By Frosty Wooldridge

Last Thursday, April 23, 2020, I wrote a column titled:  An Even Greater Threat Looming Beyond Coronavirus Pandemic.  It chronicled the risk of America being overrun, overwhelmed and besieged with legal immigrants to the tune of adding another 100 million, net gain, by 2050—a scant 30 years from now.  It pointed out the consequences to our country and our civilization.

Included in the column were two videos, the first showed how the third world adds 83 million new babies, net gain, annually.   The second video showed what America would face with an added 100 million immigrants-refugees by 2050 and 625 million by 2095 at current immigration levels.  If you were one of the people who wrote a letter protesting my column, did you watch both videos?  Were you not stunned?  Do you want that kind of a future for your children?

Irate emails by readers ensued that assumed that I advocate “population control.”   Let’s make this 100 percent and crystal clear: I have NEVER supported or advocated  for “population control”, ever!  I have never supported abortion, EVER!  You cannot find nor will you find anything I’ve ever written in 50 years supporting the taking of innocent life via abortion.

Please be advised that I attend church every Sunday for most of my life.  At this point, my wife and I watch church services through audio/visual video from our church.  I pray daily, in fact, twice daily.  I pray for health for all and a better world.  I am also the son of a United States Marine and I served as an officer in the United States Army. I have never done anything to embarrass my parents, ever.  I love America to the last cell in my body.  I stand for America and you with every commentary I write.  I hope for a viable and sustainable future for every legal American citizen whether black, white, brown, yellow, red and otherwise.  I have read and support the United States Constitution. I vote in every election. I give my money to over 20 different charities.  I do charity work. I have picked up over 1 million pieces of trash in my lifetime because I care about this planet.  I’ve attempted to mandate a national 25 cent deposit-return law for metals, plastics, glass and other containers to preserve our resources and the landscape. I push for alternative energy.  I am sick of what we’ve done to the oceans with 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating and sunk under the waves, worldwide.

The fact is:  since Earth Day 1970 when humans hit 3.5 billion, American women via birth control by the pill or IUD or Norplant have averaged 2.03 children per woman.  That’s by intelligent choice. We maintain a stable and sustainable population.  At the same time, the third world women birthed an added 4.1 billion people to reach 7.6 billion—totally being irresponsible to themselves, their children and the planet. Over 4 million children starve to death annually according to the United Nations. Another 8 million adults starve to death!

What do I stand for?  I advocate for “controlling immigration” by stopping it for 20 years in order for our country to regain itself.  If you watched the first video by Roy Beck, you realize that the third world will not stop having babies, and will add another 3 billion by 2050, and that those babies are starving, illiterate and/or looking for a new country to land.  If you didn’t watch the video, watch it now: Immigration, Gumballs, Poverty by Roy Beck (five minutes)

That video is why I advocate for “controlling immigration” into America.  Because if we fail to control immigration into our country, we WILL lose our country to a very overwhelmed, nasty and conflicted future.  Again, do you want that for your kids?   Because I guarantee you, as a six continent world bicycle traveler, I’ve seen what happened in China, India, Pakistan, Mexico, South America, Bangladesh, Africa and other overpopulated countries-continents.

If you’re going to write letters to the publisher good or bad, write them to me, too—so I can give you the facts.  I love America, I love you as an American and I love what America can provide for your children, IF we survive the immigration invasion by stopping it.

As a man who has seen the consequences of overpopulation firsthand in my world travels, I can state emphatically:  we’re not going to survive another 100 million immigrants and their offspring.  Because this video shows what it will look like:  Immigration off the Charts by Roy Beck: (9 minutes)

If this video doesn’t sober you, I don’t know what else I can do to spell it out for you.

For every person who reads this commentary, please know that I bring the facts, I bring my world experiences, and I bring you wisdom of my 73 years of unique world bicycle travel, unlike anyone you’ve ever read across this country.  I graduated from Michigan State University in journalism, thus, I learned how to research and write at the professional level. Unlike the “fake news” you receive from highly paid journalists who keep Americans in the dark as to our immigration predicament, the fact remains that I don’t get paid a dime for my work or all the research and time it takes to write thousands of columns. I write to educate and inform you because I love my country, your country, our country—and the future of your children.

In the end, what do you think about adding another 100 million immigrants to America? Do you think it will benefit your children? Will doubling the size of our 35 most populated cities because of the immigrants’ onslaught make those cities more viable, sustainable, livable, enjoyable, brimming with fresh air, un-congested highways, and quality of life overflowing?  Will that next 100 million people allows us plenty of water, energy and resources?  Can you speak up as to all the good things those immigrants are going to bring to America?  If you do, would you like me to write a series of columns celebrating the wonders of another 100 million immigrants?

If you have time, write a bunch of “thank you” letters so that I know that someone in America actually appreciates my work.  Thank you and God bless America and you.  And, we should make it through this Coronavirus, but do you think we will survive another 100,000,000 (million) immigrants?

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