I don’t know what to label Rupert Murdoch, the mass media Emperor or Darth Vader of Star Wars who controls multiple TV outlets, newspapers, magazines, raw meat sex in his tabloids throughout the Western World and of course, FOX News with an entire cortège of political gurus, actors and comic characters posing as intellectuals with their predictable punditries. A member of Rupert’s favorites is a promoter of a series of history books on America who claims he writes at a rate impossible to do, without a slew of ghost writers, yet Mr. Bill O’Reilly takes the credit as the author’s rapid flow of new book releases sometimes two within a month. The books are promoted every evening at the final minutes of his program. He is widely recognized as a blowhard, self-acclaimed expert that exudes repulsive, self-serving opinions always loudly irritating, intimidating while talking over and interrupting his guest with snide remarks. Obviously he is narcissistic. His followers and critics each week are strangely, weirdly addicted to the program which maintains his favor with his boss Rupert. His books are advertised and promoted as best sellers by the New York Times. He claims all profits are dedicated to the support of our veterans, but not other items that he promotes such as a recent HollyWood movie released about one of his books.

The segments of FOX weekly evening programs is shared from 7 pm to 10 pm by Bret Hume at 7 pm; O’Reilly at 8 pm; Megan Kelly at 9 pm and Sean Hannity at 10 pm. Bret Hume, this past week, replaced Greta Van Susteren who hosted the program “On the Record,” She is an extremely capable journalist, and probably the most recognized investigating reporter in politics focused on congressional characters accurately questioning the left’s and the right’s positions. She left so quickly that there wasn’t a parting swan song for her viewers. Evidently, Rupert was responsible for her fast exit.

Coincidently, the week prior to Greta’s departure, Roger Ailes, the man who made Fox News a phenomenal success, also made Rupert millions of dollars and the political influence in the United States that he already wielded in Australia and the United Kingdom as reported by Gabriel Sherman in the article “The Revenge of Roger’s Angels. In this report, Greta’s contract was purportedly linked to Roger Aisles, so upon his ignominious departure Greta could not agree to financial negotiations with management and so she left or was pushed out the door.

So why this article??? It’s women who are sweet and cuddly that cause men to adore them, revere them, sacrifice everything for them and are so damned overwhelmed by their own natural animal instincts lurking within their brains with thoughts of sex signals their extremities. They ape the gorillas to impress and pound their chests and exhibit incomprehensible, summersaults to attract attention in order to prove their manliness or the connection of their inherited DNA linked to hairy apes and monkeys. In their quest to conquer and subdue the female, the male has a distinct tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater when he crosses the invisible line that each woman creates and when the line is crossed a warrior species of females emerges that may not have the lion’s roar but is much more dangerous to their offenders. Women usually use their venom like cobras, but do not assault the offenders physically, rather they plan and maneuver slowly, deliberately savoring their revenge to ruin those who cross their lines. The males are depicted as brutes and their reputations are sliced and quartered; their wallets emptied. If they are married at the time, they make sure the wives are involved. In the case of Trump, obviously the women who appeared on TV to vilify him were recruited through the Clinton machine with their prepared testimonies and were reimbursed for their efforts.

The metamorphoses is triggered when females are embarrassed publically because of male criticism or insults suggesting their ugliness or about their clothing or what Roger Ailes said to Gretchen Carlson that “if we had sex when first we met, maybe we would have had a more amiable relationship in the broadcasting business.” That remark triggered the female catlike claws to dig in flesh and bone with a vendetta of revenge including her taping subsequent remarks in meetings where more of his innuendos and insults laid open his character and forced him to take a quick exit from his powerful and near unassailable position in the FOX News hierarchy .

Ailes was given full press about his verbal assaults on Gretchen followed on with added history of Roger’s deprecatingly mean personality traits and the reason his previous employers were glad to be rid of his audacious management style and proclivities.

The media release on Ailes launched what appears as the first exposure of female resentment which was convenient for Hillary and Obama’s campaign managers to launch feminism ads depicting Donald’s taped film of his locker-room conversation taken eleven years prior to when it was revealed to the public. That film clip was squirreled away in a vault by an agent of the Clinton/Obama political cabal to be used at an appropriate time as ammunition. The tactic was enormously successful. There at that launching point began what was equal to the Chinese water torture, drip by drip on the foreheads of captives to drive them insane. Drip by drip by drip, a stream of women claiming Trump’s sexual advances, inappropriate touching and unwanted kissing in his past -that reached back 20 years. The repetition of women showing up on TV screens continued during the days and a couple of weeks following the tape release finally abetted when some in the audiences figured out that this was a contrived set up. Rules and honor no longer exist in the ethics of the left’s journalists. No effort was made to investigate the authenticity of the claims women charged. But feminists jumped on Hillary’s band wagon by the millions which definitely caused Trump’s poll numbers to crash.

