By Lex Greene

October 5, 2022

“…to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…” U.S. Declaration of Independence

The United States of America is the direct result of people from all over the world escaping government tyranny in search of individual freedom and liberty. As has always been the case throughout human history, almost nothing on earth is more costly than freedom and liberty. It comes at the price of blood and treasure and has cost millions around the globe their lives.

There is only one thing more costly…freedom once lost, is never regained.

Yet like all free societies, in time, generations will emerge who no longer know or appreciate the true value of freedom. Democracies have failed throughout history simply because it only takes a few generations living in the benefits of freedom and liberty, who know nothing about what it takes to be free, to trade their freedom for something they mistakenly perceive to be far more valuable, “free stuff.”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” U.S. Declaration of Independence

Freedom is equality… equality is freedom

Free market capitalism is “financial freedom,” a Right of self-determination. Foundationally, “equality” is based upon freedom and liberty, the inalienable Right to “equal opportunity” to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of independent individual Happiness, for all. In order for any human being to possess these Rights, all must possess them. The same goes for “equal application of the Law.”

Equality is the ability of every person to define, seek, overcome, and achieve their own happiness, without interference from others.

But “Equity” is something quite different

Foundationally, “equity” is the complete opposite of equality and freedom. While equality is based on individual freedom, equity is based upon government tyranny, the power of government to “take from one according to their ability; and give to another, based on how that best serves government.” It’s rooted in the teachings of Socialist Karl Marx.

When politicians speak of “equity,” they are referring to their desire to rob from Middle Class taxpayers, using those resources to buy more votes from the so-called “underachievers,” or “non-producers,” also known as, trained terminal government dependents, or self-imposed victims.

Equity requires The People to surrender their individual freedom and liberty to an all-powerful government, granting government the authority to decide “who deserves” the fruits of your labors, your Rights, your liberties, and your freedom, through “free stuff” used to bribe voters at election time, with gifts from the taxpayer’s treasury.

In short, equity requires tyranny

Tyranny is defined as, “Arbitrary or despotic exercise of power; the exercise of power over subjects and others with a rigor not authorized by law or justice, or not requisite for the purposes of government. Hence, tyranny is often synonymous with cruelty and oppression.”

By “equity,” politicians mean, “equal results for unequal effort.”

Every time someone votes for “equity,” they are voting for “tyranny.” Because “equity” can only exist by taking the freedom, liberty, and earnings of one, for benefit of another, government tyranny is necessary to achieve that goal.

Yet again, for any human being to possess freedom, all must possess freedom. All forms of totalitarianism have failed repeatedly throughout history, for only two simple reasons.

  1. You can only take from others against their will, until they will no longer allow it.
  2. Once you make hard work and sacrifice worthless, the system collapses. People only work and sacrifice to gain fruits from their efforts. Once they can no longer get ahead through their own labor, they will no longer labor. There is nothing left to take from others, everyone is destitute, including government.

The USA is by far the most ethnically diverse country in the world. There are literally millions of real examples of people starting with nothing and making something of themselves, all ethnic groups, all ages, all genders in the USA. It’s insane to even suggest that “equality” and “freedom” don’t work. These foundations once made the USA the most prosperous and powerful nation ever known to mankind. There are also many examples of people born with a silver spoon in their mouth, squandering their blessing and ending up broke and in trouble. Hunter Biden comes to mind…

Still, the promise of “equity” appeals to many who have chosen not to use their own freedom to prosper, to not make something of themselves. That choice leads them to seek the fruits of your labor, “equity” through government tyranny. They won’t even work hard enough to come rob you themselves. Instead, they elect government officials who will rob you on their behalf, all in the name of “equity.”

Just as “equality” is “freedom” – “equity” is “tyranny.”

The mistake the equity seekers make is this…they are totally myopic in their belief structure. They think that the tyranny they vote for will only apply to you, those they seek to rob for their own benefit.

They do not realize that in the end of their pursuit for equity, it is they who will end up in a shallow grave. If the people they are robbing don’t put them there, eventually, the government they elected will.

You see, governments have no use for non-producers. Non-producers can’t contribute anything, and in the end, are merely a drain on the system. Since politicians seldom fail to serve themselves above all others, sooner or later, non-producers become an “intolerable and unsustainable liability.”

Governments survive on revenue and non-producers bring nothing to the party, just seeking to eat all your food and drink all your wine. They’re like the worst kind of party guests. Leaches who will suck you dry, if you let them, and even though many citizens might let them, eventually, the tyrants they elect, won’t.

History has proven this over and over again, from Mao to Stalin, Hitler to Lenin. Even as I write, countries all over the globe are tearing down their socialist and communist governments and electing “conservative” leaders to take them out of the poverty caused by greedy governments who have robbed them blind for decades.

This world and especially this country, are built by givers, not takers. Equality brings freedom for all. Equity brings tyranny for everyone. It’s just that simple.

But there are those who will never change, as they are takers and will never become givers. There is nothing we can do to save those who refuse to save themselves.

But we can, and we must, prevent the takers from destroying every giver in this world. Once all givers are destroyed, there is nothing to give and nothing to take. That’s when the socialist GLOBAL RESET will be in full force and effect, as only the 1% ruling class elites will have anything, and if you think they will share with you…you haven’t been paying attention!

Freedom and equality are good for everyone. Equity in the end, is only good for the 1% ruling class elites,’ thieves and carpetbaggers, the top dog democrats in the USA and their cohorts at the WEF, UN, IMF, NATO and WHO.

Good and evil both exist on earth. Just as money can be used for good or evil, and guns can be used to kill innocents, or save innocents, so too, can people be used for either good or evil.

All tyrannical governments around the world have promised their citizens “equity,” not equality…and all have provided their citizens an equal depth of poverty, causing those governments to become ever more brutal to the people they keep under boot.

Americans hypnotized by the “equity” scam, are being bribed and used for evil. All good men seek nothing more than Equality and Freedom, and demand nothing less.

© 2022 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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