By Cliff Kincaid

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Donald J. Trump can still save America and he has taken a step forward in this direction. His “Truth Social” media platform represents putting some of his money where his mouth is.

Now please, Mr. Former President, stop bombarding me with text message pleas for money.

Trump will have to do what My Pillow’s Mike Lindell has failed to do with his “Frank Speech” platform – purge the anti-vax quacks and QAnon oddballs whose views alienate the vast majority of Americans.

Lindell’s platform has featured Lindell himself claiming that Trump would be back in the oval office by now, after the Supreme Court was supposed to rule 9-0 in favor of reinstalling him. Now Lindell has been reduced to getting names on a petition to be sent to the Court asking for a hearing on election fraud. The names will undoubtedly be used to sell more pillows, sheets, and slippers.

This is more than a guess since the time when I signed up as a viewer of “Frank Speech” I have gotten dozens of sales pitches through emails and text messages for various My Pillow products. I bought a pillow and a dog bed (my dog likes the dog bed but the human pillow is lumpy).

Lindell’s Cyber Symposium was another bust, as he failed to deliver on promises to prove Chinese cyberwarfare involvement in the November 3, 2020, presidential election.

Hosts of “Frank Speech” shows have to makes sales pitches for the products. Lindell’s website is plastered with pictures of Lindell carrying American flags and wearing Christian crosses. No wonder they also call it “Lindell TV.”

This is not a channel or a network but a never-ending commercial.

Trump can change all of this with his new platform. He should make sure it is a vehicle for true conservatives and that the channel promotes ideas, not personalities.

To begin with, let’s hope that the hosts of his shows do not spend endless hours attacking the highly successful and effective Trump Warp Speed vaccines.

In the spirit of General George Washington, who ordered the smallpox inoculation of the Revolutionary Army, turning the tide against the British, then-President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed to turn the tide against the Red Chinese with the release of SARS-CoV-2. The result is that 187 million Americans are vaccinated and stand little chance of dying from COVID. The vast majority, over 700,000 of the deaths from the virus in America, are among those who died early on, before the vaccines were available, or afterward through their own foolish choices, deciding to remain unvaccinated.

Other factors, of course, were politicians crowding senior citizens into nursing homes in close proximity to the deadly disease.

Another thing Trump has to do with his new platform is make sure that the QAnon New Agers stay completely away from it. These people are not traditional conservatives. They are the people represented by the Shaman wearing horns and face paint during the January 6 pro-Trump demonstration at the Capitol.

Trump’s other problem is former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, whose“Real America’s Voice” show is now featured on the Lindell network, where he rants incessantly about election fraud. This is a legitimate issue but his campaign has convinced some conservative voters not to show up at the polls in Virginia or elsewhere because they think their votes will not count.

In Virginia, with the gubernatorial election on November 2, there is hope, since the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has been strongly promoting the Trump Warp Speed vaccines. Vaccines are a big issue there and the Democrat Terry McAuliffe has been running against Trump – except on the vaccines.

This time around, Trump has to avoid people like Alex Jones, the Texas-based talk show host who leads people astray on such varied topics as 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Russian threat. Jones can get an audience, only because he entertains people with news of the weird and bizarre, but frustrates progress toward the goal of an informed America.

Another thing: stay clear of selling pillows, vitamins and dietary supplements.

By making his new platform into an authentic conservative voice, Trump can avoid the stigma of being a fringe character.  He should be able to attract legitimate advertisers.

In this context, shouting it to the rooftops that he was the American president behind the Warp Speed vaccines that have saved millions of lives can re-establish his authority as a credible figure on science and health matters. After all, he got COVID, survived, and took the vaccine. He has repeatedly advised his followers to take them, too.

But because conservatives are suckers for disinformation and propaganda, many have refused the vaccines, generating ghoulish data showing that there are higher rates of death from COVID in Trump country.

Nationally, of those who have died from this dangerous and contagious disease, about 7,000 have died from “breakthrough” infections. In other words, they were already vaccinated. About 6,000 of these tragic deaths were among those over the age of 65.

Again, these are compared to the more than 700,000 who died without being vaccinated.

The numbers are a vindication of Trump’s decision to use the “Warp Speed” process to bypass the federal bureaucracy and develop and get these vaccines to people in record time. Trump’s new media platform should shout this news to the world. For this achievement alone, he deserves a second presidential term. Without these vaccines, millions more would be dead.

He has to point out that Joe Biden’s heavy-handed and incompetent vaccine roll-out has resulted in more deaths from COVID in 2021 than last year.

Trump should also note that in Israel, the largest study ever done shows that the vaccines work and save people from serious illness, hospitalization, and death. Israel knows something about survival.

Ironically, Mike Lindell’s “Frank Speech” platform has denounced this great accomplishment as the “Mark of the Beast,” in the words of his host Brannon Howse. Lindell, wearing his Christian cross, repeats these outlandish claims, designed to scare people, attract viewers, and sell pillows.

The pandemic is not over. We are still in a war with China over COVID and many other issues. Here, again, Trump has the credibility to stand tall, as he recognized the China threat early on and started the process of challenging the communist behemoth in such areas as trade and 5G communications networks.

Trump can move away from all of the dangerous nonsense now being sold as conservatism to the masses. The country is depending on him.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of American’s Survival, Inc.

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