By JB Williams

I wonder if the young voters seeking “free stuff” have figured out what they have done to themselves and everyone else yet? I wonder if they know that they were “essential” to their Marxist politicians gaining unbridled power, but are now “non-essential?” In mere minutes, you went from essential before the election to expendable afterwards. WAKE UP!

A review of socialist and communist history around the globe will certainly clarify who is essential and who isn’t, under any socialist or communist regime. Democratic socialism sounds great, when the focus is only upon on all the new gifts you might receive from the public feeding trough. Seems like a good reason to place socialist and communist tyrants in power, so long as they will only rob from others, to satisfy your desire for the “free stuff” you didn’t earn.

In their quest for unbridled political power, the useful idiot (voter) is essential to the socialists and communists seeking that power. But how essential is the useful idiot once the tyrannical regime has gained that almighty power?

The same socialists (communists) who taught the useful idiot to separate human beings into “essential” and “non-essential” categories, will now decide just how essential the useful idiot is after the elections. The same socialists, who taught useful idiots that the lives of “criminals” are essential, but the lives of police officers and even unborn babies are non-essential, will now pass that same judgment on the very fools who put them in power. You won’t like their definition of “essential” this time…

In any socialist or communist state, the “taxpayer” is essential. In order for the state and the tyrants in power to survive, they must be able to take from all who have. They must have “winners” in life who have earned, so that they can take from them, the resources they need to remain in power. These members of society, “the givers”, are essential members of society, without whom, the state could not exist.

“The takers” however, those who contribute nothing to society or to the rulers they just elected, because they have nothing to contribute, suddenly become “non-essential” to society. “Givers” become not only essential, but downright necessary. But the “takers,” are a mere liability, a drain on the socialist system.

You see, socialists and communists are all about taking from the givers (earners, taxpayers) in society. That’s the means by which they enrich and empower themselves, entering political offices broke, to become multi-millionaires soon after. But they are not about giving to the takers in society at all, despite their flowery speeches during the campaign for power.

Oh sure, that was the promise, the bag of “free stuff” they told you they would give you, in return for selling them your vote for mere scraps from their table. – and they will toss a few scraps your way for a little while, to keep you content and quiet while they reset the table – and then… Now in unbridled power and able to change election laws to never need your vote again, you are non-essential in their world.

Even worse than non-essential, you’re a problem. While they appreciate your assistance in their quest for power, your usefulness ended the minute they were elected. Some, the BLM and ANTIFA folks currently threatening to burn D.C. to the ground, seem to have figured this out already.

But what about the average young stooge who was Pavlov trained to hate freedom, liberty, and real justice in K-12 and especially on the college campus? – Those taught to hate and “cancel” everyone who isn’t just like them? – Those who were taught that pride and reverence for our country and our flag are acts of sedition and white supremacy? Have they figured it out yet?

Have they figured out that they were Pavlov trained to hate every freedom and liberty they once had, and everyone who is fighting for them? Have they figured out that “racism” is only alive in the USA today, because the ruling political class must keep it alive, as a tool to divide and conquer the people? Have they figured out that hating and canceling the “haves” means they will forever be “have-nots?”

No, I doubt that many of these formally trained useful idiots have figured any of this out yet. That’s because, worse than knowing literally nothing about any of this today, they were also trained to reject all truths without consideration. Not only are they horrifically uneducated…they are also well-trained to be almost entirely unteachable. It’s not possible to teach anyone who refuses to learn.

The Constitutional Republic we had before the 2020 election was designed to protect any minority from any majority, by absolute protection in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But the young were trained to hate this too.

Today, the USA is no longer a Constitutional Republic with absolute protections for every American citizen, no matter race, creed, or color. Now we are a tyrannical socialist state governed not by laws, but by rulers who claimed that power by the most criminally corrupt election process in U.S. history, and the young people unwittingly helped them do it.

Not a single American has any constitutional protections of Life, Liberty or Happiness today. That was all sold in exchange for promises of free gifts from the public trough. Most don’t know it yet, but as soon as the Biden regime completes their mission of purging all dissenters from the Military, National Security Agencies, the Department of Justice and the FBI, the hammer will drop.

Get real…dementia Joe and slept-her-way up to power Harris, are not running anything, not even the teleprompter. They are empty vessels, mere placeholders for the global socialists and communists actually running our country now, from behind the scenes.

A long time ago, I wrote in a column that I was growing increasingly concerned that our citizens were rapidly rushing towards the moment in history when they would simply be “too stupid” to remain free. 2020 marks that moment in history… unless we do something to reverse course. So far, most are not even aware of the problem! YOU are the future taxpayers who will have to pay dearly for your future “free stuff” for others.

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