by Laurie Roth

It seems almost like forever that we have seen and endured the released bio weapon of COVID 19 on the world.  Only a few years ago now, the CDCs and Fauci’s of the world started feeding the masses propaganda of the deadly force of this virus.  The umbrella of deception, distraction and universal mask controls dropped on us everywhere.

It wasn’t enough however to mask the world and deny them of the much needed 20% of their oxygen.  Instead, whole economies and businesses shut down.  America came to a costly stand still and we may never know the number of bankruptcies and destruction this has caused.

Fauci knew all about this virus alright and the agenda behind its release.  He was linked with giving the Wuhan lab in China millions of dollars to research Covid viruses and to do ‘gain of function’ research, which explores ways to hurt humans. It was exploring ways of it becoming a bio weapon.

In the initial roll out of all this was Trump

Trump was advised toward the end of his first 4 years as President about the alleged danger of Covid 19 and the need to shut down. He followed the guidance of the medical and scientific community and I believe was trying to do the right thing and protect Americans from what he thought was a disaster in the making.

Since President Trump proved to be a man of his word and action his first 4 years and a patriot who wanted to protect and serve us, I give him grace for not knowing all there was to know at the initial stages of the vaccine releases and Covid 19.  He now knows.

As things unfolded and experimental vaccines were pushed out on the public, Trump’s first 4 years came to an end.  After the fraudulent and criminal Presidential election, we see fake Joe Biden at the helm (for a short time) pushing even more for all to take the dangerous and experimental vaccines.  Now he is talking about going door to door and put massive pressure on people to take the vaccines.  He already tried bribery, offering freebies, pizza, gas, entertainment and God knows what else to take the vaccine.  Gullible and stupid Americans took the vaccines for the free beer and goodies.  Other Americans are getting to the truth about Covid 19 and the real danger unfolding about the vaccines. They have no interest in taking them.  I am one of millions who will never take a vaccine that I believe will soon violate me.

I am one of those who believes that Covid 19 is simply a bad flu bug that yes has killed some but not many compared to the deaths associated with influenzas and many other flues, it only Has a 1% mortality rate

The truth is, most of the people who have gotten Covid 19 have recovered just fine, including myself and my Husband. My experience was that it was like a flu and was finished in about a week.  People with pre-existing conditions have a larger challenge with it but they would also with any other type of virus or disease that struck them.

States are coming back into action and some don’t even require the stupid mask anymore.  As it is now, 16 states don’t require them, yet faux president Biden is pushing his plan to go door to door and pressure all to get the vaccines

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and many others who have studied the vaccines in depth have concluded that they are dangerous, even deadly to take.  A growing number of scientists and Doctors are screaming not to take them.  As usual, when you buck the system, especially, the Bill Gates loving depopulation plan, you get viciously attacked.  I reckon in times like these that if you aren’t getting attacked for speaking the truth, you are most likely missing the mark somewhere.

The mortality rate of getting Covid 19 is close to 1%.  So, if a 1000 people get it there would allegedly be 10 deaths.

The real stats hardly reflect a real pandemic and worldwide emergency, yet depopulation whores have jumped on this and are using it as a controlling weapon in their evil play book.

The last thing that we need is to take, dangerous, experimental vaccines for a flu that is only killing 1% who get it.

Folks, you are being controlled, compromised and potentially being put in real danger.  I have made a decision.  I hope your freedom loving Americans join me.  Don’t wear a mask. They don’t always work the way you think and don’t always stop a germ from going right through.  They also can cause you to lose needed oxygen. Don’t take any vaccines and don’t allow yourself to be controlled by anyone accept God.

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