by Lee Duigon

If the United States of America ever turns into a failed state, a socialist hell-hole that’s only another name on the map, nothing will have played a bigger part in its destruction than what we like to call our public education system.

We are literally educating our country to death.

This coming weekend there are expected to be “teacher” rallies in over 100 cities to protest several states’ legislation (that the teachers call “gag orders”) against the teaching of Critical Race Theory—the most overtly racist ideology in all the world. It “teaches” that all white people are born racists, all guilty, boo-hiss, they’ve gotta pay for this, etc., etc. Hate yourself, hate the other kids, hate your country… The teachers’ unions love it and don’t want to give it up.

The good news is that citizens and parents all over the country have mobbed school board meetings to demand an end to CRT indoctrination. The bad news is that our Far Left teacher unions are doubling down on it. Oh, wait: that’s not the bad news. The bad news is that millions of parents, for reasons I simply can’t imagine, continue to send their kids to public schools.

How bad are our public schools? How awful are our teachers’ unions? Let two examples, both from California, suffice.

An unidentified California teacher—yes, they’re keeping her identity a secret—recently had her students pledge allegiance to the “gay” flag. She took down the American flag and hid it somewhere. The school rule is that students are to pledge allegiance every afternoon—but suddenly there was no American flag to pledge allegiance to. No problem! The, uh, “teacher” had them pledge to the “gay” flag instead.

School officials (oh, brother) are “aware” of the situation and “taking action to address it.” What do you want to bet the teacher won’t be fired?

Meanwhile, Project Veritas has captured on video an Advanced Placement Government teacher at Inderkum High School crowing, “I have 180 days to turn them [his students] into revolutionaries”. He brags, “I have an Antifa flag on my [classroom] wall” and goes into a lengthy communist rant about how bad America is and needs to be overthrown and replaced by a communist regime, blah-blah. Students get extra credit for joining “protests.”

Why hasn’t he been fired? Why haven’t the nincompoops on the school board, who hired him in the first place, been forced to resign?

What good can come of “teaching” a whole generation of Americans that their country is not worthy of their loyalty?

Have we gone barking, howling, driveling mad? We pay a fortune for public education! In my town the cost of our four schools is more than the cost of all other municipal services and functions combined. The money is sucked up as taxes—and we have no say as to who gets to teach in those schools or what gets taught. All we do is pay. We have no ownership rights. But this is the case everywhere: just shut up and pay.

Public education is killing our country, and it has to stop. The only way to stop it is to remove our children from the schools, out of the clutches of the teachers’ unions. The COVID panic has practically doubled the number of homeschooling households in America, but we still have a long way to go. Honestly, if parents themselves can’t do a better job of educating their own children than the teachers’ unions do, they really ought to be ashamed of that.

There’s also Christian schooling to be considered. America needs more Christian schools.

If millions of children are removed from public education, the system will shrivel up and die. We can’t be asked to fork over $100,000 a year to some communist doofus to bloviate to a virtually empty classroom.

And if the teachers’ unions are driven to a well-deserved extinction, the whole Far Left Crazy enterprise will come tumbling down after them.

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