accurate in assuming, it is all over very soon.  But I wonder if they could be miscalculated in their assessment.  Yes, Hamas terrorists and others are still fighting to deny Israel the right to have embassies in Jerusalem in the capital city of that nation.  Retiring House leader Paul Ryan, Senator Mitch McConnel and many others are literally working to undermine the efforts of President Trump and insure a democrat party defeat of Republicans in the midterm elections.  Government officials elected to work for the benefit of our republic are without a doubt seeking to flood America with millions of illegal border crossers, just to break the economic back of our nation.

The reason for their evil mission is to both undermine you and I and bring the United State under the control of such evil luminaries as the United Nations, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and others of that ilk.  Because of rampant government school indoctrination, at least fifty percent of all American students desire to exist under the oppression of communism and foolishly prefer women abusing Islam over Christianity, which inspired the recognition of our unalienable rights which come from God.  Both China and Russia are working together to build massive militaries that could soon dwarf ours and like Iran have threatened to harm America.

Thanks, but no thanks, but professional societal dividers in media, academia, and the entertainment world are bringing about permanent walls of division between Americans. Because of the mishandling of race, economics and illegal immigration and crime, our republic is on the verge of committing suicide because of an unreasonable hatred of America, Liberty and God and oh yes, President Trump.  The deep state is literally trying to drown America by using a sea of immorality on all levels of societal existence.  But waves of great immorality have swept throughout America and the world throughout history.  When Jonathon Edwards began preaching in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1734, the moral conditions were at an extreme were at an extreme low, as was prevalent throughout most of the American colonies.

Under his preaching that stressed the importance of an immediate, personal spiritual rebirth, a revival began in his church among the youth and then spread to the adults.  Edwards wrote that “in the spring and summer following, anno 1735, the town seemed to be full of the presence of God; it never was so full of love, nor of joy and yet so full of distress, as it was then.”  In two years 300 converts were added to the church, and news of the revival spread throughout New England.  The British Methodist preacher George Whitfield continued the movement, making several separate trips to America and spending nine years preaching across the colonies.  Between 1740 and 1742, an estimated 25,000 to 50,000 people were added to the New England church, changing the region’s moral tone and gaining the name of a “Great Awakening.”  Eventually, the revival became so pervasive that it served to build up interests that were intercolonial in character and inspired a major opposition to the British Anglican Church and the royal officials who supported it.

Some historians say it helped set in motion a spirit of Liberty that eventually brought America to it’s political freedoms.  Today, there is a growing revival of Americanism and faith in our creator.  Millions of Americans are literally praying for a restoration of American greatness and the defeat of those who are hell bent on destroying this greatest nation in history.  I for one believe that the end of our republic will be at the very least postponed. For that to be fully realized, our republic will have to fully reestablish the recognition of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, which must include the end of the legalized murdering of innocent babies.  A nation that refuses to protect its most innocent and vulnerable, cannot forever expect the blessings of Providential guidance and Blessings.  America, the choice to secure either the life or death of our republic is at hand.  Please choose wisely.

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