by Sidney Secular

November 26, 2021

Most of the FedGov functions and agencies that existed before the “election insurrection” of 2020 did so without legal authority. That occurrence ended all illusion that we are legally and properly governed. The phonies now only have the power of force, blackmail, false narratives, psychological warfare and the overriding[4] and almighty fear factor—real, imagined or artificial—and induced by artifices. Per the Constitution, the FedGov is only given the functions enumerated; that of defense, foreign relations, the currency and the postal service. Most government departments and agencies constitute usurpations of functions reserved for the states. Some examples of this are the Departments of Education, Energy, Agriculture, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, et al. All laws and regulations relating to and emanating from these agencies are bogus.

National politics are influenced or dominated by Gov’t “boorocrats,” elected officials, the CFR, and increasingly by corporate entities. Both major parties and the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are party to this national execution of the limited confederation type of gov’t. created by our founders. The “respectable” right and the RINOs are the most culpable because they were capable of thrusting aside the leftist tsunami that is drowning us. The so-called Election Insurrection was a terrible tragedy and a tyrannical treason (though not by the demonstrators), but it wakes up the sheeple by scaring the hell out of them and may be the catalyst to stimulate a return to proper representative government. Major reform without the usual political compromises, throwing out – and properly punishing – the malefactors, and restructuring the system are the only solutions short of a real revolution or secession.

The following are some steps that must be taken if we are to stamp out the current system:

1) Declare a moratorium on all immigration indefinitely and stop the illegal invasions. Limit future immigration to First World (white) countries. Give no amnesties, end chain migration, returning to the true constitutional meaning of “anchor babies,” and adopt measures forcing recent arrivals to return to their countries of origin;

2) Use anti-trust laws to break up major international internet and social media companies to prevent development of monopolies and discourage mergers that create monopolies. Consider converting certain of those enterprises into public utilities to prevent their censorship of internet traffic and unpopular opinion;

3) Provide incentives for development of small or alternative media companies;

4) Remove government officials, bureaucrats and judges who violate their oath to be faithful to the Constitution or refuse to enforce valid laws;

5) Restrict political donations to individual constituents and set a reasonable limit to the amounts donated;

6) Transfer all public benefit programs to the states except for Social Security and Medicare;

7) Eliminate the usurious Federal Reserve System and return control of money creation to the Congress as stipulated in the Constitution;

8) Restrict the number of consecutive terms of senators to 2; and 4 for representatives;

9) Eliminate special programs including healthcare and pensions for elected officials. Allow them to only use those plans available to the average citizen including 401(k) plans; forbid former government employees from accepting employment with ANY business involved with lobbying the government after they leave office.;

10) Investigate violations of federal laws by any and all elected officials and government employees and charge them with crimes as warranted; there should be NO statute of limitations for crimes committed while a member of the government. Disallow immunity to government employees who can be charged with improprieties. Failure to prosecute wrongdoing by other officials when called for will be cause for termination;

11) “The American Dream” of home ownership must be safeguarded and kept sacrosanct by making it unlawful for any corporation or entity other than individual citizens to purchase single family homes other than to refit and refurbish them for individual sales;

12) Disallow rezoning schemes to breakup or disturb established communities for the benefit of social, economic or racial classes or for social engineering goals;

13) Eliminate mandatory personal health restrictions and mandates including the present COVID related restrictions or mandates including the use of masks, forced physical separation distances, quarantines, lockdowns, denial of rights of assembly and travel and mandatory so-called vaccines;

14) Eliminate perpetual immunity of drug manufacturers –including the manufacture of so-called “vaccines—from lawsuits or damages their products as the result of product usage;

15) Eliminate all law, regulations, restrictions and programs based upon race including but not limited to affirmative action and forced diversity programs and critical race theory education/indoctrination programs;

16) Eliminate all ongoing programs that support non-citizens. While charitable gifts to those countries and people suffering from an “Act of God” (earthquakes, volcanoes etc.) are in keeping with America’s generosity, we can’t support the entire world indefinitely;

17) Eliminate federal support for all programs arising in a foreign country including refugee resettlement programs. It is not America’s business to support or oppose programs originating in a foreign nation – and that is especially so of Israel. Indeed, all aid to that country should cease given our own present financial situation. America should not be Israel’s cash cow.

18) States will give vouchers to parents so children can be sent to the schools of their choice. Where there is sufficient proof, parents who homeschool should be given tax breaks and minor financial assistance if needed. Homeschooling programs should be developed AT THE STATE OR COMMUNITY LEVEL. People without children will not be taxed to support public schools;

19) Military adventures that are not approved by Congress after full hearings with proof presented of their use to this country will cease. NATO will return jurisdiction/ownership over the Norfolk Naval Base to the US. US Military bases around the world will gradually be turned over to the host countries or phased out. The budgets supporting overseas military operations will gradually be turned over to the US Corps of Engineers to complete urgent infrastructure projects as these are implemented; The order and selection of such projects will be determined by technical experts and not politicians,

20) All foreign aid supported by the taxpayers will cease save in emergency situations and those will be limited to no more than two months response.

21) All highly questionable and politically motivated “environmental” programs will be eliminated unless there is proof that a particular program is of value to the nation. All “climate control” programs – including fossil fuel programs that are to be eliminated by the Green New Deal and other such socialist schemes will be reinstated or continued;

22) Federal support for our military including injured, sick and homeless vets will be enhanced and enforced.

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