By Ron Edwards

At onetime in the United States of America black Americans were actual victims of others, “primarily Democrats” who thought they should be oppressed.  For many years, most Democrats actively sought to violently, as they used to say, keeps blacks in their place.  First through slavery, blacks in the United States were on average treated much worse than the animals on the plantations where they toiled.  In many cases the horrendously treated black slaves worked harder and longer than plowing mules and horses.  Even the bonds of matrimony among slaves was not appreciated nor respected by cruel masters, whom themselves were usually married.  They would quite often force married overworked slave women to provide them sexual gratification.  Of course. this was just as hard on the husbands who were out manned and possessed no firearms to protect their victimized wives.  Such regular occurring brutality was enough to literally drive the hapless slave husbands out of their minds.

After slavery was the advent of continued brutality. Of course, Democrats continued their physically cruel ways after slavery.  If a black man operated a business than was successful and provided a decent living for him and his family, that was not allowed.  Quite often roaming bands of angry democrat men would descend upon black businesses and would burn them to a crisp.  Of course, there was not much in the area of recourse for black victims of cruel racist democrats.  The majority of democrat dominated governments, both local and statewide threw the Bill of Rights to the curb when it came to black Americans, even well after slavery.  They conjured up laws that prevented blacks from owning and bearing arms for the protection of themselves, their families and, or property.   Unfortunately, those democrats who felt they were better than black citizens and had the temerity to act on those false beliefs were willing to even murder other white people who did not agree with their racist views.

In time, by the late 1970s, it was no longer a common practice to physically oppress black Americans.  Unfortunately, Democrats have been politically in league with those ranging from Eugenicist Margaret Sanger to according to some sources, fellow Eugenicist, Dr. Anthony Fauci: Globalist snake oil salesman. He has been working with Welcome Trust & the Pilbright Institute (UK) Coronavirus Patent holder. That could be why Dr. Fauci has opposed the use of hydroxychloroquine.

But I digress. It is true, black Americans were abused by democrats through slavery, Jim Crow, bigotry, racism, Lynching, eugenics inspired abortion, negative media portrayal, and even knocking the black man out of his position of authority, with the help of some black females, and evil indoctrination via government schools.  But how long does either an individual or a society of people allow themselves to be the victims of their oppressors?

Slavery ended in 1865 and by the 1970s, the vestiges of the Jim Crow era were both legislated against and later died away almost completely. Certainly, there are still many leftist/racists, but so damn what. Not everyone is going to like or appreciate everyone else walking the earth. Both the Chinese and most Spanish speakers hate black people with a hot passion, but again so what!  They shall reap the rewards of their hatred. My Dad once told me that 90 percent of the problems that ill effect an individual are directly or indirectly caused by her or himself. In the United States before and after the Coronachinavirus, unless there are hard economic times such as during the Ali Obama years and now being forced upon us by the pandemic producers, there are few excuses for total failure. God created and formed us all to be free moral agents. He allows us to choose life and success through both our words and actions. Conversely, we also have the ability, if we so choose to travel the road of death and failure.

A person’s attitude and personal choices have a much greater impact upon how far one will go in life than those who wish you ill will.  If you choose the road of wisdom, seeing the glass as full, Providential guidance and action, there is no stopping you.  If life is hard, fight hard and the odds will soon or eventually turn in your favor.  Frederick Douglas overcame slavery and achieved a high degree of success, years before slavery ended.  He ended up wealthier than the mean masters that once physically abused him and indoctrinated him against the truth concerning our Bill of Rights, the Constitution and even God’s will for black people.  Frederick Douglas refused to spend his life blaming others for his troubles, especially after he obtained his freedom to live and work for his own sake.  He did his own due diligence and researched the Bible, the Bill or Rights and the Constitution and discovered that those mangey democrats who owned him, lied about God, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Because Frederick Douglas desired to do good, he sought the truth and once he found it, he used it as a catapult to launch him in the correct, God inspired direction he should take.  Frederick Douglas became a bulwark against the demonic democrats who wanted to oppress his fellow black American citizens, both before and long after slavery.  He could have turned out to be the bitter self-defeating losers the democrats hoped he and all blacks would always be.  But Douglas learned that God called for much more than that for his life.  In my humble opinion, the life of Frederick Douglas proves beyond a reasonable doubt that “We the People” have no need to sit around and blame someone else.  It is not profitable in any way shape or form.  If more Americans understood that truth alone, our republic would be far greater than it already is.  I believe our best days are still ahead, if we will stand and fight for such a vision for our republic.  The blame game is a self-defeating enterprise for losers. Choose a life of winning.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Sometime you cannot blame someone else.  Don’t miss The Ron Edwards Experience talk show every Friday at 4:00 PM EDT, 1:00 PM PT emanating from flagship station AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nevada and everywhere else via   My website is currently being redesigned and will be operational next week.

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