This is where I have a problem with FOX news. Fox was eager to show the tapes and to involve a Marxist sympathizer, a consistent defender of the left on FOX programs. Geraldo Rivera, a hired roving reporter for Fox News was a participant on one particular panel of FOX commentators on TV to watch, listen and comment about the Trump tape. Upon viewing the film, Geraldo exhibited an apoplexic fit and cried horrors in an exaggerated false rage that to viewers like me felt he was unfit for participating on the panel in the first place because of his former, stringent opposition to Trump’s candidacy. He shouted and raised his arms as to emphasize his rage that such language and sexual comment of the locker room type jargon should never be used by a presidential candidate. (Trump was not a candidate 11 years earlier when the tape was filmed and sequestered.) What isn’t commented upon is Rivera’s history. He was the host of one of the sleaziest daytime shows on TV. The moniker was ” Geraldo” that took advantage of peoples sins and foibles to entertain an audience that enjoys muck and dung. The remarkable thing is that it lasted from September 7, 1987 until June 12, 1998. It was labeled by media professionals as “Trash TV.” So Geraldo being shocked by Trump’s video tape makes his phony display as phony as his 11 years he spent in a really rancid entertainment show that demeans unfortunate specimens of humanity.

Rupert and his executives hired this wart and of course, knew his past and his politically leftist preferences. I suspect Murdoch, is not really as impartial or fair and balanced as is purported by the FOX wordsmiths. It is likely that he places a toe on the scale of justice supporting more people of the left’s persuasion in particular Ron Williams the African American, a dedicated, authentic counter to Sean Hannity’s support of Trump’s presidential race. Ron has more access to several FOX panels than Sean, such as “The Five” and other panel shows. Williams appears on Meet The Press on Sunday afternoon and the pundits like George Will an “Anybody but Trump” columnist who is featured in no less than a dozen leftist news papers. Will claims to be in agreement with that part of the Republican establishment supporting Hillary, as does Charles Krauthammer, a best-selling author of “THINGS THAT MATTER” who is elevated to FOX sainthood status when he castigates Trump for his uncouthness and fails to credit Trump’s economic plans and vision for America. Thus, these friends of nasty Hillary will add as many as three new members to the Supreme Court that support a Living Constitution.

Megan Kelly, the moderator at the first Republican debate where Trump was on center stage with 17 other candidates opened her first question to him more or less in the mode of when have you last groped a woman and the questioning proceeded on that vein centering mainly on his lack of respect for women. She was relentless in an inappropriate prosecutorial mode as a moderator in this debate to determine the Republican nominee for president. She ended in sharp verbal exchanges before she left him to question the other candidates. But in a phone call the following evening to Don Lemon of CNN TONIGHT, Trump stated “She gets out here and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions and you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming of her….whatever.” The left’s press exploded using that statement. In other words, Kelly is no Trump fan from the time of his announcement to enter the race for president. At every opportunity, she shoots a barb into his ego, but it’s better than a knife between his ribs. She is a Trump hater along with many of the Fox people.

As recently as October 25th, 2016, a major imbroglio erupted on Megan’s KELLY FILE program where Newt Gingrich, former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives and Kelly approached a level that reached the shouting stage and exposes Kelly as a rabid, radical feminist enemy of Donald Trump. She in staccato verbiage, flatly labeled Trump a sexual predator and those women who were charging Trump were, in her opinion, legitimate regardless of proof to the contrary. Actually, I saw what Trump observed: the blood in her eyes. Gingrich was so riled at her biased position that he raised his voice and his rhetoric in defense of Trump and the positive plans for saving our country in dispute to the obvious open position Kelly exhibited as a person who purposely desires Hillary as president no matter the consequences.

Trump often visits in person the O’Reilly show where the Donald is given pontifical advice on how he should conduct himself before the crowds and what to emphasize and what not to do. The fact is all the advice given he ignored and the Donald continues to steps on his major message to create jobs to defend himself from Demonkrat barbs.

The fact is, Trump may lose additional support by just being on O’Reilly’s program because it appears he is too docile, if he thinks O’Reilly is a supporter. O’Reilly spouts epistemology as a professor teaching a student, yet still is the arrogant, boisterous, bombastic narcissist. He really weakens Trump in the viewers perception. If Trump really took Bill seriously it would be even more demeaning, since taking advise from this showman host may, in the view of Trump’s supporters, creates the question of judgment on how Donald chose members of his cabinet, if elected and not from a talking TV host.

I ‘m suspicious of Darth Vader.

© 2016 Joe Kress – All Rights Reserved

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