by Lee Duigon

Why do we Americans just lie on our backs and take it when the Far Left and their pet nooze media dump their toxic “narrative” all over us? “Narrative,” by the way, doesn’t mean what the dictionary says it means. It has morphed into a euphemism for an endless stream of slimy lies spewed out by left-wing noozies.

The “narrative” tells us that America is a racist hell-hole consumed by “systemic racism.” That’s the thing they invented to take the place of real racism: imaginary problems are better than real problems because they can’t be solved and never go away. So America is Hell and it’s all white people’s fault, we’re all guilty, it’s in our DNA—and only Far Left wackos can bring us to utopia. Which they’ll do if we hand the country over to Democrats.

Nagging is supposed to make you feel guilty, wear you down till you surrender. But getting nagged, yelled at, called names, and blamed for things you didn’t do doesn’t make me feel guilty. It only makes me mad. But that’s okay with Democrats. They want us mad at each other.

By “us” I mean persons, unique individuals. But there’s no “You” in the leftist mind. “You” don’t exist as an individual. When they say “you,” they mean nothing more than a set of external and ultimately meaningless characteristics—like sex or skin color—that define you, that entitle you either to respect or abuse.

So they nag us. Today the Firefox search page bore this message: “Educating ourselves is how we can begin dismantling systemic racism.” Isn’t that clever, the way they just slip it in so that the reality of “systemic racism” is assumed, is a given? We don’t get a chance to debate it: it’s already there. This is a cheap rhetorical trick, beloved of liberals.

While the Left’s useful idiots and compulsive criminals riot in our streets, the social media, huge corporations, and Hollywood celebrities dump on our presumed racism—did you know we’re *all* “white supremacists”?—nag us, browbeat us, torture us with endless repetition, and demand our surrender. We’re wrong, we were born wrong, and we must all kneel and genuflect to “Black Lives Matter.”

By this they mean that “only black lives matter.” But not all black lives. Just left-wing black lives: everybody else is totally expendable.

You’ve got to hand it to them, though. The name is a stroke of genius. Who would dare oppose them? You’d be accused of thinking black lives don’t matter! This gaggle of Marxist, homosexualist, racialist creeps, abundantly funded by George Soros and his kind, gets credit for representing *all* black people. And idiot suburban liberals put up “Black Lives Matter” lawn signs. Makes ‘em feel virtuous.

Why are all those corporations backing a Marxist fringe group? Beats me!

And normal, decent, not-crazy people are not heard from. If you only had the media to go by, you might assume we don’t exist: that there’s nobody here in America but White Supremacists and self-anointed Freedom Fighters of assorted colors.

In addition to smearing the greatest country in the world as a devouring racist monster, “progressives” also hold out the illusion of eventual perfection—of paradise on earth, guaranteed free of racism, income inequality, war, illness, and everything else that makes the little snowflakes cry. Flagrantly imperfect human beings are going to construct for us a perfect world—but not until after they’ve torn down this imperfect world. This has always been the siren song of revolutionaries, and you know what happens to sailors who listen to the sirens: wrecked on the rocks and drowned. How many times are we going to fall for it?

America is not perfect. So what? Neither is anywhere else. It is not in human capacity to achieve perfection. That only comes when Jesus Christ returns.

But America is good enough so that half the world wants to come here, by hook or by crook. It is certainly not the house of horrors being sold to us by noozies and their stupid narrative.

Where’s the pushback? When are we going to stick up for ourselves?

Now, this minute, would be a good time to start.

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