by Andrew C. Wallace

November 23, 2021

I am an Economist, but I never believed as others did that the Calculus could be used to accurately mimic Economic activity. I believe in reality, Economic laws and what history has taught us that never changes. Most importantly we must never overlook the greedy treasonous plans of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and their Communist minions in government and the large anti-American corporations.

Everything that is being done to destroy us is illogical until you realize that the PSRRC has one objective, which is the complete destruction of the United States and the impoverishment of the people to allow establishment of a Dictatorial Commnist New World Order. The PSRRC owns most of our wealth and controls everything.

Now you can look at your personal situation in the proper context. You must pity the ignorant, apathetic and Lenin’s useful idiots who refuse to be informed of the truth, many will die as looters and arsonists or from starvation.

Following are the facts to the best of my knowledge. My  comments on Economics appears to be in general agreement with other experts. I am attempting to stay out of the weeds as much as possible, which is difficult in the Dismal Science of Economics.

  • An economic collapse will occur at any time without apparent warning to most people. Once started, it will rapidly get worse, feeding on itself with little opportunity for small investors to salvage anything.
  • Prior to collapse (PTC), you should only have the minimum amount of money in banking institutions. The FDIC is a joke. Safety deposit boxes are not safe. If the bank goes bust, and they all will, they will exchange your deposits for worthless bank stock. Banks are just the worst places to have money during an economic decline.
  • PTC you must have a “minimum” amount of fiat dollars on hand. Also, if possible buy gold and silver coins with any excess money. Remember After Collapse (AC) fiat dollars will become worthless rather quickly.
  • There will be no food in the stores and no way of getting food into the cities. You must have a supply of 25 year emergency food on hand.
  • If possible have a supply of your medications on hand. Those who require constant medical care for dialysis, cancer, etc, should read their Bibles and make peace with God for they are going to die. Under Communism the elderly and infirm are known as Useless Eaters and not worth any care. This Communist concept is already underway as demonstrated by the deaths of thousands because of neglect and refusal to treat Covid patients with proven therapeutics.
  • China is in the process of instituting a digital currency which will give them total control of the people. Our Communist leaders in the United States want the same total control of the people, they have said so in public, and one greedy corporation is promoting it. The government would know where you spend every digital fiat dollar. Digital currency would be unconstitutional. You could not have digital money under your mattress or to pay the boy for cutting your grass. You would be totally screwed.
  • Increasing unconstitutional fiat dollars in circulation without corresponding increases in goods and services greatly dilutes the value of existing fiat dollars causing inflation which is a debilitating tax on the people..
  • Flooding the world with unconstitutional fiat dollars can only end one way, total collapse of the economy and the currency with an impoverished people and an even more wealthy PSRRC.
  • Generous government payments to everyone including those who don’t want to work gives people the expectation of a national income. This is impossible and causes inflation with shortages of everything because too many people are not working.
  • At some point the FRB must increase interest rates and reduce output of fiat dollars to curb inflation. When this happens the stock market and business investment will tank This will of course decimate retirement programs and stock investments. PSRRC are better insulated with computer programs and information to survive.
  • Our Constitution requires the use of gold and silver for our currency. The reason is simple, when precious metals are used as currency it forces the government to live within its means. No-win wars for profits, crazy social experiments, boondoggles, etc are impossible without the unlimited creation from thin air of unconstitutional fiat dollars or fiat digital dollars..
  • Of course our government is effectively insolvent, it has two choices, inflation to the point where fiat dollar has no value at all, or it can repudiate the debt. Both scenarios result in economic collapse and impoverishment of the people. In the process the PSRRC will own and control the world. There is a third option, return to gold and silver as required by our constitution which would end all manner of theft, corruption and wars for profit, etc.
  • Our government debt is so great that soon the interest rate must increase to the point where it consumes ever larger parts of government revenue thereby starving out essential functions.
  • It is difficult to explain the effects of printing trillions of unconstitutional fiat dollars. It impoverishes the people, enriches the wealthy, reduces value of currency (inflation), causes economic collapse and ultimately the end of government’s ability to function. The trillions of unconstitutional fiat dollars created by the FRB go mostly to the government and the big banks (not the little banks, small business be damned). A large portion of the banks share goes into the stock market. Hypothetically, if you visualize the people owning 100 billion fiat dollars and the FRB prints another 100 billion then the people have lost 50% of their purchasing power. The PSRRC take the almost interest free fiat money and profit from it, then understanding the decreasing value of the currency invest it in inflation hedges like precious metals and real estate. But that is only the tip of the iceberg because the hedge funds and stock market manipulators use the money to further screw the people in more ways than you can count. One example is buying single family homes to rent, which increases the cost of housing denying families wealth accumulation and the American Dream
  • Most importantly you are not going to survive the crime and civil unrest if you are an ignorant naive snowflake or pansy who will not touch a firearm. It is a fact that the Democrat Governors, Mayors and prosecutors allowed their cities to be destroyed, looted and burned for political purposes. The Communist thugs looted, burned and destroyed the small business competitors of the large anti-American corporations who paid them. Police forces in Democrat cities have been reduced or destroyed. You have two choices if you live in a democrat city, move at once , or be capable of defending yourself. Regardless of where you live you must have a 12gage or AR15 with plenty of ammunition. When I was in service we used to say “The only good Commie is a dead Commie” and that has not changed. If you can’t tolerate or accept these facts you probably will not survive
  • Just so you know, as an average citizen you live in accordance with Capitalism, but the large PSRRC controlled anti-American corporations operate under Crony Capitalization (AKA Government Welfare) with the objective of a Communist New World Order. To the best of my knowledge, every member of congress is paid by corporations to pass legislation beneficial to them in every possible way and to hell with the people.

CONCLUSION: It is critical that you know your enemy to have a chance at survival. In a few words, the ENEMY of The People is the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC ), ¼ of 1%, owners of stock, who control large mostly anti-American corporations, that in turn control government, media and BOTH political parties with money. Democrats are now Communists and the party of big money anti-American corporations, who paid the thugs to loot, burn and destroy your cities for political and business advantage. I only trust the FEW Republicans who are “America First Republicans with courage of their convictions” All other politicians of BOTH parties are corrupt or cowardly.

I welcome all reader comments. Negative remarks are welcome if supported by facts, not name calling or talking points.

God Bless America.

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