By Cliff Bentz

I am a third generation Oregonian, rancher, farmer and businessman, and I believe that I can help improve the lives of my fellow Oregonians as their congressman from Oregon’s Second Congressional District.

I was raised on a cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon and realized at an early age that if our ranching business was going to grow, it needed someone who knew the law and knew politics.  With this in mind, I went to college and then to law school, where I focused on natural resources law, tax, and real estate.I returned to eastern Oregon and joined the law firm of Anthony Yturri (former state senator) in the small town of Ontario.  As a young lawyer I learned how to be a trial and business lawyer, representing farmers and ranchers all across CD2.  I practiced law— with a focus on water, real estate, and business organization for 30 years.  I learned a lot about the state legislature and Congress from the many Republican politicians who stopped by to visit the office as they toured Oregon.

I met my wife, a veterinarian, when she came to Ontario to practice veterinary medicine.  We have been married for 33 years and have two wonderful children.

I was appointed to the Oregon Water Resource Commission, where I served for eight years, elected to the Ontario 8C school district where I served for three years, and in 2008, I was appointed to the Oregon state legislature, where I served 10 years in the House and 2 years in the Senate.  I was and will remain a strong and reliable advocate for rural Oregonians and the state’s farmers, ranchers, and forest land owners.

As I have traveled CD2 running for Congress, I am often asked the following questions:

Q1: What issues do you plan to address head on in D.C.?

  • Wildfire recovery is critical for CD 2. This year Jackson County saw the destruction of nearly 2500 homes, and Klamath County residents have seen significant fire damage.  Communities need assistance, now, if they are to rebuild following these devastating natural disasters.
  • Oregon’s Forest management needs to change, now, if the residents and forests of CD 2 are to be protected.  I will be an advocate for the immediate improvement of forest management.
  • Water is the lifeblood for everyone in CD2.  Water availability and storage is certainty something I will focus upon in Washington D.C.
  • Housing, the cost of health care and health insurance, school choice, school loan debt, child care, social security, and addressing the challenge of homelessness continue to be difficult problems across all of CD2. I will make sure that these issues are also addressed.

Q2: What is top of mind for your constituents today?

  • As I have traveled the twenty counties in CD2, I have heard about wildfires, water, COVID-19 illness, health care costs, reopening K-12 schools and protecting social security and Medicare, to name a few of the many issues people are worried about.

Q3: What committees do you hope to serve on?

  • House Natural Resources Committee
  • House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
  • House Agriculture Committee
  • House Judiciary Committee

Q4: How will you remain connected with the district during those long periods in DC?

  • I plan to travel back and forth between CD2 and Capitol Hill frequently.  I will spend time all across the district listening and reporting to CD2 residents about what is going on in Washington DC.  I also will emphasize use of social media and will have team members in various areas of the District visible and available.  “Zoom” is an option that allows for more participation in the process, which I hope to use more frequently, along with all other means of communication that we may find available. (Such as News with Views!)

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