Though the Republican National Committee may think it is going to survive the nightmare of what Donald Trump could do to the established power base of both political parties if he became President of the United States, the nightmare may be just beginning.

With the shortsightedness for which politicians and bureaucrats are known, Reince Priebus and the rest of the power-based Republican establishment have only begun to feel the anger from abused constituents they were either elected or appointed to serve. Rather than serving, they have ruled… or tried.

What might the future hold?

If Donald Trump loses the Republican presidential nomination because of rules changes at the 2016 convention, the Republicans will lose the election. Period. Zero chance of it being otherwise. Why? Because voters around the country who, as good citizens voted in primaries and caucuses, have learned that their votes are meaningless. They have now been told by the Republican Party that it, not the people, chooses the Republican candidate for President.

Keep this in mind in the future. We don’t have to take our valuable time to let the RNC and DNC continue their soap opera scripting designed to gain political contributions and voter support for “the big November election” wherein a company owned by George Soros counts the votes. The RNC and DNC control who will be their nominees and do not need our votes.

I just watched a Sean Hannity Fox News segment. Two women were discussing how the rules that govern the Republican presidential nomination will be determined at the 2016 Convention and they will be determined by the delegates. One woman repeated at least twice that a majority of the delegates voting on the rules for the 2016 Convention will be Trump and Cruz delegates because they have the largest percentage of votes via the caucus and primary process. She is wrong… she probably knew she was wrong as the words passed her lips.

Delegates are chosen by state and national Republican committees and those selected will very likely support a candidate favored by the party – and that is not Trump or Cruz. Their first ballot votes taken at the Cleveland Convention must reflect the number of delegates earned by each of the candidates in each state via primaries and caucuses. I wrote an article two months ago explaining how the party puts the fix in to achieve whatever candidate result the party wants.

That’s why there were 17 candidates when the race began: Fiorina to pull the woman’s vote away from any populist candidate (which the RNC thought would be Ted Cruz, not Donald Trump). Dr. Ben Carson was there to attract the Black vote (and the vote of the faithful – Carson is known as a strong Christian and was a much stronger candidate than the RNC thought he would be). Governor Mike Huckabee is a former Pastor and has a television following (and would make the best vice president). Former Senator Rick Santorum was supposed to attract the Catholic vote; Kasich who positions himself as part of the Reagan team is in reality part of the Bush neo-conservative cabal (according the news articles during April’s first week, perhaps Kasich appeals to gay voters, too – he lived with an openly gay man for over a year when he was a Congressman and his campaign manager is openly gay… which is a plus for him in NYC and California).

The delegates selected by various Republican committees (county and state) are committed to vote on the first ballot for the candidate who won a specific number of delegates in a particular primary or caucus election, but the delegates are hand-picked by the State Republican parties (which is dependent for financial support on the RNC). They may be selected because they oppose either Trump or Cruz. Some delegates will have to vote for Trump and Cruz on the first ballot because they won the right to those delegate votes. But if no candidate gains the required 1,237 votes on the first ballot, delegates can vote for anyone they (or the RNC) choose.

Without the conservative vote, the Republicans cannot win any election against any Democrat. The Party really doesn’t care because the elitist political establishment from both parties has only one objective: Power. They could care less about political philosophy and principles that flow from the philosophy. As you read the rest of this article, keep that in mind.

Should there be shenanigans at the Cleveland Convention that deprive Trump and/or Cruz from becoming the nominee, we will likely have a Democrat President. When we know the Republicans will lose the Presidency to Democrats, it becomes critically important for conservatives not voting for the Republican nominee for President to vote for Republican Senators and Congressmen.

No, Republicans are not much better than Democrats when it comes to budgeting or passing common sense legislation that benefits the people and a sovereign nation. But a Republican Congress would have never passed Obamacare. They will maintain some control over whom gets seated on the Supreme Court… and four or five Justices will likely be named by the 2016-2020 President. The Republican establishment intends to hold those very important Supreme Court appointments over the heads of conservative voters to keep them from withholding their votes from the Republican candidate if it isn’t Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. In the RNC view, pending appointments to the Supreme Court will force conservatives to vote for their presidential choice. It is their trump card… or, better said, their non-Trump card.

It is extremely important that conservatives vote this year. Eliminate voting for President if you want. If Trump gets “unliked” by the RNC at the Convention, I will. But make sure Republican Senators and Congressman are elected so there is a wall of protection built between a Democrat President and the Congress. It won’t be much of a wall, but it will be a wall.

