Merry Christmas to one and all.  May we all celebrate and remember the miraculous birth of Jesus – the son of God coming to live among us and saving us with His love.

The United States has been blessed more than any country on earth with achievement, wealth, Christian heritage and power.  We were created by God and have been protected by God over the years.  We have soared in goodness and generosity while backstepping at times in to immoral acting out.  America has never been perfect but has been Christian at its core and very generous.

Be yourself, praise Jesus and display what you want to.  Stand and be counted as you celebrate the real reason for this miraculous season.  If idiots threaten you, fire you, gossip about you and say you don’t have rights, stand up and fight.  Exercise your celebration rights and don’t run out or erase yourself because of a perverted rights display from those who are anti rights for all.  They can all kiss my grits and walk around my manger scene displays.  If they are not careful, maybe the camel will bite them.

This Christmas season why don’t we all continue the attacks on others, but instead of following the directives of the shattered left and attack with violence and threats, lets attack with love and service.  Let us find someone in our family, a lonely or invalid neighbor, co worker or stranger and give until it helps not hurts.  Opportunities are all around us if we can get out of ourselves, our lack of money, aches and pains and the crushing blows in our lives.

Pay someone’s groceries in front of you in line.  Drive by the parking spot you needed and let the person behind you get it instead.  Shovel the snow out of a neighbor’s yard or clean a house of an elderly person who is alone and needy.  There are always more people caught in struggle, pain and loss than yourself.  I know, I have more needs on many levels than most and have fought back from near death.  The struggle isn’t over but thankfully neither am I.  Someone once said if you think you can or you think you cannot, you are right.  Believe and Love, then act on it, don’t talk about it, just do something for someone.

A small example of doing very little but making a huge difference were 2 events that happened to me and that blessed my heart with joy. It didn’t mean I was great or anything but simply showed the power of love and being aware.

Years ago, I hosted a national TV show, CD Highway on PBS and had flown into O’Hare Airport in Chicago for a PBS convention, also celebrating our new show.  As I walked from the Jetway to the Terminal I noticed a Mom crumpled on the ground digging in her purse for quarters to get a trolley next to her to put 5 pieces of luggage on.  There was a baby in her arms, a toddler having a tantrum and another small child staring off into space.  Mom was crying and digging in her purse.  I quickly found 2 quarters, pulled off a trolley behind her and loaded all her bags on it, then tapped her shoulder and said “Your trolley awaits.  Have a great day” I then smiled and moved on.  She looked up in wonder and couldn’t stop saying thank you over and over again.  Folks, it was just 50 cents but it is mostly what I remember about that weekend in Chicago that touched my heart, not the fancy TV convention, short concert I gave there or the launch of the TV show I hosted.

Another time only months ago I was going to get some groceries and had a strict limit of $80 I could spend for groceries my family needed.  I was counting every penny and writing everything down as carefully as I could.  My Husband and myself had been in serious financial struggles and money was very scarce.  When I got up to the check out, there was a woman in front of me who had just had all her groceries checked through and she had bagged them up.  When she handed the checker her debit card, no matter how many times he checked it, it was $27 short.  I saw her digging and finding no other way to pay.  She started to cry and was very embarrassed as the line started to build behind me and people were impatiently mumbling.

I knew most likely I barely had enough money to buy my groceries and no credit card, but I knew I had to help as the manager had been called from the back of the store.  I jumped in.  I said “I don’t believe there is a problem here.  This ladies’ groceries are completely paid and this card works fine.”  I handed the checker my card and his and the ladies mouth dropped.  People started mumbling behind me in shock.  It was $27 that I paid and I ended up having enough to pay for my groceries right behind her.    The manager finally got there and said “I understand we have a problem here.”  “The checker said, no there is no problem, this lady paid the bill.”  Don’t wait to give until you are rich or have a lot, look for a need and fill it.  You won’t be sorry. It will touch your heart like no money or gift can.  Be the gift.

Merry Christmas everybody.  Celebrate in a big way and make a difference all over.

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