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Maybe you, like me, have wondered why so many things have happened so quickly since we drank a toast to the New Year on January 1, 2020.

First a Presidential impeachment that was created in Adam Schiff’s and Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s imaginations… but it didn’t get 24-hour a day news coverage.  Close but no cigar… though it carried on forever.

To move past that failure, a plandemic named COVID-19 was required — and it was about all we heard,  24-hours a day for months.  It is a coronavirus…. As is SARS.  Both attack the respiratory system (which is what the RS stands for in SARS).

The medical experts on whom the President had to rely for guidance immediately showed either their lack of expertise or their political leanings as they provided numerous wrong answers to the questions arising from the too-much-news coverage.  They found as many wrong paths as possible.

It didn’t take long for the President to figure out what was going on and the day Trump  said “hydroxychloroquine” and Dr. Fauci said “Oh, no… untrustworthy drug” and the rest of the medical community disagreed with Fauci, that story began its downhill slide.  Then we found out about the patents Fauci owned involving HIV (which is part of coronavirus) and the old rule about “follow the money” was proved true once again.  Anyone with an imagination could see Fauci’s eyes light up as he mentally counted the money from vaccinations that would require access to his patented medical data.

Why the news onslaught?  “The better to scare you,” as the fox might have told Little Red Riding Hood.  Even hypochondriacs who are always looking for a reason to be sick began to disbelieve the story being put forth on television and in print.

Just as the plandemic arrived on the scene at the very moment the impeachment nonsense was discovered to be nonsense they needed something else to scare people.  The only way to keep the public in a state of confusion is to keep stirring up a state of chaos.  It is the only way to keep your attention diverted.  And when you start a war based on psyops, chaos is primary.  And we are at war.

The coronavirus is real rather than a false flag as some would have you believe.  It is a tool – a very dangerous tool — being used by those whose basic political philosophy is that you never let a good crisis go to waste.  To frighten people, it was promoted far beyond its potential.  What they proved is that they can scare you into self-imprisonment.  They proved they can scare churches into placing unlawful orders from government involving the church above orders from God.  They now know many, many Americans prefer security to freedom.  Dangerous stuff.

In the USA, as of June 10th there have been 1,999,552 confirmed cases and 112,895 deaths from the virus.  We have all heard about physicians being pressured to list COVID-19 as the cause of death if tests indicated they might be infected (and the tests were not very accurate).  If a person died of a stroke or a heart attack, put “coronavirus” on the death certificate.  Thus we cannot have great confidence in the numbers being quoted… or in anything else for that matter.

According to, from January 1, 2020 through March 25, 2020, people around the world died in the following ways:

Cause of Death            Number of Deaths

Coronavirus                              21,090
Seasonal flu                             113,000`
Malaria                                     228,000
Suicide                                     249,000
Traffic fatalities                         313,000
Alcohol related                          581,000
Smoking related                        1,162,000
Cancer                                     1,909,000
Starvation                                2,382,000
Abortion                                  9,900,000

I repeat:  These are deaths that occurred during less than three months – 1/1/2020 – 3/25/2020.  Rush Limbaugh gathered the numbers and broadcast them on his radio show.

They needed a new diversion.  Fear of death by coronavirus was being reduced to the same level as fear of death by the annual flu… and for good reason.  The risk is about the same.  “Okay,” they said, “we’ve got them frightened enough to self-imprison themselves and their families… we can’t let this go to waste.”

The death of a drug addict in Minneapolis, George Floyd,  a black man who had spent a lot of time in prison, provided the new narrative.  Should a man die because a police officer abused his power?  No, of course not.  Neither should he have several different kinds of drugs in his system while trying to pass a forged bill as the real thing if he wants to stay out of trouble.  The entire thing is sad but it has nothing to do with rampant racism in America.  In fact, it goes beyond sad to tragic.

Floyd’s death occurred when people had been imprisoned in their homes and apartments for three months.  They were frustrated and looking for any reason to burst free of lock-up.  It was the way Floyd was killed that caused the reaction to his death.  Protests, it was obvious, were planned far ahead of time, and they turned into riots that set America on fire.

Television talking heads and writers for print publications (I refuse to call them “media” or “news”) – even movie stars and giant corporations like Amazon — hastily sympathized with the scammers and rioters who are destroying America.  The rioters became the new force to be feared.  Senator Mitt Romney walked down the street in support of them.

You’ll notice that it isn’t happening in cities or states run by Republicans.  Democrat governors certainly have not dealt with the violence – and why should they?  They need to get the black vote for Biden – and they will fail.  Black people are far more shrewd than those trying to scam them as the following linked video proves.

A young black man expressed his thoughts about Black Lives Matter far better than I can and so please watch and listen to him explain why Antifa and Black Lives Matter scams are just that:  Scams.  He is so cogent and logical and factual.  He gets it.

How do I know all of this was planned?  When you have bricks to be thrown through the windows of small and large businesses (many of which are owned by black people) stacked and awaiting the hands of paid rioters in just the right location, it doesn’t take imagination to figure it out.

This article is about the economy of America, not the political shenanigans of liberal progressives who believe the average American is too dumb to run his or her own life and requires government – which seldom does anything well  — to run their lives for them.

There is, unfortunately, no way to talk about the economy without involving these two well-marketed over-sells.  These attacks have been designed to destroy Donald Trump’s greatest strength:  The American economy.  I believe this is the Democrat plan and I can’t jump into a story about the economy without first mentioning the multiple attacks on our Republic.

These are very likely cover ups which I believe are being used to divert your attention to changes being planned and implemented to our economy – possibly even to our currency.  If we the people knew about them the Floyd riots would look tame by comparison to the violence that would occur if the truth comes out.  It brings to mind questions like:  Why has the Federal Reserve put more money into Wall Street between September 2019 and February 2020 than it did during the entire 2007-09 financial crisis?  Is Mitt Romney supporting Soros-paid rioters to keep his business with Bain quiet?  Lots of questions.

The economic problems have been around for many years… but the agonizing end of the Rothschild central banking system is at hand.  Greed can only have its way until it runs out of other people’s money.

Those who have promoted the mafia-like economic behavior in the United States are about to be exposed – at least they will be if the Deep State (which includes what I term the four M’s:  Money, Media, Medical, and Military) doesn’t find some other kind of crisis they won’t let go to waste.   So far, Trump has managed to get all of the “checks.”  Let’s hope he’s able to carry this move to “checkmate.”

More about all of that in Part II.

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