By Cliff Kincaid
A recent event on the “Cosmic Right,” exploring “The Overlap Between Psychedelics and Varieties of Right-Wing Politics,” helps people understand more clearly the politics of the pro-Trump QAnon Shaman who trespassed in the Capitol on January 6. The so-called “right-wing” has gone New Age. This is not conservatism. It is Steve Bannonism.

A description of the “Cosmic Right” event went as follows: “It has been argued that psychedelic experiences will automatically make you more liberal, open-minded, tolerant, progressive and environmentally friendly. But the historical evidence suggests otherwise – in fact, psychedelics have in the past been embraced by conservative, traditionalist and patriarchal cultures…More recently, the ‘Qanon shaman’ who became the poster-boy for the Capitol Hill insurrection has proved that psychedelics do not necessarily make you liberal or immune to authoritarian and anti-democratic conspiracy theories.”

There is a lot of left-wing propaganda packed into that description, but there is some truth as well.

What happened on January 6 was not an insurrection. The feds were heavily involved.  But the involvement of people using drugs in the mix of protesters on that day is a matter of fact. We examined this phenomenon in our column, “New Agers and Russian Agents in the Trump Movement.”

Bannon, a former adviser to Trump, is being held in contempt for defying a Congressional subpoena about his knowledge of the January 6 events. He should explain his own alleged affinity for New Age beliefs and whether they played a role in drawing people to the Capitol.

The speaker at the “Cosmic Right” event, sponsored by the Psychedelic Society of England, was Jules Evans, who writes about how New Agers and far-right groups have come together, some based on the work of “a secret government source called Q (who leaves cryptic comments on the website 8chan)” and who are “gathering together a patriot army to fight back and support President Donald Trump,” regarded as “a genius sent by God to defeat the evil cabal and usher in a new Age of Love.”

Our previous columns noted that an eyewitness provided evidence that marijuana smokers were in force in the demonstration on January 6.

On a deeper level, we speculated at the time that the plan was to provoke violence on January 6 in order to justify a crackdown that gives more power to intelligence and law enforcement agencies to go after Trump supporters. Rep. Victoria Spartz says, “As someone who grew up in the USSR, I’m disturbed that FBI is starting to resemble KGB – intimidation, surveillance, suppression of dissent…”

Tucker Carlson’s upcoming series about the events of January 6 examines the federal role.

But this is only half the story. What prompted some of the protesters to show up in the first place?

The only way out is to expose the New Age drug abusers in the conservative movement and purge them. Bannon must explain what he knows.

The “Cosmic Right” event in England only adds to the notion that what has been passing for “conservatism” in America and even Europe is actually a New Age phenomenon being manipulated by outside forces.

The Parkland Florida mass shooter, Nikolas Cruz, just pleaded guilty to murdering 17 people in 2018 and in doing so blamed marijuana for the nation’s problems. He said, in part: “I hate drugs and I believe this country would do better if everyone would stop smoking marijuana and doing all these drugs and causing racism and violence out in the streets.” He’s had a chance to clean out his system of mind-altering chemicals and is now thinking straight.

Cruz had told police about extensive drug use and “demons” in his mind.

Nevertheless, the Democratic Party is pushing marijuana legalization on a national basis, with Republicans such as Florida’s Rep. Matt Gaetz, a prominent Trump supporter, actively embracing the effort. The Tampa Bay Times newspaper reported, “Few people did more to legalize medical marijuana in Florida than Gaetz, who personally sponsored the House version of the 2014 legislation that became the state’s first marijuana law…” Today, his links to the marijuana industry, focusing on licenses for pot shops, are under federal investigation.

Gaetz claims marijuana has healing properties in many chronic ailments.

Tell that to the victims of Nikolas Cruz.

Marijuana is the “Soma” for our own Brave New World under the “Great Reset” and the “Great Transition.” Psychedelics have now been added to the mix. Their role in the events of January 6 have to be investigated.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

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