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The first duty of a people’s government is to protect the individual from the mob. Protecting the individual from all crimes and infringements of his common rights is the only way people can live peaceably in a society. No one has a right or power to separate a person from his spouse, children, faculty, or property without a crime being committed. Any governmental mob or gang that seeks to take from one and “share” with another is outlawed in a nation of Common Laws. The Individual must be protected above all because he is all. We can see that when a street criminal takes from the individual with threat of harm that it is wrong and in need of punishment. Somehow, we do not feel outraged when the political mob does the same thing with no consequence of action.

Ben Franklin, when asked the type of government we had, he wisely said “a Republic if you can keep it.”  When a group offers something to you with the intent to take it from another it is still theft and we are being denied a Republican Form of Government. By the way we have a Republican form of government (if) we keep it or more correctly take it back.

The gang is not doing anything for us while doing things to us. Doing things for us appeals to group covetousness. Socialism is covetousness. Socialism is a violation of Common Law in a Republican form of government. If you wish to return to a Republic, socialism must be removed from the government. For far to long we have allowed our servants to trample and violate the individual for votes, profit, and power. For the sake of our children and their children we must eliminate all forms of governmental socialism.

The first thing to do is Vote straight republican no matter what, we were never meant to have two parties. Even George Washington gave the people warning about the danger in party politics in his farewell address. The constitution was a contract between the people and the servants hired to work for them. Anything done in contradiction to the contract should be made subject to immediate termination.  Really, we shouldn’t care about what they think, just do the thing on the contract called the constitution or get fired. One of the reason for the need to get rid of the democrats is that they profess no right or wrong. It’s based on mob rule and anything goes, and anything goes has become very sick and wicked. The Republicans at least profess right from wrong and will resign if caught in wrong doings. Anyone serving in Government, from now on, must be held to a very high standard continuously holding them to the fire. The Price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.

The next thing would be to free the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury is eternal vigilance. The Judicial Branch of government is the people’s branch and no crime can go to trial without the bookends of the citizen’s jury. Grand Jury presents or indicts for likely crimes and it is up to the petit Jury to dismiss or convict after hearing the evidence.  All juries, Grand and Petit, should be selected from the local registered voters.  The District Attorney works for the Grand Jury and not the other way around.  Common law must be returned to this nation which would place it back under God’s laws and remove it from man’s whims.   The knowledge of the power of the grand juries throughout this nation has been hidden and it must be reclaimed. I will send anyone that asks a Grand Jury Creed in a return email.

Voter fraud is a lot bigger problem than one may think. Voter Fraud is taking a torch to a people’s constitution and usurping governmental power.  The people’s choices have been taken from them along with the way of our protection against the tyranny of Marxism.  This is a world-wide problem and will take many courageous individuals to fix.  Implementing ways to make voting honest and fair is badly needed.  Voter ID would be a good start.  Punishment for voter fraud should be to a point of fear to anyone attempting it. A check and re-check should be possible.  I have no qualms in signing ballets that then could be used to double check of action.  Allowing anyone access to view of all voting and counting of votes. It is said that “when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, and when the wicked bear rule the people mourn.”   Notice that the wicked do not have authority but simply bear rule. Voter fraud must be viewed as the highest of crimes against peace and an assault against freedom.

The best chance for the people is an unshackled local government that will not violate the individual.  Federal Government is far too powerful and corrupt.  Local governments can be more responsive to the needs of their communities.

Other things needed we will come to, but protecting the individual is the key.

Paul Cappadona, Author of “Taking Back America the Party’s Over.”

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