When growing up in Cleveland during my first twelve years, life was mostly very good. As parents go, my Dad was simply the best.  He was a great teacher about life, our republic and good solid principles.  Dad was a firm believer in God almighty and how life is not fair, but thank God America is the land of the godly principle of equal opportunity.  Dad instructed me about the wisdom of the Founding Fathers who smartly set America onto the good path of being a blessed land of opportunity.  Dad, like the Founders understood that real equal opportunity negates the efforts of those who have sought to bring about unfairness, preplanned equal results and other statist nonsense.  Unfortunately, after my wonderful Dad passed away just a little more than two months after my twelfth birthday, I got an up close and personal view of what happens when good principles are either half way adhered to or thrown out altogether.

Almost immediately I witnessed a lessening of real principles regarding how the house was run and the exercise of discipline.  It was replaced by favoritism toward my older sisters and emotional based discipline that had nothing to do with proper correction, but rather centered around the practice of exercising a double standard.  As a result, the sacred home devolved into a sometimes rather cruel animal house where nothing I did was good enough and the slightest infractions or mistakes were treated like crimes of the lowest order.  Thank goodness that my Dad taught me well about the ups and downs of life and that no matter what with God’s help, if I stay focused I can circumvent the circumstances.   However as is often the case, there were those days when the pressure of the massive home based double standard took it’s toll on me and negatively impacted family relationships and unity.  Somehow in the eyes of the double standard family members, my good wasn’t good enough or ignored and they waited to pounce on real or imagined mistakes, often exaggerating alleged wrongdoings.

When I view the never ending politically motivated double standard wielded by politicians and media leftists, the double trouble it causes could potentially destroy our republic.  Operating on the practice of double standards is far more dangerous than not seeing eye to eye on a certain issue.  For example, many Americans disagree on the implementation of full blown socialism into the fabric of our society.  The negatives of socialism are self evident.  So, it simply comes down to whether those of us who do not want it will win the battle to maintain American prosperity via the free market.  But now the leftist politicians and their wicked media friends are in support of destroying our prosperity by any means available.  The reason being their vile hatred of the pro American president Donald J. Trump who favors national sovereignty over nation destroying globalism.

Right now, with the exception of the multi trillion dollar debt and deficits, the United States economy is strong, growing and is providing equal opportunities for Americans and legal immigrants to pursue.  But many leftists in government and the dragon media are not happy with Americans benefiting from prosperity, because it is happening during and because of the Trump administration.  The leftists know their policies cannot facilitate genuine prosperity.  But are hoping to convince the incurably ignorant masses to hate Trump enough to accept their mission to fundamentally transform America. There are more job openings than unemployed people for the first time in decades. But the double standard leftists and media maggots call Trump’s economy bad, while wishing to return the United States economy back to the lumbering downtrodden days of the dull Obama years.

The double standard leanings of the leftists are just as noticeable when it comes to other societal issues.  Leftists are always complaining about intolerance, whether it is involving physical confrontations or Israel.  Leftists say they denounce physical violence.  But yet Cloward/Piven inspired Antifa gang thug cowards gang up on physically weaker elderly people and non-threatening journalists and club them or throw hard objects at their heads.  The double standard operations of the political left in this republic are a clear and present danger to “We the people”.  If they do not cease from their wicked double standard ways, they may one day find themselves on the receiving end of an equal and opposite reaction.  Like Howard Beale shouted in the movie Network, people are becoming mad as hell and won’t take it anymore.  After all, we are endowed from our heavenly creator with the unalienable right of self protection.  The leftist double standard must go.    Join me on another addition of the Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 4:00 M EDT,  2:00 PM CT, 1:00 PM PT emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada and worldwide via www.americamatters.us.

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