Most conservatives will throw yet another surprise to Priebus and his elitist Sheriff of Nottingham associates. Conservatives realize that our nation has already been sold out and that Donald Trump represents the only chance the people have to restore our Republic. Many of us don’t like his personality but we understand he is the only candidate who can save our nation. We the People know the Republican Party is as firmly committed to a New World Order – a world government – as the Democrats. It was, after all, neo-conservative Republican President George H.W. Bush who first used the words “new world order.”

Thus, it really doesn’t matter who appoints Supreme Court Justices. It was George W. Bush who gave us Chief Justice Roberts, the guy whose vote forced Obamacare on the nation.

While the RNC has Trump nightmares, I have dreams. My dream of what will happen is this:

Donald Trump does not run as a third party candidate. It would tear the nation apart and after seven years of Obama we are already pretty badly damaged. And, it would harm his status as a Patriot, too. Instead, Trump behaves like the Patriot he is and he waits until after the election to do what his wife Melania says he does when he is hit unfairly by an opponent: He hits back ten times harder than he was hit.

Donald Trump, if a brokered convention removes him from the top spot he’s earned and he is not chosen to be the Republican nominee, will on the day after the November election make an announcement that he is establishing a third political party… let’s call it the Politically Incorrect Common Sense Party (PICS) for the moment. He will publish a list of cities he will visit in each state and the dates he will be there for a Town Hall Meeting to enroll members into PICS. He will have to rent football stadiums to hold the numbers of people who will want to attend. In a full page newspaper ad in papers across the nation, he will particularly invite Libertarians and Independents and Democrats who oppose socialism to join with Conservatives to make our nation great again.

All it will take to fill the stadiums will be a full-page ad inviting people to attend. All of those tweet and email addresses will also be available to receive invitations. Press releases should be sent to every newspaper in the nation. It is news, after all.

In Colorado, he would visit Denver, Colorado Springs and, on the West Slope, Grand Junction., all on the same day. Attendees will receive an Elections Commission form to fill out so it can be filed with their local authorities. Zap! A new political party is born.

What that effectively does is destroy the establishment Republican Party. It will cost them at least one-third of registered voters. Reince Priebus and his establishment pack rat elitists will be a thing of the past. That, in and of itself, will fulfill Melania’s prediction that when unfairly attacked Donald Trump hits back ten times harder than he was hit.

After all 50 states have established a solid base for the PICS political party the party must immediately identify good, solid, honest candidates to run for Congress and the State Legislatures must quickly be identified. All candidates agree to attend a PICS school that teaches a course on the Constitution. Experts like Michael Badrnarik, Krisanne Hall and Michael Gaddy, known for their writings and classes on constitutional law, will teach the classes. Members of the media will be invited to attend the classes free of charge. New members of the new political party can attend, too.

The objective will be to get enough pro-constitution PICS candidates elected to office that they will provide a back-up to the few truly conservative members of Congress in getting legislation either passed or defeated. That can be achieved by the 2018 elections.

By 2020, there should be a sufficient number of New Republic Political Party members relative to the Republican and Democrat parties to put forth a presidential candidate… Donald J. Trump. And this time he would be treated fairly as a legitimate presidential candidate.

That is the nightmare the Republican Party should be planning to avoid… but they are not. They are too arrogant to even perceive such a catastrophe might overtake them. I can only pray for it and ask you to join with me. It’s just a dream at the moment, but who knows what the future holds?

If you would volunteer to help plan and coordinate PICS Town Hall meetings in your state, drop me an email (address at bottom of article) and should such a miracle occur I will make sure your name is given to Mr. Trump. Send me your suggestions for a good name for the party, too – but first make sure there is currently no political party by the same name already in existence.

Has Mr. Trump given any indication that such plans for a third party are in the hopper? Not that I know of but surely the thought of a third party has occurred to him. I will volunteer to write the PICS Party platform and philosophy statement. It will begin with a statement opposing the existence of any government corporations and a return to constitutional law in our courts.

Truthfully, this would give the nation an even better chance to beat the socialists and communists who are shoving one world government down our throats than electing Donald Trump to be President in 2016. If elected this year, he will be standing alone in a pit of vipers and corrupt puppets who ask “how high?” when George Soros and the other new world order minions say “jump!”

If Donald Trump truly wants to save a capitalist nation called America, I think this may be an even better way to achieve it than becoming President in 2016.

© 2016 Marilyn M. Barnewall – All Rights Reserved

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