By Lex Greene

September 9, 2022

We are so far past enough is enough, that it’s ridiculous! What was once a somewhat pro-America political party many decades ago, has become nothing more than a totally corrupt anti-American death cult today. Unless Americans wake up to this fact and deal with it immediately, it threatens the very existence of our country!

STOP the “uniparty” crapola! Of course, the two primary political parties work in concert against our country today. They both represent wealthy self-absorbed self-serving corrupt career politicians, most of whom couldn’t care less about the American people. What did you think would become of both parties when decent people left?

Yeah, both primary parties suck, which is why our country sucks today! That’s what happens when good people take their football and go home, leaving their political team to corrupt tyrants, as if they can do anything divided!

But there is no getting around the most obvious reality today, after the utter destruction of everything since January 2021…unveiled Nazi-like threats of government force against Citizens, and the growing hate-filled lies against more than half of our fellow countrymen from the ignorant mouth of the most fraudulent and destructive occupant of the Oval Office in U.S. history, Pedo Joe.

We are way past stupid in this country right now. The most violent, bankrupt, and deadly cities in the USA are all run by democrats and have been for years. But idiots continue to re-elect them over and over again, no matter how much these cities dive into disastrous conditions year after year.

Today’s Democrat Party is nothing more than a totally destructive death cult and it needs to be eliminated, because it can never be reformed into a pro-American organization.

Face it! Any person, male or female, who will cast a ballot on the basis of some insane bogus right to kill their own children, should never be trusted with anything, especially a right to vote, that will determine the future of this nation! These mental and moral misfits cannot be trusted with any decisions!


  • Democrats oppose even the most fundamental natural right to LIFE itself. They demand a right to kill instead.
  • Democrats are responsible for putting violent felons back on the streets to rape and murder over and over again.
  • Nearly every “mass-shooter” in history has been a socialist leaning democrat.
  • Democrats start wars all over the world, seven countries under Obama and three now under Biden.
  • Democrats support dismembering humans, even children, via insane “sex change” mutilation.
  • Democrats even support altering human DNA against your will, via fraudulent maniacal science, which they fraudulently call “vaccines.”
  • Democrats create and promote violent racism constantly.
  • Democrats destroy economies, all necessary supply chains, and all basic human rights. They also destroy civil rights and civil liberties.
  • And Democrats destroy entire cities, to seize total control of the states.

There is absolutely nothing good, decent, honorable, moral, or ethical about today’s democrats and they are beyond the ability to reform.

We all know it, yet we all allow it to continue!

There are only three reasons why they hold any political power in this country at all today…

  1. A dumbed down and government dependent electorate
  2. They buy every vote with gifts from the taxpayer’s treasury
  3. And they have perfected the art of stealing elections

If not for these three factors, the democrat party wouldn’t even exist anymore in America. It has become so entirely destructive of this country that no decent person in their right mind could ever cast a single ballot for a democrat, anywhere in the country.

Still, here we are, on the brink of extinction or a second revolutionary war, the nation being driven into total madness and destruction, by people who can’t even tell if they are male or female and hate everything America ever was, or was ever intended to be.

If we are not at “enough is enough” yet, we never will be, and that is the end of the greatest free nation ever known in human history!

No more leftist lies, no more biting our tongues, no more going along to get along. I will use my very last breath, last penny, or if need be, last round fighting for good, decency, honor, freedom, liberty, justice, and a peaceful nation worth raising our next generations in…and I don’t care what color, ethnicity, gender, or orientation you are.

You are either American or not American! Time to choose!

If you won’t, then you my friend, are part of the problem. It simply is not possible to save this country so long as today’s global Marxist democrat party is allowed to exist. I am 100% in favor of freedom of elections and political affiliations, so long as they are lawful and not corrupted. But the Democrat Party is entirely unlawful, unconstitutional, immoral, unethical, and anti-American now.

To all past democrat voters, your party is no longer American. You have an opportunity this year to wake up to the many lies you have been fed by democrat politicians, the democrat controlled media and social media, and the democrat run entertainment business. This may be your last chance.

To all so-called “independents,” those who left the game for independent status, get back in the game. We agree, there is much to be reformed and cleaned up in today’s republican party. It’s salvageable, but will never happen unless WE make it happen, together. Quitters NEVER win anything.

To those who have not voted in years, if you care about this country and the future for your children and grandchildren, now is the time to rejoin the fight for freedom, liberty, decency, and justice.

May God Bless this country and lead us out of the darkness that democrats have led this country into!

© 2022 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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