The old adage “ninety percent of all the problems one faces is their own fault” could easily be applied to many sovereign citizens of the United States of America.  For this is a nation uniquely conceived by the founding fathers, where the rights of the individual was to be paramount.  On the other hand, the power of the federal government was to be contained within the framework of the Constitution.

In the past, American students were taught about the United States Constitution and the amendments.  Most parents used to instruct their children about right and wrong.  Of course, they encouraged their offspring to live according to a high moral standard.  Believe it or not, most private and even government schools reflected the values of those parents who worked to provide an environment in which their children could achieve greater success than they did.

Unfortunately, the stability of decent government schools unraveled and the malicious dumbing down of students and continues unto this very day.  The numerous problems caused by government schools could have been avoided, if only the sovereign parents of several decades ago stood up and insisted that government stay out of the business of educating students.

Some parents, preachers, commentators and others will complain about America’s terrible government schools.  Unfortunately, far too many people doing the complaining are themselves awash in a sea of ignorance and timidity.  Therefore, they are utterly useless in the effort to build the needed wall of separation between education and state.   Of course, government schools are not the only avoidable problem eroding away the greatness of our republic.

It was Jesus Christ who said “the poor will always be with you.”  When I first read that scripture, I wondered why in the United States should that be so?  After all, America is the land of opportunity, or it will soon be again.  But wait a minute, generations of Americans sat idly by and allowed the government to gradually take away the ability of people to start their own businesses.  Government policies and unreasonable taxation has prevented most Americans from being competitive in the market place.  Another government induced crimp in in the overall economic strength of the United States is the U.S. dollar still removed from the gold standard.  As a result, the value of the dollar is tied to the whims of the Federal Reserve crooks.

When one throws in other liberty inhibiting quagmires like the Internal Revenue Service, the rob Peter to pay Paul welfare state, a government school system that is designed not to prepare most American students to compete in the market place, it is not difficult to believe the before mentioned prophecy of Jesus.

So now because of so many government misdeeds, the American family is in jeopardy.  In the black American community, most households are run by one parent.  For many decades, black females were taught and accepted the premise that they do not need a man.  So today in 70 percent of black American households, fathers are not around.  I believe God designed the family to consist of Father, Mother, children and the family dog.  My Dad used to tell me that a nation is only as strong as her families.

In the white American community, liberal drivel is increasingly demolishing family cohesiveness there as well.  Unfortunately, out of wedlock baby births in the white community has reached over thirty percent.  In the late nineteen sixties,  Senator Hubert Humphrey warned that if the out of wedlock baby percentage ever eclipsed thirty percent, that would lead to the unraveling of the social and economic cohesiveness of black families.  Now that the larger white population has reached that level, it is frightening when one thinks of how bad things could go for our republic, if the out of wedlock baby birth rate has the same negative impact on the general white population as it did on the black community. Now in many cases where both parents are present, American children are denied full time parenting. The reason being is in many cases, both parents must work outside of the home because of either high taxes, or the decreasing spending power of the American (fiat) dollar.

Today when it comes to raising children, good parents seem to no longer have authority over their young ones.  The Bible says to train up a child in the way that he should go.  It also states that the parent who loves their child will use the rod of correction, when needed.  (Not to abuse) But States like Utah now persecute parents that spank their children.  Such unconstitutional encroachments have developed into a negative two-edged sword.  In one way, it has produced a generation of children that has no real conscience concerning what is wrong or immoral.  The other is a growing population of Americans who are accepting nanny goat government meddling in the affairs of what should be the primary domain of sovereign morally sound American parents.

Many Americans now seem to pride themselves on being victims when it fits their leftist political goals or to further the effort to turn our republic into a Venezuelan or globalist hell hole.   Some black Americans run around saying that they are victims of slavery, or that slavery still exists.  Feminist females yell about experiencing sexism and how they cannot succeed in a male dominated society.  Yet females own the majority of small businesses in America and are even taking over the sports broadcasting industry on air positions.  If you watched ESPN lately, you would know I am not exaggerating.  Females in America have it better than almost all females throughout the world.  Even government school education is designed to promote females and demote the role of males in society.  Yet the onslaught of excuses continues, while real solutions are shunned and called bigoted.

That is why in certain circles, there is a vicious hatred of president Trump.  He is about real solutions to problems plaguing our America.  As time passes I believe that we who appreciate the good aspects about our republic will soon begin to see a breaking of the strongholds of the excuse class that is helping to try and destroy what is left of our great nation.  As that occurs, real solutions will increasingly take hold, whether the leftists and their excuse mongers like it or not.  The bottom line dear reader is, America will overcome excuses and through solutions be greater than ever.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Join me on a daily page from The Edwards Notebook  7:30 AM PT, 10:30 AM EST on AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, or

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