As 2018 wound down, our nation’s colleges and looniversities continued their campaign to bury our civilization under a mountain of idiocy.

At Penn State—where “Coach” Jerry Sandusky practiced pedophilia for umpteen years before they finally caught him in 2011—the resident sages are offering a new “initiative to doctoral students”—that is, Ph. D. candidates—to “examine relations between gender and agriculture,” at the end of which, these suckers—er, students—will become “gender fellows.”

What in tarnation is a “gender fellow”? Apparently it’s some kind of dabbler who will be “promoting gender equity in agriculture,” which will result in assorted panaceas to “alleviate global hunger and poverty.” Translation: search me. Like, are we gonna somehow produce more food if we can achieve “gender equity in agriculture”? It sounds more like, “Oh, well! Our crops went belly-up this year, but at least we managed gender equity!”

All this to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars a head in student debt—if we can even squeeze that much meaning out of this sopping mass of gobbledy-gook.

Meanwhile, does your child’s university have an “assistant vice chancellor of civil rights and Title IX”? If it does, your child’s university has too much money. That’s got to be another six-figure salary, plus lavish benefits and pension.

The University of Missouri has an assistant vice chancellor of civil rights and Title IX, and last week he stated, in a deposition that’s part of a lawsuit, that “mere physical size of a man could constitute a Title IX violation” if he asks a smaller woman for a date.

Title IX was originally intended to create equality between males’ and females’ sports programs at our public schools and colleges, but has since branched into several realms of fantasy. Here it’s being used to create an absolute, if totally imaginary, equality between males and females, students and staff alike, throughout the Bizarro world of public education.

As the assistant vice chancellor of civil rights and Title IX explained, if that’s the word for it, just being taller than the girl you ask for a date can turn the boy into “a person of authority”—as, for example, when a professor does a Harvey Weinstein act on one of his cowed, defenseless female students.

So the guy asked a girl for a date, he’s taller, and UMo decided that was a Title IX offense and suspected the male student for four years. That’s why he’s suing them.

“Taller” is bad, our educators say. But how about “smarter”? Would that be forbidden, too? People can be “unequal” in all sorts of ways, including some you’d never think of. Maybe only couples who are exactly alike in all respects should be allowed to date. Stay tuned—no telling what they’ll come up with next.

Liberalism, and those who practice it, seeks total control of every nuance of the human experience. In the sense that it aspires to create a world in which there is no inequality, no injustice, no disappointment of any kind, and to set up a government that will see to it that this utopia is achieved no matter what, liberalism is insane. Its stated goals are preposterous. They’re always trying to create a heaven on earth. That’s when the bodies start piling up. That’s when the barbed wire starts to overrun the landscape like kudzu. That’s when the people start eating the zoo animals because socialism can’t feed them. You know—like they do in Venezuela.

What we persist in calling “higher education” is a culture-killer, promoting folly and inanity as the solutions to life’s problems. And it costs us a fortune.

Really, this has to stop. We really must cut off all public funding to the universities and force them to sink or swim in the free market. The institutions that deserve to survive, because they deliver a decent educational product, will swim. The rest of them will sink—and good riddance to them.

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